Management Methods Bulletins

MCAA members can now access some of our most valuable publications on our new WebBook platform. You will be able to read Management Methods Bulletins and other resources, take notes, print sections, and share with colleagues. And most importantly, when we have updated content, unlike a downloaded pdf, our WebBooks can be instantly updated behind the scenes while your notes are preserved securely on your computer. Of course, we still have pdfs available at the links below.

Accounting and Finance

Credit Policy Criteria – Download PDF
Cash Flow – Download PDF
Tips to Help Contractors Manage Through an Economic Downturn – Download PDF
Service Markups vs. Construction Markups – Download PDF
Guide to Financial Statements – Download PDF
Other Direct Job Costs and Indirect Job Costs – Download PDF

Business Transition

Business Transition Options for the Mechanical Contractor – Download PDF | Webbook | Podcast

Change Orders

Note: The following topics are addressed within MCAA’s Change Orders, Productivity, Overtime—A Primer for the Construction Industry.

How to Identify and Manage Change Orders – Download PDF | Purchase
How to Organize and Submit a Claim – Download PDF | Purchase
Time Impact Analysis – Measuring Project Delay – Download PDF | Purchase
Integrated, Cooperative and Collaborative CPM Scheduling—a Roadmap to Success – Download PDF | Purchase
Change Orders, Productivity, Overtime – Download PDF | Purchase
Concurrent Delay – Download PDF | Webbook


Understanding and Managing Risks Associated with Consequential Damages – Download PDF
Managing Retainage – A Critical Component of Effective Cash Flow – Download PDF
Contract Terms and Conditions – Download PDF
Understanding Manufacturers’ Warranties – Download PDF
Managing Killer Contract Clauses – Download PDF
Fixed Price Construction Contracts, Material Price Volatility and Contract Cost Adjustment Clauses – Download PDF
Enforceability of Contractual Fines/Penalties for Subcontractor Safety Violations – Download PDF
Recovery of Material Escalation Costs Arising From Steel and Aluminum Tariffs – Download PDF | Webbook

Corporate Planning

Doing Business with a Customer in Bankruptcy – Download PDF
Things and Must Do’s to Protect/Secure Your Company’s Data – Download PDF
Getting Started on Making a Technology Investment – Download PDF
Corporate Structure: Using Outside Advisors/Directors – Download PDF
The Management Audit: Peer Group Guidelines – Download PDF
Mechanical Contractor’s Guide to Crisis Management – Download PDF
Disaster Recovery: Getting Your Business Back in Operation After a Disaster – Download PDF
Fraud Prevention – Download PDF

Education and Training

Business Writing for Success – Download PDF


Unit Pricing – Download PDF
Also take a look at our Web-Based Labor Estimating Manual (WebLEM) – Go to WebLEM


Factors to Consider in Establishing, Operating and Maintaining a Fabrication Shop – Download PDF

Human Resources

How to Find, Hire, and Manage Student Interns – Download PDF
Avoiding Potential Liability from Employees’ Use of Company Vehicles – Download PDF
Guidelines to Using Social Media in Your Business – Download PDF
Employee Reviews – Download PDF
Retention of Professional Staff – Download PDF
Guide to Human Resources Policies – Download PDF
Guide to Marketing Your Business – Download PDF
DEI Committee – Download PDF


Insurance Punch List – Download PDF
Insurance for Catastrophes – Download PDF
Subrogation Can Spell Trouble – Download PDF
What are the Pros and Cons of OCIPs and CCIPs? – Download PDF
Subguard/Subcontractor Default Insurance – Download PDF
Builder’s Risk and Installation Floater Insurance – Download PDF
Captive Insurance – Download PDF

Job Management

Why Contractors Should Do LEAN – Download PDF
Team Management in Construction – Download PDF
Scheduling Best Practices – Download PDF | Webbook
Pre-Job Conferences – Download PDF
Effects of Job Schedule Delays on Construction Costs – Download PDF
Working With Owners – Download PDF
Jobsite Coordination – Download PDF
Project Forecasting – Download PDF
Controlling Project Costs Caused by Third-Party Commissioning Agents – Download PDF
Temporary Usage of HVAC Equipment – Download PDF
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) – Download PDF
Minimizing the Risk of Poor Site Conditions – Download PDF
Design-Assist – Download PDF
Turnover Meetings: Estimating/Sales to Project Management – Download PDF
Value Engineering – Download PDF

