Health System Trusts Brandt and NIBCO Valves and Press Fittings for New Hospital Project

When University Health System in San Antonio, TX, invited Brandt to bid on the mechanical and plumbing contract for their new facility, they requested the same systems and products—including NIBCO valves—that Brandt had used on a smaller project with University Health a few years earlier. “The best sales tool is performance,” said Kyle Holmes, senior vice president at Brandt. In addition, Brandt welcomed the opportunity to use NIBCO pressed fittings for the job, saving labor and avoiding the risks of welding. NIBCO is a major sponsor of MCAA22.

MSUITE–TigerStop Integration Helps Gallo Mechanical Automate Fab Shop Operation, Cutting Costs and Increasing Productivity

Gallo Mechanical, the Gulf Coast’s leading mechanical and plumbing contractor, saw an opportunity to eliminate paper and automate its fabrication shop with advanced technology. After a competitive bid, Gallo selected MSUITE’s FabPro for its ability to integrate with TigerStop and track time and production in the fab shop. “From the start, the integration between MSUITE and TigerStop saved our firm $4,000,” said Ray McDonald, Gallo’s general manager and fabrication coordinator.

Message from Christopher Catania, M/SC Chair: Overcoming Obstacles

MCAA members and our manufacturer/supplier partners work together to overcome obstacles and get the job done.

Rand Construction Relies on U.S.-Made ASC Gruvlok Products to Keep Hospital Project on Track During Pandemic

Renovating an active hospital is challenging in the best of times; to complete a transplant hospital’s new unit in the midst of a global pandemic, Rand Construction needed products that could be delivered on time and installed quickly and safely. Gruvlok® grooved couplings and fittings from ASC Engineered Solutions were the perfect fit. ASC is a major sponsor of MCAA22. 

icon Mechanical Gets Ahead of Schedule by Adding Trimble SysQue to Revit

After losing a large project because they did not work in Revit, icon Mechanical made the switch to Revit in 2014, later adding Trimble SysQue. Tim Riedle, vice president of engineering for icon, credits the addition of SysQue with helping icon get ahead of schedule on their projects. (Trimble is a benefactor of MCAA22.) 

Way Engineering Partners With Victaulic to Meet High Expectations for Houston Highrise

Way Engineering, Ltd. partnered with Victaulic to provide the HVAC mechanical work for a new Houston, TX, highrise, saving the contractor money and time throughout the complex project. Thanks in part to Way Engineering and Victaulic, the 1.14-million-square-foot Texas Tower successfully achieved LEED® Platinum status, WiredScore Platinum Certification (for digital infrastructure), and WELL™ Building Standard certification. Victaulic is a major sponsor of MCAA22. 

Sloan Scientist Crafts New Formula to Better Estimate Peak Water Demand

For decades, engineers have relied on a formula dating from 1940 to estimate peak water demand, a key factor in specifying the smallest pipe size that will provide sufficient water pressure for every fixture in a building to function normally. Sloan’s chief scientist, Kay Herbert, Ph.D., has developed a new formula that yields more accurate water demand estimates— which can save costs, reduce water use, and prevent bacteria growth. (Sloan is a benefactor of MCAA22.) The new formula is ideal for modern engineers grappling with green technology, touch-free fixtures, and hygiene concerns in the post-COVID-19 era.

Olson Plumbing Saves Time, Cuts Costs with Josam Drainage Products for Hospital Installation Project

Tight timelines are a constant in building, but supply chain disruptions triggered by the COVID pandemic have complicated matters further. Olson Plumbing turned to Josam Company for drainage products that could meet the specifications and timing required for a new Colorado hospital. Josam’s packaging, labeling, and shipping method saved Olson Plumbing time onsite, cutting labor costs. 

AMS Mechanical Solves Mysterious Pump Failures with Metraflex Magnet System

Called on to help a Chicago condominium that was having repeated pump failures, AMS Mechanical Systems determined the cause to be metal debris in the pumps. Metraflex Company’s LPD Mag, a high-efficiency, low-pressure-drop Y-strainer with a neodymium magnet, proved to be the perfect solution. AMS found the new, low-cost strainers were easy to install and effectively fixed the problem. 

