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icon Mechanical Gets Ahead of Schedule by Adding Trimble SysQue to Revit

After losing a large project because they did not work in Revit, icon Mechanical made the switch to Revit in 2014, later adding Trimble SysQue. Tim Riedle, vice president of engineering for icon, credits the addition of SysQue with helping icon get ahead of schedule on their projects. (Trimble is a benefactor of MCAA22.)

In an industry more pressed than ever to deliver jobs on time and on budget, up-to-date technology solutions are no longer a “nice-to-have” extra but a requisite for maintaining competitive advantage. Losing a project made clear to icon that while transitions can be challenging, the design/build industry demands them. 

Over the course of several years, Riedle has participated in icon’s evolution from Trimble EC-CAD to Autodesk CADmep to Revit. Although Revit is a powerful tool for engineering design, icon needed the ability to fabricate from their models, which led them to Trimble SysQue for use with Revit. Riedle said the benefits far outweigh any risks. “SysQue [combined with Revit] gives us everything we need and allows us to  leverage the full capacity of Revit and all of its design functionality, with real-world content and constructability,” he noted.

“[Trimble] SysQue gives us everything we need and allows us to leverage the full capacity of Revit and all of its design functionality, with real-world content and constructability.” 

— Tim Riedle, Vice President of Engineering, icon Mechanical 

The SysQue content in particular has been a game-changer for icon. Built for consistency by a dedicated Trimble team, SysQue includes a catalog of Revit families from over 680 manufacturers, all button-mapped and built to manufacturer’s cut sheets. Riedle estimated that it would take two icon employees working full time to build and manage a similar database. Such an expense makes no sense when content experts are available to help set up systems, train staff, and field requests for additions when something is missing. 

How often has SysQue’s catalog lacked a part that icon needs? “In the year and a half we’ve had Trimble’s catalog, we’ve requested [only] one item,” Riedle said, adding, “It was a very specialized pharmaceutical valve.” 

Transitioning to SysQue and its managed content catalog added a level of efficiency and accuracy that Revit could never offer alone. For icon Mechanical, the evolution beyond Revit has meant an evolution in streamlined workflows and efficient collaboration. As Riedle looked toward icon’s future, he was excited by the additional efficiencies that can be achieved using the newest functionality introduced in SysQue, including model-based estimating and collaboration workflows. 

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