Smart Solutions Case Studies

Ridge Tool Company Offers Tips for Selecting Ergonomic Tools to Minimize Strain, Increase Productivity

Not long ago, the impact of a tool on its user was not given much thought when it came to tool design. Today, thanks to advancements in technology and a better awareness of how repetitive use of a tool can contribute to injury, ergonomic tool design is becoming the norm. To help ensure you are making the best equipment investment for your team, here are basic ergonomic tool features to look for.

IMI TA’s Support Center Cuts Energy Costs at Oklahoma Public Safety Facility

In recent years, the power needed to heat or cool buildings has fallen dramatically with the focus on reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental impact of HVAC installations. The flow rates in our installations are much lower now than in the past, especially if we use modulating controls on the terminal units.

Therma Bridges Creativity and Collaboration with Procore’s Construction Management Platform

Therma’s steady growth and sterling reputation over the decades has been driven in part by its highly motivated and skilled innovators, each with their own approach to process—which also resulted in a disjointed recordkeeping system. They chose Procore’s scalable construction management platform to standardize their project processes and centralize their document management, creating seamless collaboration, complete flexibility across project types, and a single source of truth and project data accessible to all. Now, workers collaborate through a common platform with deep visibility into all the information they need, all available on mobile devices.

F+F Mechanical Slashes Pipe Cutting Time and Labor Costs With Watts-Mueller Machine

Recognizing that pipe fabrication was slowing down its prefabrication process, F+F Mechanical Company invested in a Watts-Mueller pipe cutter that dramatically improved speed and quality while decreasing labor costs. In fact, thanks to the efficiencies gained from prefabrication using the Watts-Mueller machine, F+F Mechanical recently completed a full boiler room change-out for a hospital in just three months.

Graco Mechanical Upgrades Houston Highrise in One Weekend with SPX Cooling Towers

For Graco Mechanical of Houston, TX, Marley NC® Cooling Towers from SPX Cooling Technologies proved to be the ideal solution for replacing a highrise building’s aging cooling tower in a tight space with an even tighter timeline—just one weekend. These factory-assembled, or “package,” towers allowed for faster installation than a field-erected option while meeting the building’s needs.

FARO Offers Five Tips for Maximizing Profitability With 3D Reality Capture

When processes are not aligned at every stage of a construction project, costly delays and unnecessary expenses are inevitable—and in the worst-case scenario can even result in legal disputes. Communication with stakeholders, the ability to monitor site progress, and the interconnected nature of construction work can all pose challenges to your bottom line.

Miller Electric Illustrates Benefits of Induction for Welding Preheating

Welding preheating is used to ensure weld quality and reduce the chance of cracking and other defects that can result in costly rework. Preheating is commonly used in field and shop applications when welding steel or steel alloy pipes or plates that are 1” thick or more. Applications that often use preheating include power plant and structural construction, as well as pipe fabrication. Here, Miller Electric outlines four common methods for welding preheating and how to choose the best option for your application.

Bluegrass Hydronics and Pump Turns Emergency Replacement Into No-Cost Upgrade With Delta Cooling Towers

By installing antimicrobial cooling towers from Delta Cooling, Bluegrass Hydronics and Pump helped a rural Kentucky school district qualify for a federal grant to replace a failed tower and another nearing the end of its life. The units solved the two biggest issues the school district was facing: budget constraints and the need for durable solutions.

Simplifying the Way We Capture and Transfer Knowledge

With more than 70 million baby boomers set to retire by 2030—more than 10,000 each day—organizations need to rethink the way they capture and transfer knowledge before it is lost forever.

Maxair Mechanical and Victaulic Streamline Complex Med School Project From Design to Startup

For a new, state-of-the-art medical school campus, Maxair Mechanical saved valuable time by installing “miles of piping” using Victaulic products rather than welding and relying on Victaulic’s 3D models of the mechanical space to anticipate potential pitfalls and avoid costly delays. Streamlining processes at every opportunity, Maxair completed the project on time, despite labor and supply chain challenges. Victaulic is a major sponsor of MCAA23.

Silicon Valley Mechanical Improves Productivity, Efficiency With PypeServer Enterprise Software

Silicon Valley Mechanical, a full-service mechanical contractor in San Jose, CA, rapidly improved productivity and increased efficiency by putting PypeServer software into place. Here, Jamie Garza, detail manager, and Dean Garza, piping shop general foreman at Silicon Valley Mechanical, describe how they achieved those gains.

JPG Increases Efficiency, Builds Business With Zurn SmartPro Monitoring

JPG Plumbing & Mechanical Services’ adoption of new oil and grease interceptor monitoring technology from Zurn has significantly reduced pumping overspend and minimized the risk of backups for JPG’s customers. The increased monitoring is translating into more tank repair and replacement work as customers gain better visibility into their systems. Zurn Elkay Water Solutions is a benefactor of MCAA23.

Stand Out by Incorporating Inclusive Restroom Design: Tips From Sloan

Barrier-free, accessible, and inclusive design is an important trend in building. Planning for a commercial restroom with all users in mind, regardless of ability, gender, or age, makes for a safer and more comfortable restroom that is easy for anyone to use. Contractors who embrace the concepts of inclusive design can stand out as partners who put users’ needs first, and Sloan, a benefactor of MCAA23, has innovative products to help. Inclusive design is pivotal for supporting people with disabilities and complying with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. It is also important as society’s awareness of gender identity grows.

ServiceTrade Helps B&W Mechanical Put Customers First, Building Long-Term Loyalty

B&W Mechanical, one of the largest mechanical contractors in the Southeast, chose ServiceTrade software to help them make the move from paper to digital, shortening the time it takes to provide quotes for repairs. Swift, detailed, clear communication is one way that B&W builds trust that leads to long-lasting customer relationships.

Engineered Water Heater Solutions Versus Field-Devised Methods: Advice From Reliance Worldwide Corporation

Confidence in your installation and its reliability are important to any contractor, but labor shortages and economic constraints can often make you feel like you have to choose between speed, cost, and quality. Balancing all three can be a challenge, especially when it comes to water heater installations. Water heater supports, in particular, often get cobbled together using leftover jobsite materials or other makeshift methods in hopes that they will keep the unit stable in the long run. While this may be the cheapest solution in the moment, it is not the best choice for your budget or your reputation.

Raken Outlines Five Ways to Manage Generational Gaps on the Jobsite

From apprentices to expert craftsmen, the construction industry employs a workforce that spans multiple generations. While an age-diverse workforce brings well-rounded skills and experiences to the table, it is not always easy to manage efficiently. Employee expectations and preferred communication styles vary greatly from generation to generation. With today’s labor shortages and low employee retention rates, if mechanical contractors want to attract and keep top talent, they need to explore strategies to help their age-diverse crews work together effectively.