Auburn Mechanical Overcomes Process Pitfalls With Procore Mobile Solution

Founded in 1975, Auburn Mechanical of Auburn, WA, has decades of experience taking on large, complex projects, but internal processes—communication, documentation, record keeping, and information sharing—can pose the biggest challenges. Justin Pritchett, construction division manager at Auburn Mechanical, points out that the more manual steps involved in such processes, the higher the risk that those steps will not be completed. Procore’s integrated, fully mobile digital construction management solution puts Auburn Mechanical’s voluminous project information literally at the fingertips of craft labor in the field, streamlining processes and reducing the risk of lost, missing, or incomplete data. 

Dormatech Sees Explosive Growth Fueled by BuildOps Cloud-Based Software Solution

Dormatech Mechanical Systems of Northern California faced a familiar litany of challenges using multiple software platforms to manage its business. After switching to an integrated BuildOps software solution, Dormatech rapidly increased revenue by 50 percent. 

Installing Hydronic Systems in Health Care Facilities: Tips from IMI Hydronic

The performance of any health care building is linked to the HVAC ecosystem, as accurate indoor temperature and air quality are critical in health care settings. However, each project comes with its own set of challenges. IMI Hydronic Engineering has over 300 years of combined experience on hydronic systems. 

Jarrell Beats Completion Date With CerroPress Fittings

Missouri’s C.E. Jarrell Mechanical Contracting Co. Inc. finished an extensive project ahead of the fast-track completion date by using CerroPress® press-to-connect domestic water fittings and CerroTube™ copper plumbing tube from Cerro Flow Products LLC®. Press fitting saved time and labor compared with sweating or soldering joints. Without a need for flame, Jarrell did not need a fire watch or special permits. They installed CerroPress copper fittings in sizes 1/2” to 2 1/2” throughout the facility. 

Advice from Ridge Tool Company: Look for Tools That Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

In today’s high-tech world, when people talk about tool timesavers they tend to focus on the latest Bluetooth technology or the newest gadget. Yet, technology is not the only way to cut down time on a jobsite: tools that allow you to work smarter, not harder, can help any professional get to the next jobsite more effectively and efficiently.

Tips for Increasing Productivity in Today’s Construction Environment

The construction industry continues to feel the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many jobsites fell quiet in 2020 as projects were delayed or cancelled due to uncertainty in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic. And while things are rebounding, ongoing supply chain and project timeline issues continue to be challenges for many companies. 

PypeServer Software Saves A&R Mechanical Hours Every Day

A&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc. credits PypeServer software with dramatically improving efficiency in its fabrication shop; pipe cutting tasks that used to take hours can now be done in 10 minutes or less. Justin Powers, A&R’s virtual design and construction (VDC) and fabrication business unit manager, oversees work across the spectrum from contract award to field installation. He described his company’s typical workflow and tools and the impact of integrating PypeServer software. 

Nashville Machine Company Conquers Tough Task With Lochinvar’s Flexible, Efficient Products

Nashville Machine Company took on the complicated task of removing and replacing an aging water heating system so large it would not fit through the mechanical room doors. Installing a new system from Lochinvar went smoothly thanks to the flexibility of the Lochinvar products, which also promised excellent energy efficiency, making them the ideal choice for the project. 

Tolin Mechanical Improves Business, Increases Transparency With XOi Vision

Tolin Mechanical of Denver, CO, adopted the XOi Vision app to streamline data capture and communication among its technicians and customers, improving customer satisfaction, decision making, and repeat business. Tolin is a full-service facility management company that works with commercial, industrial, institutional, and government organizations to maintain safe, healthy, and energy-efficient building operations. 

RWC Outlines How to Select the Right Cast-in-Place Sleeve

When working on multistory apartment complexes or other large commercial buildings, you may be tasked with installing firestop products or materials around service penetrations, which can be a daunting task involving dozens or hundreds of units and a plethora of floorplans. You will also likely encounter a wide variety of pipe types and sizes along with slab heights. You will need versatile, efficient, and reliable options to cover the range of pipe penetrations for the job, while also keeping in mind firestop and building codes. Here are some tips for selecting the best cast-in-place firestop sleeve for the job.