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Today’s successful plumbing contractor has business acumen, a reliable management team, and the flexibility to meet the demands of a changing market. The Plumbing Contractors of America (PCA) provides you, free as a benefit of membership in MCAA, with the information and tools you need to enhance these skills.

Plumbing Podcast
Plumbing is probably the most widely-used of our technologies that gets taken for granted on a daily basis. Nobody ever thinks about how often you come to rely on accessibility to clean, safe water and the removal of waste water. Plumbing is, put simply, integral to our modern quality of life.

PCA's Plumbing Podcast was launched in 2016 to educate the industry on better practices, products and ways that you as a contractor can increase productivity. Over the course of the year, we will have guests that include industry experts, owners and manufacturers. Listen in (almost) weekly to stay up-to-date on the latest podcast.

You can access the Podcast in one of several ways. Subscribe to the Podcast and you'll receive notifications when new episodes have been posted. You can access the Plumbing Podcast directly from Soundcloud. Or, you can follow the link below to listen to episodes directly from this PCA website.

Enjoy! And if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Sean McGuire.

Access Podcast Episodes on this Website

Access Podcast Episodes on Soundcloud

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The UA/MCAA Labor Relations Conference is returning this year! It will be at The Mirage in Las Vegas, November 14-15. The theme of this year’s Labor Relations Conference will be “Highlighting Best Practices.” We will provide you with further information on the conference after the MCAA convention. In the meantime, please mark your calendars and plan for your association to be well represented at this important MCAA/UA event. To maximize attendance there will be NO registration fee for this conference!

If you have an iPad or iPhone, it’s easy. Follow these simple steps to customize your experience by making, for example, the Safety Excellence Initiative or an app on your home screen.

In the latest PCA Podcast, Armand Kilijian from O’Brien Mechanical in San Francisco joined Sean McGuire to talk about water efficiency challenges that contractors face in California. The conversation explored the city’s infrastructure inefficiencies, the requirements of retention cisterns, purple pipe and onsite water treatment and reuse systems.

A lot has changed in the 17 years since MCAA last visited San Diego, but one thing hasn’t—no other industry convention offers the highest level of education, world-class social events and exceptional networking opportunities.

Invest in your future…join your colleagues at MCAA 2017. Visit our Convention website and register now!

In our Tuesday TechTalk, @mcaageek Sean McGuire asks, “Are tablets replacing mobile phones on your jobsite?” What is becoming clear is that the importance of phones is diminishing. With a six-month payback period, more contractors are choosing to provide tablets to their workforce and explore their benefits and productivity.

PCA Chairman and MCAA Board of Directors member Armand Kilijian joined the Plumbing Podcast to discuss the importance of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to plumbing contractors. Don’t miss episode 6!

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