Smart Solutions

Message from Christopher Catania, M/SC Chair: Overcoming Obstacles

MCAA members and our manufacturer/supplier partners work together to overcome obstacles and get the job done. When supply chain disruptions complicated a Colorado hospital project, Olson Plumbing turned to Josam Company for drainage products that filled the bill. To complete a new transplant hospital unit in the midst of the pandemic, Rand Construction relied on ASC Engineered Solutions to deliver Gruvlok® grooved couplings and fittings on time that could be installed quickly and safely. Nashville Machine Company found that Lochinvar products offered the flexibility they needed to meet a client’s tight space and demanding energy efficiency goals. AMS Mechanical Systems resolved repeated pump failures in a new Chicago condominium by installing Metraflex Company strainers with a neodymium magnet to capture the metal debris that was migrating into the pumps.

Choosing the best products and partners can provide a competitive edge. Brandt won the contract for a new hospital on the basis of previous performance—and the outstanding performance of the NIBCO valves they had used, which the client requested for the new hospital. Way Engineering, Ltd. partnered with Victaulic on a new highrise, saving money and time and contributing to LEED® Platinum certification. C.E. Jarrell Mechanical Contracting Co. Inc. finished an extensive project ahead of the fast-track completion date by using Cerro Flow Products LLC®. 

Contractors are leveraging the power of computer technology to improve the efficiency of fabrication tools. Using MSUITE’s FabPro, which integrates with TigerStop, Gallo Mechanical immediately improved productivity, saving thousands of dollars. A&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc. credits PypeServer software with slashing pipe cutting tasks in the fabrication shop from hours to minutes. 

New software solutions can significantly streamline business processes. Dormatech Mechanical Systems switched from multiple software platforms to an integrated BuildOps solution and rapidly increased revenue by 50 percent. After implementing the XOi Vision app, Tolin Mechanical improved customer satisfaction, decision making, and repeat business. icon Mechanical said that adding Trimble SysQue to Revit helped them get ahead of schedule on projects. Procore’s integrated, mobile management solution puts Auburn Mechanical’s voluminous project information literally at the fingertips of craft labor in the field, simplifying processes and reducing the risk of lost, missing, or incomplete data. 

Miller Electric, Ridge Tool Company, RWC, and IMI Hydronic all offer tips in this issue to help you increase efficiency and productivity. Sloan describes a new formula for better estimating water demand, which can save costs, reduce water use, and prevent bacteria growth. Be sure to take advantage of the expertise our manufacturer/supplier partners have to offer at MCAA22!