ESG Resources

In today’s competitive landscape, demonstrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) awareness is no longer optional—it’s essential for business growth. As MCAA members, embracing ESG practices can significantly impact your success.

Here’s why ESG is important:

  1. Winning Bids: ESG considerations are increasingly part of competitive bids in certain sectors of our industry. By integrating ESG principles into your operations, you enhance your chances of winning contracts.
  2. Industry Strength: Committing to ESG not only benefits your business but also strengthens the entire industry. Your efforts contribute to a sustainable future.
  3. Free Resources: As an MCAA member, you have access to three new resources focused on ESG. These resources are designed to help you navigate ESG complexities effectively.

The resources were unveiled at the MCAA24 Annual Convention during a session hosted by MCAA Past President Brian Helm. The presentation featured subject matter experts from SLOAN, Victaulic, Ferguson, Stanley Black & Decker, DEWALT, Trane Technologies, and Watts Water. They discussed what ESG means for a company’s business and how to initiate ESG efforts.

Take the next step: Explore these resources and position your business for success in the ESG era.

The new resources are:

The ESG Impact Template will help you drive business development, differentiate your business, and prepare for long-term success in an evolving environment by preparing your first ESG impact summary.

The ESG Resource Guide 2024 highlights the what, when, where, and why’s of beginning your ESG journey, as well as five steps to help get you started. A chart is provided to help you monitor your progress in the different categories of ESG. The guide also includes a glossary of key terms, sample reports, commitments, and policies to help you prepare. 

The ESG Panel Presentation from the MCAA24 Convention highlights the Manufacturer/Supplier Council’s newest initiative including the results of multiple surveys conducted during the planning process and recently produced resources.

The new Manufacturer/Supplier Council ESG Initiative dedicated nearly two years to creating these valuable resources. Individuals and companies who believe in the ESG process invested a tremendous amount of effort in researching the topic and preparing the resources and presentation. MCAA sincerely appreciates their time, passion, and commitment to ensuring our members’ continued competitiveness.