Olson Plumbing and Heating Weathers Challenges of Pikes Peak Project with Viega ProPress

Prefabrication was just one of the ways that Olson Plumbing and Heating leveraged Viega ProPress to take on a mountain of a project: building a new visitor’s complex at the summit of Pikes Peak that met strict environmental standards … during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We prefabbed all the domestic and hydronic piping, as much as we could, to minimize labor at the top,” said Josh Crippen, superintendent at Olson. “We prefabbed our pump skids, all the water heater and boiler skids, all the waste and vent piping. As much as possible.”

McKinstry Specifies Uponor Products to Save Energy and Installation Time

Following an energy audit, McKinstry specified Uponor’s flexible Ecoflex preinsulated piping to resolve a remote Minnesota school’s longtime heating problems and save the school thousands in energy costs. Ecoflex proved easy to install, allowing workers to lay hundreds of feet of piping in just one week.

Message from Christopher Catania, M/SC Chair: Overcoming Challenges

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Victaulic and Current Mechanical Achieve Perfect Harmony on Ambitious Expansion Project

For a demanding new warehouse project with a nine-month timeline, Current Mechanical counted on Victaulic’s experienced virtual design and construction (VDC) team, fabrication services, and grooved mechanical couplings to save installation time even as its workforce was stretched thin. “With the labor shortage, I am not sure we would have been able to complete this project without using Victaulic’s fabrication services,” said Steve Lewis, project manager at Current Mechanical.

CRW Mechanical Wins Bid with Labor-Saving Milwaukee Press Tool

CRW Mechanical won the bid for a parking garage’s gas piping project by switching to a Milwaukee® M18™ Force Logic™ Long Throw Press Tool rather than using a traditional all-weld approach. The Press Tool saved CRW Mechanical 15 percent on the project’s labor costs, and the crew saved 125 hours—all with just one Long Throw Press Tool onsite.

Wayne Crouse, Inc. Cuts Installation Time with Marley Cooling Towers

Installing Marley® Cooling Towers from SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., Wayne Crouse, Inc. shaved several days off of the schedule for a challenging project at a large university medical center in Pennsylvania. Extensive advance planning and coordination with the hospital, contractors, and trades was key.

Daikin Magnitude Chiller & Optimized Controls Save Hospital More Than $70,000 per Year

When it came time for Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center (LHDCMC) of Lanham, MD, to update its aging HVAC infrastructure, it quickly awarded the business to the Daikin Applied team in Washington, DC, which has helped the hospital meet its patient care and comfort needs for years. The project leads helped LHDCMC secure a $160,000 energy efficiency rebate from the local utility provider, and the updates will save the facility over $70,000 per year in energy costs. The work had to be completed in the midst of a shutdown necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sloan’s Keys to a Successful Water Savings Project

You have probably heard about “the five Ps:” Proper planning prevents poor performance. This concept is particularly important when embarking on a commercial retrofit project to reduce water consumption.

FARO’s Laser-Based Reality Capture Tools Cut Limbach’s Labor Costs

FARO Technologies Inc.’s FARO® Focus S 350 Laser Scanners “are really allowing us to send one guy in to a project and capture in a few hours what a team of people used to do over the course of a week—field measuring, documenting, etc.,” said Mark Lamberson CPD, national virtual design and construction manager of Limbach Holdings Inc.  

IMI Hydronic Engineering Describes Keys to Perfect Hydronic Climate Control

The ultimate goal of every heating and cooling installation is to provide the desired indoor climate at the lowest possible energy cost. Today’s advanced control technology means that, in theory, achieving this goal is possible. In practice, however, even the most sophisticated controllers do not always perform as promised. The result is lower-than-desired comfort level and high energy expenditure. The controllers can only perform their functions as specified if the three key conditions for hydronic control are fulfilled.

Procore Software Boosts Monterey Mechanical’s Productivity, Saving One Day Per Employee Per Week

By installing Procore software, Monterey Mechanical Co. was finally able to offer mobile information access to everyone on its team. The efficiencies gained work out to a savings of one day a week of work per employee. Monterey Mechanical credits Procore with helping them complete projects early, as in the case of a Brentwood, CA, water treatment plant, and under budget, as with a San Francisco wastewater treatment facility. 

Bayer’s Plumbing Finds Perfect Fit with Easy-to-Install MIFAB HDPE Interceptors

When Bayer’s Plumbing of Newburgh, IN, needed a modern grease interceptor solution for a local deli, they turned to MIFAB for a product that cost less and was much easier to install than traditional riser systems, according to Matt Pry, project manager. Because local regulators had been approving poly hydromechanical tanks, Bayer’s Plumbing proposed a MIFAB high density polyethylene (HDPE) interceptor for the long-time local dining staple EMGE Deli in Evansville, IN, winning the job.

Using MSUITE and Prefabrication, Limbach Completes Hospital Project Two Months Ahead of Schedule

With MSUITE’s FabPro software, Limbach successfully streamlined operations in a pop-up fabrication shop with multiple trades working side-by-side, minimizing assembly and installation time. The combination of exceptional teamwork, technology, and advanced planning led to completion of the project two months early and helped the building owner save $5.6 million. 

Atomatic Handles Increased Workload With XOi App

Atomatic Mechanical Services Inc. credits XOi with helping them manage their workload. “Before using XOi, we were on the brink of having to hire more inside support to handle quotes,” said Jordan Goldenstein, general manager of Atomatic’s residential group. “Now, with this smoother process, we are able to handle the work with our existing personnel.” 

Dezincification: Breaking the 15-Percent Zinc Wall

Some technical papers and websites on brass corrosion repeat the same caution that dezincification will occur in alloys containing more than 15-percent zinc. A few will go beyond that simple statement to talk about efforts to solve this issue. The 15-percent zinc limit is generally the only thing that stays in the readers’ mind if they are trying to design a part that is in an environment that could lead to dezincification. 

Marking Services Inc. Makes Hospital’s Documents Easily Accessible, Saving Money and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

AIM Mobile Technology and Field Implementation Services from Marking Services Inc. (MSI)  allow Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) to keep track of documents for thousands of facility assets—which not only helps them comply with rigorous requirements for health care institutions but also saved money by ensuring easy access to warranty information for a failing piece of equipment. The move from paper to digital helps the hospital provide care that aligns with best practices. 

Lochinvar and EMCOR Services-Betlem Partner to Provide Energy Efficiency

Lochinvar boilers installed more than 25 years ago on Finger Lakes Community College’s (FLCC’s) main campus delivered state-of-the-art high efficiency in their day, but the college needed to upgrade to meet its ambitious energy-reduction goals. EMCOR Services-Betlem recommended Lochinvar’s XRGI®25 combined heat and power system, integrated with a new KNIGHT® boiler system, to provide hot water and space heating across nearly 500,000 square feet of campus buildings—resulting in a cogeneration system that creates energy as it works. 

Piping Systems Slashes Cutting Time and Increases Capacity With Watts-Mueller Machines

Piping Systems Inc. invested in a Watts-Mueller cutting system when it became clear that its current tools were too slow for jobs involving large-diameter pipe. Using the WM Classic Series WM-60 6-axis pipe profiler, a job that once took seven hours to cut was complete in less than an hour. “We knew the ability to reduce cutting times so much would give us a competitive advantage and the investment was necessary,” said Piping Systems President Jeffrey Bunker.