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RWC Outlines How to Select the Right Cast-in-Place Sleeve

Choosing an efficient, versatile, and reliable cast-inplace sleeve, such as RWC’s HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Firestop Sleeves, saves time and money during installation and afterward by preventing the need for callbacks to fix firestop penetrations.

When working on multistory apartment complexes or other large commercial buildings, you may be tasked with installing firestop products or materials around service penetrations, which can be a daunting task involving dozens or hundreds of units and a plethora of floorplans. You will also likely encounter a wide variety of pipe types and sizes along with slab heights. You will need versatile, efficient, and reliable options to cover the range of pipe penetrations for the job, while also keeping in mind firestop and building codes. Here are some tips for selecting the best cast-in-place firestop sleeve for the job. 


As buildings are constructed, many penetration types and sizes may require a cast-in-place sleeve. Each application could need a different sleeve size, and with a versatile product, such as Reliance Worldwide Corporation’s HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Firestop Sleeves, you can make simple adjustments through its telescoping feature or with its adjustable cap option that eliminate the need for small cuts within a 7-1/4” to 8” range. 

With an adjustable and versatile product, you will have the right size available without having to make additional cuts to the sleeve on the jobsite. As an added benefit, you only need to buy one type of sleeve to complement all applications rather than purchasing different iterations that might not end up working at all. 


Look for a product that speeds up the installation process while maintaining reliability. An adjustable telescoping design and adjustable cap feature not only enable versatility on the jobsite but also minimize time spent cutting sleeves, and you can meet specification changes when needed, as the height can be set as you work. Furthermore, with an adjustable sleeve, there is no need to stock multiple precut sleeve sizes or halt work because you do not have the right sleeves on hand. 

At times, there may be a chance of mixing up the cast-in-place sleeves at the jobsite, so it is important to find a product that comes with prefabricated locator whiskers to easily identify in-slab penetrations. That way you can minimize mistakes or lost time while installing. 

Also look for a product that already has a W rating. For instance, HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Firestop Sleeves come prepackaged with a UL Class 1 W rating, which saves time, as there is rarely a need to go back to the penetration later and add watertight products or accessories. By selecting a product that is efficient in many areas, you will save time and labor costs, helping you complete the installation on time. 


Select a product that provides peace of mind, both in its installation and in the quality of the product itself. To avoid having to fix an issue that arises after installation, consider durability, strength and functionality when selecting the firestop sleeve for the project. Look for a firestop system that does not require a lot of installation steps, which can increase the chance of errors. You want a product designed and manufactured by a reputable company. 

By using an efficient, versatile and reliable product, you will be able to complete a large-scale commercial building job successfully and efficiently, furthering your company’s reputation as a dependable provider of excellent plumbing services. 

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