A&R Mechanical Overcomes Supply Chain Challenges Building Illinois Softball Center Thanks to NIBCO

Breaking ground on the Rex and Alice A. Martin Softball Training Center at the University of Illinois in April 2021, A&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc., faced the unique challenges of building during the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent supply chain issues. They successfully completed the project on schedule thanks to NIBCO, which manufactures more than 90 percent of its products in the United States. “I would have to say NIBCO was very instrumental in helping A&R Mechanical get this project finished in a timely fashion,” said Chris Asklund, A&R Mechanical project manager. NIBCO is a major sponsor of MCAA23.

Pipe Fabrication Institute Standards Help Contractors Meet Demanding Criteria

Complex and sensitive facilities—such as nuclear and fossil fuel plants, refineries, steel and paper mills, chemical processing plants, and semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants—require sophisticated piping systems. These systems must perform under great stress while adhering to strict safety, health, and governmental regulations. Relying on well-developed, industry-recognized standards ensures that your work meets even the most demanding criteria.

Harder Mechanical Tackles Welder Shortage, Amps Up Productivity With Novarc’s Spool Welding Robot

By implementing Novarc’s Spool Welding Robot (SWR), Harder Mechanical Contractors has minimized their need for highly skilled welders and increased productivity from an average of 120 factored diameter inches (FDI) per shift to more than 200 FDI, while also achieving a repair rate of 0 percent and maximizing arc-on time. Moreover, because the SWR is a collaborative robot—or cobot—Harder Mechanical can assign less experienced welders to operate the machine, significantly improving shop productivity and resulting in high-quality welds every single time.

Danforth Turns to Mueller Industries’ Streamline Press Fittings to Meet Hospital Project Demands

A new, state-of-the-art hospital in New York required that John W. Danforth Company use solder connections for mechanical piping and press fittings for the plumbing, so they looked to a trusted and reliable partner, Mueller Streamline Co., a primary subsidiary of Mueller Industries, that could provide both. That decision has paid off with a smooth construction process to date, supported by building information modeling (BIM) technology that ensured accuracy for prefabrication. Mueller Industries, Inc. is a major sponsor of MCAA23.

McKinstry Relies on MSUITE to Gain Productivity Insights Across the Enterprise

McKinstry set out to gather more insight into fabrication shop productivity and enhance the connection between its Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Fabrication teams. They partnered with MSUITE to improve communication and better understand the costs of work, which ultimately will help them target investments and improve overall project management.

Josam Company’s Lightweight Drain System Makes Installation a Snap for Egan Company

Egan Company selected Josam Company’s drain system to ensure that LeafLine Labs, the premium medical cannabis cultivator in Minnesota, had the right drainage systems to meet their unique needs. Josam Company’s PRO-PLUS® Trench Drain System was a welcome change from other labor-intensive drain systems that Egan Company had used, saving time and streamlining installation.

Postler & Jaeckle Boosts Productivity Using GTP’s STRATUS Manufacturing and Installation Labels

With a goal of eliminating paper in the shop, increasing efficiency in cutting, and using barcode labels to improve shop workflows, Postler & Jaeckle started working with STRATUS software from GTP Services in 2015. Since then, the company has seen a continuous return on investment with STRATUS, most recently by using labels to increase efficiency with hangers.

CNA Risk Control e-Talks Offer Insights Into Business Resilience

You cannot eliminate the possibility of business disruptions—but you can prepare for them. Whether the cause is a storm, a cyberattack, or another unexpected event, a sudden disruption could affect your organization at any time. To grow and thrive in an uncertain risk environment, your business needs preparation to absorb, adapt, and be resilient to disruptive events. CNA, a benefactor of MCAA23, offers a series of short podcasts (about 15 minutes each) on risk and resilience.

A. O. Smith Water Heaters Provide Reliable Hot Water at Any Hour for Hotel Guests

A hospitality industry veteran opted for A.O. Smith for a dependable water heating solution for a new four-story Hampton Inn in Ashland City, TN. “Hampton Inns thrive on being local,” said hotel general manager Sammy Naquin, “so it made sense to turn to A. O. Smith, who is right here in Ashland City, for a solution.” Naquin worked closely with A. O. Smith, which specified two 750,000 Btu/hr Cyclone® XL commercial gas water heaters, recommended for the hotel’s size and water heating demands.

Message from Christopher Catania, M/SC Chair: Staying Ahead of the Game

Whether it’s labor shortages, supply chain challenges, tight deadlines, or other hurdles, MCAA members and manufacturer/supplier partners are finding smart solutions to stay ahead of the game.

ASSC Rapidly Improves Efficiency, Customer Experience With ServiceTrade Software

When Sacramento-based Air Systems Service & Construction (ASSC) began shopping for new software, their main priority was improving customer experience. Within eight months of adopting ServiceTrade’s commercial service software in 2021, ASSC was already seeing significant improvements in customer communication and increasing efficiency. ASSC was established in 1996; they specialize in fast-track, complete turn-key mechanical systems and now serve clients all over Northern California.

W.E. Bowers Cuts the Cost of Cutting Pipe with PypeServer

Mark Caudle, shop foreman of W.E. Bowers, estimated saving at least $35,000 per year and 20–­30 hours of labor per week by taking full advantage of the PypeServer software that came with one of its CNC pipe profilers. W.E. Bowers, a mechanical construction, service, and repair firm serving Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, operates a 42,000-square-foot steel shop with six overhead cranes, CNC pipe profilers from both Watts and Vernon (each running PypeServer Enterprise), and 11 pipe turners and automated welding stations, each with a certified welder and a shared fitter.

Geauga Mechanical Reduces Duplicate Data Entry and Cost Overruns with eSUB Cloud

Ohio-based mechanical contractor Geauga Mechanical Company keeps projects on track and recoups more than 750 office hours annually through eSUB CLOUD’s project management and time tracking software. Prior to transitioning to eSUB, the contractor’s paper-based system of time reporting required field employees to call in to the office weekly or submit written time sheets that had to be reviewed, approved, and then manually entered into the accounting system.

Warwick Mechanical Boosts Business with XOi System for Technicians

Facing a tight labor market, Warwick Mechanical Group turned to XOi for technology solutions that make it easy for less-seasoned technicians to get information and communicate with supervisors and customers quickly. Warwick’s revenue reached around $115 million in 2021, and Ron Clark, vice president of Service, credits solutions like XOi with contributing to that success.

Winger’s Productivity and Capacity Soar With Watts-Mueller Machines

Winger Companies tackled two challenges—the growing scale of its fabrication projects and a tight labor market—with Watts-Mueller machines that allowed them to do more with fewer people. General Manager Mike Smith said, “We increased our finished fabrications while cutting the cost of both consumables and manhours.”

The Cost of Not Training – Tyfoom Explains How Training Makes Employees More Productive, Profitable, and Committed

Training is key in driving desired systematic improvement in any organization. Yet many businesses see training as an optional cost rather than as a necessary investment with a significant return. Consequently, training often drops to the very bottom of companies’ priorities. Prioritizing training, however, makes your employees more productive, more profitable while at work, and more committed to your organization.