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures – Download PDF

Labor Relations

Labor Relations – Download PDF
United Association National Labor Agreement Summary and Comparison – Download PDF | Webbook
Developing Improved Labor-Management Relations – Download PDF


Protecting Lien Rights – Download PDF
Purchases and Sales of Goods Under the Uniform Commercial Code – Download PDF
Truth in Lending (Always consult with local counsel) – Download PDF
Records Retention – Download PDF
Compliance with Antitrust Laws – Download PDF
Tax Requirements Applicable to Travel Reimbursements, Advances and Subsistence Allowances – Download PDF
Federal Prompt Payment Act – Download PDF
Contract Clauses – Download PDF
Liability of a Prime Contractor for Interference with a Subcontractor – Download PDF
Multi-Employer Defined Contribution Plans – Are You Liable for Another Contractor’s Delinquency? – Download PDF

Management Innovation

Five S’s: The Road to Improvement – Download PDF
Managing Office Operations with PaperVault – Download PDF
ServiceEye – Download PDF
Articulating Weld Boom – Download PDF
Pipes (Process Information Portal Enabling Success) – Download PDF
CNC Pipe Fabricator – Download PDF


Why Mechanical Contractors Should Furnish Equipment – Download PDF
Listening to Our Customers – Download PDF
Public Relations: An Important Marketing Tool for the Mechanical Contractor – Download PDF
Creating a Readable Corporate Newsletter – Download PDF
Guide to Marketing Your Business – Download PDF


Note: The following topics are addressed within MCAA’s Change Orders, Productivity, Overtime—A Primer for the Construction Industry.

Shift Work Costs and its Effects on Productivity – Download PDF
How to  Estimate the Impacts on Labor Productivity – Download PDF


Note: The following topics are addressed within MCAA’s Change Orders, Productivity, Overtime—A Primer for the Construction Industry.

Maintaining Control of Labor Productivity – Download PDF
Factors Affecting Labor Productivity – Download PDF
Connecting the “Cause” and “Effect” in Loss of Productivity Claims – Download PDF
How to Use the MCAA Labor Factors – Download PDF
How to Apply the Measured Mile Method of Productivity Analysis – Download PDF
How to Estimate the Effects of Cumulative Impacts – Download PDF
Identifying, Quantifying and Preventing BIM Related Cost and Time Impacts – Download PDF


Purchasing for Profit – Download PDF
Purchase vs. Lease Considerations – Download PDF
FOB Terms – Download PDF
Why Mechanical Contractors Should Be Paid for Materials Stored On and Off the Jobsite – Download PDF
Credit Card Payments – Download PDF


Company Safety Programs – Download PDF
Emergency Procedures – Download PDF
Safety and Productivity: Does Improving One Increase the Other? – Download PDF
Proactive Safety Approach – Download PDF

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MCAA & MSCA Safety Resources


Suggested Subcontract Form – Download PDF
Indemnification Clauses – Download PDF
Comparison of Industry Standard Form Agreements Between GCs and Subcontractors – Download PDF


How To Set Up Tax-Wise Corporate Minutes – Download PDF
Employee Stock Ownership Plans – Download PDF
Preparing for a Sales Tax Audit – Download PDF
Estate Tax Planning and Succession – Download PDF


PDF Editing Utilization for the Mechanical Contractor – Download PDF
Bluetooth for Tool Management – Download PDF
Bring Your Own Device – Is It Right for Your Company? – Download PDF
Laser Scanning – Download PDF
Electronic Tablet Use in Construction – Download PDF
BIM: What Is It and Is It Right for My Company? – Download PDF
The Next Generation of Data Security – Download PDF

Tools and Equipment

Contractor’s Equipment: A Guide to Better Security – Download PDF
Temporary Usage of HVAC Equipment – Download PDF
Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Program – Download PDF

See also:

Tool and Equipment Rental Guide – Web Portal