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NCPWB Technical Bulletin: Welding Fumes

This bulletin explains how to protect welders from exposure to welding fumes and minimize health risks.

NCPWB Technical Bulletin: Range Qualified Column on Welder Qualification Record – What Does It Mean?

The most misleading statement in the welding industry is that a welder is qualified to follow a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS). A welder is qualified to use a welding process, not a WPS. This article explains what welders are allowed to weld in production based on the test conditions.

NCPWB Technical Bulletin: An Explanation of ASME Section IX Requirements Radiographic Examination for Welds

How to determine the number of test coupons required to meet the minimum weld length for radiographic examination under ASME Section IX.

NCPWB Technical Bulletin: Pipe Welding Basics

The most effective inspection that a contractor can do to protect himself from bad welding is fit-up inspection, and this article explains why.

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Mental health awareness is a growing priority in the mechanical industry. At the 2023 MCAA Safety Conference, hear from Josh Rizzo, a Bronze Star Medal recipient and longtime construction industry expert, on how to lead while taking care of yourself and the teams you serve. Join us January 17-19, 2023, in San Diego, CA. Register today!

The Manufacturer/Supplier Training area of MCAA’s website connects our contractor members with training opportunities available from the members of MCAA’s Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

MCAA is on track to have the highest number of safety professionals in one place in over 20 years at MCAA’s 2023 Safety Conference. The event will include 50+ hours of education and training, keynote speeches on safety leadership, and a celebration of safety. We will once again be joined by our partners in safety, the United Association. Join us January 17-19, 2023, in San Diego, CA. Register today!

MCAA’s Virtual Trade Show connects our contractor members with the members of MCAA’s Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

MCAA’s 2023 Safety Conference includes 50+ hours of education from subject matter experts, plus inspiring keynote speakers like Connie Podesta. Connie will take you inside the minds of your most difficult employees and give you the tools to turn negative attitudes into positive, entitlement into accountability, complacency into productivity, complaining into solutions and “that’s not my job” into ownership. Join us January 17-19, 2023, in San Diego, CA. Register today!

Faced with limited space in a new fabrication shop, Shinn Mechanical workers designed an articulating weld boom. MCAA’s Articulating Weld Boom provides details about this innovative device that lets fabricators perform any type of welding, including TIG, without any cords or hoses on the floor. It’s just one of MCAA’s educational resources that are free to MCAA members as a benefit of membership.

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National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau (NCPWB)

Are you a contractor looking to learn more about how NCPWB tools can help ensure that your company’s piping installations meet or exceed what is required by the codes and state regulations? Would you like to reduce your liability risks? This video is for you!

ASME B31 Piping Codes – An Engineer’s Guide

Are you an engineer looking to optimize your interactions with the contractors who install your systems? This video provides insights into piping fabrication, installation, examination and testing to help you deliver systems that provide long-lasting, trouble-free service at the lowest possible cost.