Great Lakes Plumbing and Heating Company Overcomes Challenges for New Sloan Showroom

Plumbing a new Sloan showroom comes with high expectations, so Great Lakes Plumbing and Heating Company placed a priority on early coordination and constant communication with Sloan and its construction company, Skender, throughout the project. That partnership paid off when the project faced some roadblocks, which Great Lakes Plumbing resolved using Sloan products.

The Benefits of Nontraditional DWV Testing – RWC’s TestRite System Offers Faster, Safer Option

For decades, plumbing contractors have used inflatable or plumbing test balls to perform drain, waste, and vent (DWV) testing for new pipe installations, as required by plumbing code. But those traditional DWV testing systems often slow the plumber’s job down and can put them at risk of physical harm. In today’s world of labor shortages, plumbers and contractors need the best technologies available to get the job done efficiently and safely.

General Piping Flies Through Installation With NIBCO’s Grooved Butterfly Valves

General Piping, Inc. counted on NIBCO grooved butterfly valves to meet the strict deadlines of a high school renovation project. “NIBCO’s grooved butterfly valves were easy and fast to install, and they’ve performed well,” said Justin Richardson, project manager, who led the renovation of Lawrence Central High School in Indianapolis, IN.

W.D. Manor Partners with Morris Group International to Expand Reach of Dialysis Box – Novel System Cuts Installation Time and Labor Costs

W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors devised a better, safer dialysis box plumbing system, and now they are partnering with Whitehall Manufacturing, a division of Morris Group International, to manufacture and market the system. The W.D. Manor All-In-One Modular Dialysis Box by Whitehall® (model numbers 8193 and 8194) is easier and faster to install than traditional systems. Banner University Medical Center of Phoenix, AZ, installed the All-In-One Modular Dialysis Boxes in a major expansion project, saving hundreds of hours compared with traditional dialysis systems.

Har-Con Saves Time and Materials With MIFAB’s Quick Hub Couplings

Since the beginning of 2022, Har-Con has played a crucial part in a school expansion project, using MIFAB’s Quick Hub couplings and fixture carriers to stay on track. “The quick coupling is a great product that has saved Har-Con time and money through material cost and labor savings,” said Travis Welch, Har-Con project estimator.

IMI TA’s Support Center Cuts Energy Costs at Oklahoma Public Safety Facility

Close collaboration between IMI TA, a branch of IMI Hydronic Engineering, and building designers led to a 23-percent savings in annual energy consumption (equivalent to $19,341) for an Oklahoma public building. The Lawton Public Safety Facility in Clay Coe, OK, is a 100,000-square-foot, four-story building with 350 working stations. The original design strategy for the facility included proportional control valves with no balancing valve on each terminal and a variable speed pump (VSP) differential pressure (DP) sensor.

GTP Services STRATUS Software Helps Waldinger and Danforth Help Each Other

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Waldinger Corporation had several projects delayed or cancelled, while the John W. Danforth Company needed additional detailing support. Using GTP Services’ STRATUS software, they successfully collaborated on a large project, to the benefit of both companies. STRATUS allowed the contractors to share resources and also digitize their paper-based workflow, eliminating mistakes and increasing productivity.

Nagelbush Tames Florida Heat With EVAPCO Cooling Towers

South Florida’s weather poses many challenges, so Nagelbush Mechanical, Inc. relied on EVAPCO cooling towers to withstand the heat, sea air, and high winds for residents of the luxurious three-tower Park Grove complex along the shores of Biscayne Bay in South Florida.

Message from Christopher Catania, M/SC Chair: Tech Triumphs

MCAA members and our manufacturer/supplier partners work together to overcome obstacles and get the job done.

Health System Trusts Brandt and NIBCO Valves and Press Fittings for New Hospital Project

When University Health System in San Antonio, TX, invited Brandt to bid on the mechanical and plumbing contract for their new facility, they requested the same systems and products—including NIBCO valves—that Brandt had used on a smaller project with University Health a few years earlier. “The best sales tool is performance,” said Kyle Holmes, senior vice president at Brandt. In addition, Brandt welcomed the opportunity to use NIBCO pressed fittings for the job, saving labor and avoiding the risks of welding. NIBCO is a major sponsor of MCAA22.

MSUITE–TigerStop Integration Helps Gallo Mechanical Automate Fab Shop Operation, Cutting Costs and Increasing Productivity

Gallo Mechanical, the Gulf Coast’s leading mechanical and plumbing contractor, saw an opportunity to eliminate paper and automate its fabrication shop with advanced technology. After a competitive bid, Gallo selected MSUITE’s FabPro for its ability to integrate with TigerStop and track time and production in the fab shop. “From the start, the integration between MSUITE and TigerStop saved our firm $4,000,” said Ray McDonald, Gallo’s general manager and fabrication coordinator.

Message from Christopher Catania, M/SC Chair: Overcoming Obstacles

MCAA members and our manufacturer/supplier partners work together to overcome obstacles and get the job done.

Rand Construction Relies on U.S.-Made ASC Gruvlok Products to Keep Hospital Project on Track During Pandemic

Renovating an active hospital is challenging in the best of times; to complete a transplant hospital’s new unit in the midst of a global pandemic, Rand Construction needed products that could be delivered on time and installed quickly and safely. Gruvlok® grooved couplings and fittings from ASC Engineered Solutions were the perfect fit. ASC is a major sponsor of MCAA22. 

icon Mechanical Gets Ahead of Schedule by Adding Trimble SysQue to Revit

After losing a large project because they did not work in Revit, icon Mechanical made the switch to Revit in 2014, later adding Trimble SysQue. Tim Riedle, vice president of engineering for icon, credits the addition of SysQue with helping icon get ahead of schedule on their projects. (Trimble is a benefactor of MCAA22.) 

Way Engineering Partners With Victaulic to Meet High Expectations for Houston Highrise

Way Engineering, Ltd. partnered with Victaulic to provide the HVAC mechanical work for a new Houston, TX, highrise, saving the contractor money and time throughout the complex project. Thanks in part to Way Engineering and Victaulic, the 1.14-million-square-foot Texas Tower successfully achieved LEED® Platinum status, WiredScore Platinum Certification (for digital infrastructure), and WELL™ Building Standard certification. Victaulic is a major sponsor of MCAA22. 

Sloan Scientist Crafts New Formula to Better Estimate Peak Water Demand

For decades, engineers have relied on a formula dating from 1940 to estimate peak water demand, a key factor in specifying the smallest pipe size that will provide sufficient water pressure for every fixture in a building to function normally. Sloan’s chief scientist, Kay Herbert, Ph.D., has developed a new formula that yields more accurate water demand estimates— which can save costs, reduce water use, and prevent bacteria growth. (Sloan is a benefactor of MCAA22.) The new formula is ideal for modern engineers grappling with green technology, touch-free fixtures, and hygiene concerns in the post-COVID-19 era.

