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The 2020 MCAA Tech Conference featured

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Dodge Data & Analytics Releases New Research Study on BIM at MCAA 2020 Tech Conference

Donna Laquidara-Carr, the Industry Insights Research Director from Dodge Data & Analytics presented findings from the new MCAA sponsored report, The Business Value of BIM for Mechanical and HVAC Construction.  The report highlights survey data, case studies, interviews and insights regarding the use of Business Information Modeling in mechanical and HVAC Construction.

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What's New

This educational video provides users with an overview of the next generation of WebLEM — WebLEM+Plus. In this video, you will learn how labor units are created for both the Component and the Work Activity Method (WAM) and what factors are considered in creating labor units. The video also highlights the new and enhanced features of WebLEM+Plus. Welcome to WebLEM+Plus, the next generation of the industry standard for estimating labor hours.

In the third webinar of this series, our panelists discuss ways to prepare staff to work remotely, what work can be prioritized to be done remotely and how to utilize fabrication space safely to keep projects progressing.

Letsos Company and CFI Mechanical, both of Houston, TX, used Uponor PEX for two high school plumbing projects to save money for the school district while also realizing faster installation and cost savings over traditional approaches. CFI Mechanical estimated a 30-percent savings in cost and labor resulting from using smaller PEX piping (1″ and below).

After winning a renovation project to transform the Waikiki Trade Center into a 230-room contemporary Hyatt Centric hotel, the Dorvin D. Leis Company, Inc. (DDL), Hawaii’s largest mechanical contractor, decided to ditch the string and tape for the Trimble RPT600 paired with Trimble Field Link software. The cutting-edge technology helped DDL save time, increase productivity, and bring a constructible process from the office to the field and back again.

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Our Technology Initiative

We’re in a time when disruptive change has come to our industry – change that creates new markets and new value propositions, but also disrupts our existing way of doing business.

We have the option of looking at this change in one of two ways. We can consider it to be disruptive stress, or we can look at it as “disruptive opportunity.”

We have the opportunity to seek out new ways to improve productivity. The opportunity to look for new ways of getting the job done better and faster. And the opportunity to seek out new technologies that simply do things we never thought were possible.

Ignoring change is simply not the best option if we want our companies to continue to be as successful as they can be.

That’s why MCAA created the Innovative Technologies Initiative. With your association's help our members can understand the challenges of technological change and exploit the opportunities it creates. For more information, contact Sean McGuire.