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Olson Plumbing Saves Time, Cuts Costs with Josam Drainage Products for Hospital Installation Project

Olson Plumbing saved time and labor costs during construction of a new orthopedic hospital because Josam individually wrapped and tagged each item with specific product designations for easy on-site identification and transportation.

Tight timelines are a constant in building, but supply chain disruptions triggered by the COVID pandemic have complicated matters further. Olson Plumbing turned to Josam Company for drainage products that could meet the specifications and timing required for a new Colorado hospital. Josam’s packaging, labeling, and shipping method saved Olson Plumbing time onsite, cutting labor costs. 

St. Clare is a new, 140,000-square-feet, state-of-the-art orthopedic hospital located in Colorado Springs, CO. The building features 72 beds with 10 operating rooms; a full emergency center with 14 treatment rooms; an imaging department that includes radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and ultrasonography; a helipad; a laboratory; sterile processing facilities; a full kitchen; and a parking garage with a rehabilitation field on the upper level. 

Pivot to Josam Products

Olson’s project manager met with the design team to determine the best drainage solutions and assisted through the design phase to get the drainage products selected and approved, coordinated, and procured in time for installation. The project schedule was expected to be fairly fast-paced, with the material required onsite quickly. Disruptions to the supply chains complicated the original procurement plans given the demands of the project. 

Working closely with Olson Plumbing, Josam and its manufacturing representative, RKR, stepped in to provide the required drainage products on time to meet the project’s schedule requirements. The design team was satisfied with Josam’s drainage product selections and the various options available to them. Josam provided approximately 250 drains and carriers for the project, ranging from floor sinks, drains, and cleanouts to specialized drains for the rehabilitation field. 

Packaging Improves Productivity 

Olson Plumbing was impressed with Josam’s superior packaging, labeling, and shipping method, offered at no extra charge. Josam recognizes that receiving, identifying, and matching up incoming products on a jobsite can take a considerable amount of time and typically increase labor costs. In particular, drains and carriers often require multiple components, so they are time-consuming to assemble and parts can easily be lost. Olson Plumbing saved time and labor costs because each item was individually wrapped and tagged with specific product designations for easy on-site identification and transportation. 

Olson Plumbing also took advantage of Josam’s prefab carriers before on-site delivery. Josam’s carriers are available in a standard 500-pound prefab package, with load capacities also available in 750 and 1,000 pounds. 

Because they are among the first products required on the jobsite, time is of the essence when it comes to drains. Josam had the right products for Olson Plumbing right when they needed them. 

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