Olson Plumbing Saves Time, Cuts Costs with Josam Drainage Products for Hospital Installation Project

Tight timelines are a constant in building, but supply chain disruptions triggered by the COVID pandemic have complicated matters further. Olson Plumbing turned to Josam Company for drainage products that could meet the specifications and timing required for a new Colorado hospital. Josam’s packaging, labeling, and shipping method saved Olson Plumbing time onsite, cutting labor costs. 

AMS Mechanical Solves Mysterious Pump Failures with Metraflex Magnet System

Called on to help a Chicago condominium that was having repeated pump failures, AMS Mechanical Systems determined the cause to be metal debris in the pumps. Metraflex Company’s LPD Mag, a high-efficiency, low-pressure-drop Y-strainer with a neodymium magnet, proved to be the perfect solution. AMS found the new, low-cost strainers were easy to install and effectively fixed the problem. 

Auburn Mechanical Overcomes Process Pitfalls With Procore Mobile Solution

Founded in 1975, Auburn Mechanical of Auburn, WA, has decades of experience taking on large, complex projects, but internal processes—communication, documentation, record keeping, and information sharing—can pose the biggest challenges. Justin Pritchett, construction division manager at Auburn Mechanical, points out that the more manual steps involved in such processes, the higher the risk that those steps will not be completed. Procore’s integrated, fully mobile digital construction management solution puts Auburn Mechanical’s voluminous project information literally at the fingertips of craft labor in the field, streamlining processes and reducing the risk of lost, missing, or incomplete data. 

Dormatech Sees Explosive Growth Fueled by BuildOps Cloud-Based Software Solution

Dormatech Mechanical Systems of Northern California faced a familiar litany of challenges using multiple software platforms to manage its business. After switching to an integrated BuildOps software solution, Dormatech rapidly increased revenue by 50 percent. 

Installing Hydronic Systems in Health Care Facilities: Tips from IMI Hydronic

The performance of any health care building is linked to the HVAC ecosystem, as accurate indoor temperature and air quality are critical in health care settings. However, each project comes with its own set of challenges. IMI Hydronic Engineering has over 300 years of combined experience on hydronic systems. 

Jarrell Beats Completion Date With CerroPress Fittings

Missouri’s C.E. Jarrell Mechanical Contracting Co. Inc. finished an extensive project ahead of the fast-track completion date by using CerroPress® press-to-connect domestic water fittings and CerroTube™ copper plumbing tube from Cerro Flow Products LLC®. Press fitting saved time and labor compared with sweating or soldering joints. Without a need for flame, Jarrell did not need a fire watch or special permits. They installed CerroPress copper fittings in sizes 1/2” to 2 1/2” throughout the facility. 

Advice from Ridge Tool Company: Look for Tools That Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

In today’s high-tech world, when people talk about tool timesavers they tend to focus on the latest Bluetooth technology or the newest gadget. Yet, technology is not the only way to cut down time on a jobsite: tools that allow you to work smarter, not harder, can help any professional get to the next jobsite more effectively and efficiently.

Tips for Increasing Productivity in Today’s Construction Environment

The construction industry continues to feel the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many jobsites fell quiet in 2020 as projects were delayed or cancelled due to uncertainty in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic. And while things are rebounding, ongoing supply chain and project timeline issues continue to be challenges for many companies. 

PypeServer Software Saves A&R Mechanical Hours Every Day

A&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc. credits PypeServer software with dramatically improving efficiency in its fabrication shop; pipe cutting tasks that used to take hours can now be done in 10 minutes or less. Justin Powers, A&R’s virtual design and construction (VDC) and fabrication business unit manager, oversees work across the spectrum from contract award to field installation. He described his company’s typical workflow and tools and the impact of integrating PypeServer software. 

Nashville Machine Company Conquers Tough Task With Lochinvar’s Flexible, Efficient Products

Nashville Machine Company took on the complicated task of removing and replacing an aging water heating system so large it would not fit through the mechanical room doors. Installing a new system from Lochinvar went smoothly thanks to the flexibility of the Lochinvar products, which also promised excellent energy efficiency, making them the ideal choice for the project. 

Tolin Mechanical Improves Business, Increases Transparency With XOi Vision

Tolin Mechanical of Denver, CO, adopted the XOi Vision app to streamline data capture and communication among its technicians and customers, improving customer satisfaction, decision making, and repeat business. Tolin is a full-service facility management company that works with commercial, industrial, institutional, and government organizations to maintain safe, healthy, and energy-efficient building operations. 

RWC Outlines How to Select the Right Cast-in-Place Sleeve

When working on multistory apartment complexes or other large commercial buildings, you may be tasked with installing firestop products or materials around service penetrations, which can be a daunting task involving dozens or hundreds of units and a plethora of floorplans. You will also likely encounter a wide variety of pipe types and sizes along with slab heights. You will need versatile, efficient, and reliable options to cover the range of pipe penetrations for the job, while also keeping in mind firestop and building codes. Here are some tips for selecting the best cast-in-place firestop sleeve for the job. 

Wayne Crouse, Inc. Cuts Installation Time with Marley Cooling Towers

Installing Marley® Cooling Towers from SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., Wayne Crouse, Inc. shaved several days off of the schedule for a challenging project at a large university medical center in Pennsylvania. Extensive advance planning and coordination with the hospital, contractors, and trades was key.

Piping Systems Slashes Cutting Time and Increases Capacity With Watts-Mueller Machines

Piping Systems Inc. invested in a Watts-Mueller cutting system when it became clear that its current tools were too slow for jobs involving large-diameter pipe. Using the WM Classic Series WM-60 6-axis pipe profiler, a job that once took seven hours to cut was complete in less than an hour. “We knew the ability to reduce cutting times so much would give us a competitive advantage and the investment was necessary,” said Piping Systems President Jeffrey Bunker. 

Dezincification: Breaking the 15-Percent Zinc Wall

Some technical papers and websites on brass corrosion repeat the same caution that dezincification will occur in alloys containing more than 15-percent zinc. A few will go beyond that simple statement to talk about efforts to solve this issue. The 15-percent zinc limit is generally the only thing that stays in the readers’ mind if they are trying to design a part that is in an environment that could lead to dezincification. 

Using MSUITE and Prefabrication, Limbach Completes Hospital Project Two Months Ahead of Schedule

With MSUITE’s FabPro software, Limbach successfully streamlined operations in a pop-up fabrication shop with multiple trades working side-by-side, minimizing assembly and installation time. The combination of exceptional teamwork, technology, and advanced planning led to completion of the project two months early and helped the building owner save $5.6 million. 

Bayer’s Plumbing Finds Perfect Fit with Easy-to-Install MIFAB HDPE Interceptors

When Bayer’s Plumbing of Newburgh, IN, needed a modern grease interceptor solution for a local deli, they turned to MIFAB for a product that cost less and was much easier to install than traditional riser systems, according to Matt Pry, project manager. Because local regulators had been approving poly hydromechanical tanks, Bayer’s Plumbing proposed a MIFAB high density polyethylene (HDPE) interceptor for the long-time local dining staple EMGE Deli in Evansville, IN, winning the job.

IMI Hydronic Engineering Describes Keys to Perfect Hydronic Climate Control

The ultimate goal of every heating and cooling installation is to provide the desired indoor climate at the lowest possible energy cost. Today’s advanced control technology means that, in theory, achieving this goal is possible. In practice, however, even the most sophisticated controllers do not always perform as promised. The result is lower-than-desired comfort level and high energy expenditure. The controllers can only perform their functions as specified if the three key conditions for hydronic control are fulfilled.

FARO’s Laser-Based Reality Capture Tools Cut Limbach’s Labor Costs

FARO Technologies Inc.’s FARO® Focus S 350 Laser Scanners “are really allowing us to send one guy in to a project and capture in a few hours what a team of people used to do over the course of a week—field measuring, documenting, etc.,” said Mark Lamberson CPD, national virtual design and construction manager of Limbach Holdings Inc.  

Sloan’s Keys to a Successful Water Savings Project

You have probably heard about “the five Ps:” Proper planning prevents poor performance. This concept is particularly important when embarking on a commercial retrofit project to reduce water consumption.

CRW Mechanical Wins Bid with Labor-Saving Milwaukee Press Tool

CRW Mechanical won the bid for a parking garage’s gas piping project by switching to a Milwaukee® M18™ Force Logic™ Long Throw Press Tool rather than using a traditional all-weld approach. The Press Tool saved CRW Mechanical 15 percent on the project’s labor costs, and the crew saved 125 hours—all with just one Long Throw Press Tool onsite.

Victaulic and Current Mechanical Achieve Perfect Harmony on Ambitious Expansion Project

For a demanding new warehouse project with a nine-month timeline, Current Mechanical counted on Victaulic’s experienced virtual design and construction (VDC) team, fabrication services, and grooved mechanical couplings to save installation time even as its workforce was stretched thin. “With the labor shortage, I am not sure we would have been able to complete this project without using Victaulic’s fabrication services,” said Steve Lewis, project manager at Current Mechanical.

McKinstry Specifies Uponor Products to Save Energy and Installation Time

Following an energy audit, McKinstry specified Uponor’s flexible Ecoflex preinsulated piping to resolve a remote Minnesota school’s longtime heating problems and save the school thousands in energy costs. Ecoflex proved easy to install, allowing workers to lay hundreds of feet of piping in just one week.

Lochinvar and EMCOR Services-Betlem Partner to Provide Energy Efficiency

Lochinvar boilers installed more than 25 years ago on Finger Lakes Community College’s (FLCC’s) main campus delivered state-of-the-art high efficiency in their day, but the college needed to upgrade to meet its ambitious energy-reduction goals. EMCOR Services-Betlem recommended Lochinvar’s XRGI®25 combined heat and power system, integrated with a new KNIGHT® boiler system, to provide hot water and space heating across nearly 500,000 square feet of campus buildings—resulting in a cogeneration system that creates energy as it works. 

Atomatic Handles Increased Workload With XOi App

Atomatic Mechanical Services Inc. credits XOi with helping them manage their workload. “Before using XOi, we were on the brink of having to hire more inside support to handle quotes,” said Jordan Goldenstein, general manager of Atomatic’s residential group. “Now, with this smoother process, we are able to handle the work with our existing personnel.” 

Olson Plumbing and Heating Weathers Challenges of Pikes Peak Project with Viega ProPress

Prefabrication was just one of the ways that Olson Plumbing and Heating leveraged Viega ProPress to take on a mountain of a project: building a new visitor’s complex at the summit of Pikes Peak that met strict environmental standards … during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We prefabbed all the domestic and hydronic piping, as much as we could, to minimize labor at the top,” said Josh Crippen, superintendent at Olson. “We prefabbed our pump skids, all the water heater and boiler skids, all the waste and vent piping. As much as possible.”

Procore Software Boosts Monterey Mechanical’s Productivity, Saving One Day Per Employee Per Week

By installing Procore software, Monterey Mechanical Co. was finally able to offer mobile information access to everyone on its team. The efficiencies gained work out to a savings of one day a week of work per employee. Monterey Mechanical credits Procore with helping them complete projects early, as in the case of a Brentwood, CA, water treatment plant, and under budget, as with a San Francisco wastewater treatment facility. 

Daikin Magnitude Chiller & Optimized Controls Save Hospital More Than $70,000 per Year

When it came time for Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center (LHDCMC) of Lanham, MD, to update its aging HVAC infrastructure, it quickly awarded the business to the Daikin Applied team in Washington, DC, which has helped the hospital meet its patient care and comfort needs for years. The project leads helped LHDCMC secure a $160,000 energy efficiency rebate from the local utility provider, and the updates will save the facility over $70,000 per year in energy costs. The work had to be completed in the midst of a shutdown necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Marking Services Inc. Makes Hospital’s Documents Easily Accessible, Saving Money and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

AIM Mobile Technology and Field Implementation Services from Marking Services Inc. (MSI)  allow Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) to keep track of documents for thousands of facility assets—which not only helps them comply with rigorous requirements for health care institutions but also saved money by ensuring easy access to warranty information for a failing piece of equipment. The move from paper to digital helps the hospital provide care that aligns with best practices. 

Message from Christopher Catania, M/SC Chair: Overcoming Challenges

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Warner Mechanical Increases Efficiency With Trimble Scanner and Software

Warner Mechanical of Northwest Ohio is saving time and labor resources in many ways since they invested in a Trimble X7 3D laser scanner powered by Trimble FieldLink software. What previously took two to three days onsite using a tape measure and paper is now easily done in one day. The combination of Trimble hardware and software also extends BIM workflows and helps Warner Mechanical precisely capture accurate as-built conditions to facilitate prefabrication, layout, safety, real-time viewing, communication, and collaboration. Trimble is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

Martin Mechanical Inc. Reimagines Labor Scheduling, Improves Efficiency With LaborChart

Upgrading from Excel to LaborChart for labor scheduling proved to be an ideal solution for Martin Mechanical Inc., streamlining communication and making life easier for the whole staff. With LaborChart, “all the information is in one place and it’s easier to navigate. This helps everybody in our company,” said Seth Rogers, project manager and manpower supervisor for the Kansas City, MO, contractor.

Havtech, MacMiller Better Connect With Customers Through XOi Technologies

Havtech and MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions (MacMiller) are among those MCAA members using XOi Technologies to capture facilities information that helps them improve service and better communicate with clients. In a highly competitive market, video documentation helps them get client approval quickly, demonstrate that work is completed, and bring technicians up to speed quickly before they go onsite to provide service.

Insights from Ridge Tool Company on Stocking Your Truck With the Right Gear to Get the Job Done

With technology changing at a rapid pace, adding new tools to your truck can provide a quick productivity boost. Keep in mind that a tool’s weight, size, overall portability, and versatility are critical when making purchases.

Brandt Companies Meets Aggressive Project Deadlines With RWC’s HoldRite

With just 25 months to construct a 12-story, two-building assisted living facility in Dallas, TX, Brandt Companies relied on the Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) HoldRite products they have trusted for more than 15 years to save time while meeting code requirements. Brandt was commissioned to install firestop and plumbing systems. Project Superintendent Andrew Meshell and Project Manager Spencer Jackson chose HoldRite’s engineered firestopping solutions and pipe support products.

Milwaukee Valve Pros Explain How to Check Your Check Valves

Depending on the application, check valves can get a bad rap. They are blamed for problems such as water hammer, vibration, reverse flow, leakage, or component wear and damage—all of which are harmful to downstream systems. However, the real cause of these problems usually stems from poor sizing and inadequate selection of the check valve for the application.

Lexington Plumbing Locks In Savings, Energy Efficiency With Lochinvar Systems

To provide an energy-efficient system for a Kansas county jail, Lexington Plumbing employed Lochinvar’s exclusive SMART SYSTEM interface to simplify installation and operation of two new Lochinvar ARMOR water heaters. “We consistently recommend Lochinvar equipment because of their constant innovations and technologically advanced systems,” said Don Lawhon of Lexington Plumbing.

Jomar Valve Explains the Corrosion-Resistant Properties of Heat-Treated Brass as Alternative to Bronze for Plumbing

For those considering open-loop copper plumbing systems, there may be a misconception that bronze valves are the only reliable option for dezincification resistance. However, changes in lead-free requirements as a result of the Safe Drinking Water Act have led to new, viable alternatives to bronze. Heat-treated, dezincification-resistant brass valves are becoming a popular specified product within the engineering community. When subjected to ISO 6509 testing, heat-treated, dezincification-resistant brass valves perform as well as bronze in fighting against corrosion.

Helm Group, Inc. Streamlines Work, Wins Jobs with Autodesk’s BIM 360

Helm Group, Inc. (formerly Mechanical, Inc.) combines leading technology like BIM 360 within Autodesk Construction CloudTM with Lean construction principles to implement new design, engineering, and construction methods. For example, by fabricating multitrade skids in an offsite fabrication shop, Helm Group increases collaboration and drives efficiencies to deliver highly complex projects while achieving certainty in cost, schedule, and quality. BIM 360 enables the coordination and data sharing that allows the fabrication to be so accurate that, once it arrives onsite, all that is necessary is to lift it into place and install it.

Aquatherm Outlines Steps to Success With Butt Fusing Polypropylene Piping

A properly performed butt fusion on polypropylene piping is a wonder of the modern world: two pieces of pipe (or a pipe and fitting) become one solid piece. The joint is as strong—if not stronger—than the pipe itself. There are no leak paths, and, when properly performed, the fused joint will remain leak-free throughout its 50-year-plus year lifespan.

HPS Shortens Welding Time With Orbitalum Systems From E.H. Wachs

High Purity Systems, Inc. (HPS) of Manassas, VA, relied on Orbitalum® high-purity tube cutting, facing, and orbital welding systems to meet the urgent infrastructure needs of a large biopharmaceutical company’s COVID-19 vaccine research and production effort. The project called for thousands of high-purity welds, so HPS partnered with Orbitalum, based outside Chicago and distributed with support from E.H. Wachs.

Northern Ohio Plumbing’s Creativity Cuts Costs With Space-Saving Installation of A. O. Smith Tankless Units

Northern Ohio Plumbing Co., Inc.’s (NOP’s) creative approach to mounting A. O. Smith tankless water heaters saved the contractor installation costs and saved floor space in the mechanical room. The water heaters themselves and the layout of the mechanical room promise to make maintenance a snap.The owners of the Holiday Inn-Cleveland Clinic, which opened in May, were inspired to use tankless water heaters because of the nearby Cleveland Clinic’s interest in energy efficiency and sustainability. The 199,000-BTU A. O. Smith units deliver a uniform energy factor of 0.93 and, working together, provide more than enough hot water for the guests and staff of the hotel. Ultimately, NOP put in 29 wall-mounted A. O. Smith ATI 540H-N fully modulating condensing tankless water heaters.

Raken Outlines Three Ways to Maximize Efficiency During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we work—in construction and beyond. From implementing new safety protocols to navigating delays, contractors have more processes to learn and more variables to consider. Here are three ways you can use digital technology to maximize your efficiency during the pandemic.

J.M. Brennan Saves Time, Materials With Zurn EZ Lavatory Carrier Upgrades

To upgrade four restrooms for PHC—Waterford Clinic, J.M. Brennan, Inc. installed Zurn’s new universal lavatory carriers, saving time and material “without sacrificing support,” said Justin Sherman, J.M. Brennan project manager. The Zurn Z1231EZ Universal Lavatory Carrier is designed to simplify installation. It includes arms that can be adjusted in the field, an independent bracket system that positions horizontally or vertically, and two foot-anchors per upright, instead of four—ultimately saving material, time, and tool wear. Zurn is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

Renick Brothers Accelerates Project Delivery Using Trimble’s SysQue Software

Dominick Florentine, director of virtual design and construction at Renick Brothers, was skeptical that Trimble SysQue MEP software would improve productivity, but since trying it out, he admitted, “I’m working smarter because of the features and functionality of the software.” Trimble is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

MMC Contractors Avoids Conflicts, Coordinates Processes With Ferguson VDC

As MMC Contractors embarked on building a large central utility plant for a globally recognized corporation in the lower Midwest, Ferguson’s new virtual design and construction (VDC) department became a pivotal partner, identifying potential pitfalls and offering cost-effective solutions for the job. Ferguson is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

Saladino Mechanical Cuts Down Time, Costs With Uponor’s PEX Products

Saladino Mechanical of Kansas City, MO, won the bid for a college dorm renovation by specifying Uponor’s PEX piping rather than more costly copper—a move that saved the contractor time and money during installation. The dorm’s new plumbing system is also more efficient, saving energy and conserving water. Uponor is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

Nelson Stark Brings Abandoned Factory Back to Life With Viega Products

Putting Viega products to work allowed Nelson Stark Company to overcome the slew of challenges that came with repurposing a dilapidated factory into a mixed-use development. The contractor knew that Viega’s flameless press technology was the clear choice for renovating the historic building safely and for installing piping much faster than other pipe-joining methods. Viega is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

Message from William Hughes, M/SC Chair: Efficiency On Demand

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Xcel Mechanical’s Labor Savings Rocket With NIBCO Press for Aerospace Remodel

Xcel Mechanical Systems estimated saving as much as 40 percent in labor on some aspects of an aerospace laboratory renovation project by using NIBCO® Press fittings and valves. Xcel, based in Gardena, CA, was hired to design and build the mechanical, plumbing, and process piping elements to expand and modernize an occupied research and development facility in southern California for one of the nation’s largest aerospace firms. NIBCO INC. is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

With Daikin, Olson Plumbing and Heating Stands Up COVID-19 Care Facility in Record Time

Olson Plumbing and Heating partnered with Daikin Applied to retrofit a Colorado medical center to house patients recovering from COVID-19, moving from planning to project completion in just 30 days. In response to the rapid spread of the pandemic, St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, CO, was redesigned to provide post-COVID-19, non-critical, isolated care, freeing up intensive care isolation units in other facilities. Daikin is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

Contractors, Suppliers Team Up with FEMA, Army Corps to Transform Chicago Convention Center into COVID-19 Field Hospital

As the coronavirus pandemic flared up around the country, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rapidly built alternative care facilities to alleviate strain on local hospitals—and MCAA member contractors and manufacturer/supplier partners were there to help. In Chicago, Ferguson, Bradford White, Laars, and Sloan all provided needed materials in record time, and Helm Group (formerly Mechanical, Inc.) was among those working on the ground nonstop as the HVAC and plumbing contractor for the job. Ferguson; LAARS, a Bradford White Company; and SLOAN are all benefactor sponsors.

Message from William Hughes, M/SC Chair: Partnership Fuels Productivity in a Pandemic

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Protect Your Business from Risky Drivers

“Negligent entrustment” can stem from employees driving company-owned vehicles, their personal vehicles, or other vehicles on company business. Employers have a responsibility to know if an employee has something in his or her driving background that creates a risk to others. Negligent entrustment implies a company knew or should have known that it put an unsafe driver behind the wheel of a vehicle and allowed that employee to drive on behalf of the company. (CNA is an MCAA benefactor sponsor.)

Harris Products Group Responds Rapidly During COVID-19 Crisis

Within weeks of the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Harris Products Group had produced and supplied thousands of medical regulators and hundreds of gas systems to distributors throughout the United States that were scrambling to meet critical needs.

Get Precise, Consistent Joints with Laser Welding

Many types of welding have been proven performers for a long time. Welding is, at its core, simply a way of joining two materials. While there are other ways to join metal (e.g., riveting, brazing, or soldering), welding has become the method of choice for its availability, high performance, and high strength. NIBCO INC. highlights the benefits of laser welding, including strength and efficiency. NIBCO INC. is an MCAA major sponsor.

Mine Your Own Data to Find Opportunities for Faster Recovery

Since March 2020, the commercial and industrial mechanical service contracting industry has been reeling from the impacts of COVID-19. In the early days of the pandemic, when cities and states started shutting down, the uncertainty made everyone question the future of our business—for our employees and for our livelihood. At ServiceTrade, we looked at usage data from over 550 facility service companies using our software application, which is designed to help service contractors manage their operations and deliver better customer service, to measure the effects of COVID-19 on business.

With HDPE Pipe and Victaulic Couplings, Shoemaker Mechanical Makes Light Work of Cooling Tower Replacement

By using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe rather than carbon steel and pairing it with Victaulic’s HDPE pipe joining system, Shoemaker Mechanical replaced a cooling tower in less time than planned, with fewer people than expected, and avoided potential weather delays. Tulsa Community College’s (TCC’s) system has performed with no issues since it was installed. Victaulic is an MCAA major sponsor.

Sloan Products Deliver Hygienic Solutions for First ‘Post-COVID-19’ Office Building

Thanks to Sloan’s integrated lineup of touch-free commercial plumbing systems, Chicago’s new Fulton East office and retail building is the nation’s first office building designed specifically to address employee health, safety, and wellness in the post-COVID-19 environment.

Bell & Gossett Helps NYC Add ICU Beds ASAP

When New York City was confronted with a surge in COVID-19 cases in March, Xylem brand Bell & Gossett quickly provided the design assistance and products needed to increase capacity at North Central Bronx Hospital (NCB), the smallest of 11 public hospitals in the city’s health system. The hospital went from 15 intensive care unit (ICU) beds before the COVID-19 outbreak to 135 ICU beds in just a few months.

Guy’s Mechanical Systems Saves Steps, Time with Viega’s Branch Connectors

Guy’s Mechanical Systems discovered that the Viega MegaPress Press-In Branch Connector saved them time by reducing the steps for installation in the process of remodeling a 20-story high-rise in downtown Pittsburgh. Renovating the aged building—constructed in 1902—into a hotel has been a complicated process, and Foreman Josh Mitchell said MegaPress has made it simpler. Viega is an MCAA benefactor sponsor.

Ahern Boosts Productivity in the Field with MILWAUKEE TOOL’s Battery-Powered Lineup

MILWAUKEE TOOL’s product lineup has long been J.F. Ahern Co.’s choice of power tools because the same batteries could be used for a broad range of tools, saving time and money. Recently, Ahern had the opportunity to test out some of MILWAUKEE TOOL’s new MX FUEL™ Equipment System, including the first-ever cordless core drill, on a project that required drilling more than 1,500 holes through various types of walls, including block and concrete. Ahern found that the handheld core drill was much more efficient than a traditional drill, providing more control and more power. MILWAUKEE TOOL is an MCAA benefactor sponsor.

Holmberg Mechanical Saves Time, Meets Regulatory Requirements with Help from Anvil International

Holmberg Mechanical knew Anvil International’s Gruvlok® products would help them meet the quick turnaround time required for the new Colman Dock in Seattle, WA, which will service the largest ferry system in North America. But the job posed another challenge. Because the dock is a publicly funded project (with a price tag of $455 million), Holmberg Mechanical had to comply with Buy America Act (BAA) standards. They needed to secure the right materials on time and with the proper BAA certification.

Essential Considerations for Recommissioning Buildings Standing Empty During the Pandemic

Because of shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, many buildings have been sitting empty for months. Those vacancies mean fixtures and drains are being used infrequently, if at all, which could lead to severe problems. Academic researchers and Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. offer expert advice and solutions. MCAA thanks Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.® for being an MCAA major sponsor.

Johansen & Anderson Perseveres Through the COVID-19 Pandemic with Jonas Construction Software

While some businesses struggled to produce the information needed to apply for a federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan when the pandemic spread, Rick Cronholm, owner of Johansen & Anderson, was able to pull all the necessary reports in less than 30 minutes, thanks to Jonas Construction Software.

With eSUB Software, Braconier Cuts Payroll Processing Down to Minutes

Braconier adopted eSUB’s comprehensive software platform to standardize project management and operations, cutting processes such as timecard inputting and payroll processing from a full day down to minutes. The platform also helps Braconier document every aspect of their projects, which helps keep things running smoothly.

SitelogIQ Speeds Up Processes Using XOi Technologies

SitelogIQ, a full-service facilities solution provider in California, has proof that seeing is believing—and they are speeding up their quote approval process as a result. “We’re capturing XOi content—physical video, pictures—onto quotes, which has expedited how fast those quotes are approved. We seem to get less contested quotes, less questions,” said Jason Saunders, service operations manager for SitelogIQ.

Murphy Company Cuts Project Installation Time with Sioux Chief Products

Using a range of Sioux Chief Manufacturing Company products, Murphy Company dramatically cut down its installation time of plumbing products for a new high-rise in St. Louis. Murphy also turned to Sioux Chief for custom products, which were rapidly produced in nearby Kansas City, MO, ensuring the project stayed on schedule.

John W. Danforth Relies on Raken to Capture Detailed Productivity Data

John W. Danforth—a founding member of MCAA—is using Raken’s digital time cards and daily reporting to keep a record of all the impacts the pandemic has had on their productivity—so they can demonstrate what they have done and get paid for it. Construction companies have been forced to change the way they operate to ensure safety and compliance, and jobsite data are critical for contractors to maintain a record of productivity and streamline their workflows.

Dorvin D. Leis Says Aloha to Faster, Smarter, More Accurate MEP Layout Using Trimble Technology

After winning a renovation project to transform the Waikiki Trade Center into a 230-room contemporary Hyatt Centric hotel, the Dorvin D. Leis Company, Inc. (DDL), Hawaii’s largest mechanical contractor, decided to ditch the string and tape for the Trimble RPT600 paired with Trimble Field Link software. The cutting-edge technology helped DDL save time, increase productivity, and bring a constructible process from the office to the field and back again.

Letsos Company, CFI Mechanical Swap Uponor PEX for Copper, PVC

Letsos Company and CFI Mechanical, both of Houston, TX, used Uponor PEX for two high school plumbing projects to save money for the school district while also realizing faster installation and cost savings over traditional approaches. CFI Mechanical estimated a 30-percent savings in cost and labor resulting from using smaller PEX piping (1″ and below).

A&R Partners Achieves Smooth Installation of Snowmelt System with Viega Products, Design, and Advice

Despite having limited experience with installing snowmelt systems, crews at A&R Mechanical Contractors Inc. knew they could rely on Viega for a custom-designed system for their client in Champaign, IL. Viega also provided A&R with tips, tricks, and details about installation, and the system was in place in time for a snowy winter season.

Put Safety First When Using a Ladder

A contracted estimator fell from an extension ladder when a cracked rung broke while he was climbing the ladder. The estimator was seriously injured, sustaining a skull fracture and multiple leg fractures. The estimator had been aware of the defect in the ladder. The defect was caused when the ladder fell at an earlier job site. However, the estimator continued to use the ladder rather than seeking a replacement. These ladder safety tips from CNA will help you keep workers safe.

Message from William Hughes, M/SC Chair: Prime Pairings

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

LAARS Slashes Operating Costs with MobiliForms

LAARS Heating Systems adopted MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies because they wanted to make their familiar site visit reports fully interactive and gain access to image capture, dictation, and cloud storage, which was not possible through their primary computer system. The new digital workflow saves LAARS significant time with each service visit, significantly reducing operating costs.

John W. Danforth Company Capitalizes on Ferguson’s Expertise to Meet Nursing Home’s Hot Water Needs

John W. Danforth Company installed a new hot water system in a nursing home without incident and with minimal disruption, thanks in part to Ferguson’s expertise in selecting the ideal replacement system. The new system improved overall efficiency for the nursing home and will be easier to maintain than the old system.

Rock Hill Mechanical Meets Tight Timeline Thanks to Anvil International

Rock Hill Mechanical knew that Anvil International’s Gruvlok® system was a better choice for a new aquarium’s mechanical room than the originally specified PVC products. With quick delivery of the Gruvlok parts and the ease of installation, Rock Hill Mechanical met the tight timeline for completing St. Louis’s newest tourist attraction.

Daikin Expertise Ensures Smooth Chiller Installation in Urban High-Rise

A construction project at a senior living facility presents a specific set of challenges. For the Brookdale Senior Living Center in Chicago, Daikin overcame those challenges by combining customized products, advance planning, and know-how for successful installation of a new chiller, ensuring the project stayed on time and within budget.

R&S United Mechanical Contractors Save Installation Time, Labor Costs with NIBCO Press Systems

R&S United Mechanical Services turned to NIBCO INC. for their innovative press joinery system solutions to complete large-scale mechanical systems for several New York City projects. Not only are the NIBCO products easy to install and cost-effective, they do not require an open flame, saving R&S the expense of hiring a worker for fire watch.

With XOi App, Havtech Improves Communication, Expedites Service

XOi Technologies’ cloud-based mobile app takes the manual work out of getting critical information from the field into the hands of those who need it, which is helping Havtech streamline communication and improve efficiency. Havtech now has full transparency with their customers at every stage of the contract—from quote to completed work.

Hermanson Employs Miller Electric Welder for Innovative Approach

Faced with a tight working space, Hermanson Company took advantage of Miller Electric’s new XMT® 350 FieldPro System welder along with a custom-built pipe turner so the mechanical contractor could make hundreds of high-quality welds in a fraction of the time that hand-turning would have required. The innovative approach not only increased productivity but also contributed to a safer, healthier work environment.

Siphonic Drain Systems Save Money, Increase Efficiency

Siphonic drain systems are not well understood in the United States, but they allow for greater flexibility in design, are far more efficient than a traditional drainage system, and often save money in labor and materials. Siphonic drainage is not new. It has been used since the early 1970s, and in Europe it is considered the norm. Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. is the first American company to design, manufacture, and market a siphonic roof drain. Still, many plumbing engineers rarely consider siphonic systems for buildings in the United States.

Braconier Saves Time, Money with Obvious Choice for New Viega Headquarters

While it is no surprise that Viega chose to put its own products into its newly constructed building, Braconier Mechanical and Plumbing Services said using Viega products was a good option for them, too. “We reduced the manpower needs on this project by using Viega. That’s a big advantage of MegaPress—we can have a smaller crew and still stay on schedule,” said Tom Stone, president of Braconier.

Elliott-Lewis Installs Resurrected EVAPCO Cooling Tower for Historic Philadelphia Residence

Downtown Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin House needed an HVAC overhaul but, like most historic buildings, had no room to expand. EVAPCO reached into its archives for the specs of the building’s original cooling tower and created a more powerful, up-to-date version for the same space, making the installation process easier for Elliott-Lewis Corporation.

Kruse Saves Thousands Using Victaulic BIM and Products

Victaulic’s building information modeling (BIM) expertise saved Kruse Corporation an estimated $15,000 to $20,000 on the renovation of Union Station in Wichita, KS, while the streamlined construction approach reduced build hours from 4,000 to 3,100, yielding an additional $40,000 in labor savings. The combination of BIM services and Victaulic products simplified coordination, reduced risks during construction, and cut the manpower needed for this project in half.

With Close Collaboration, Hill York Saves Time, Carrier Saves Money

Hill York Service Company worked closely with Carrier Corporation for nearly a year before construction began on Carrier’s new headquarters, and Hill York’s input saved Carrier $1 million. Moreover, Hill York introduced a novel approach to installing Carrier’s chilled induction beams that allowed the contractor to save time on the project’s tight schedule. Thanks in part to Hill York, Carrier’s new headquarters also met stringent indoor air quality (IAQ) standards and received LEED® Platinum certification.

Message from William Hughes, M/SC Chair: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Warner Mechanical Uses Aquatherm Pipe to Help Manufacturer Rebound Quickly from Roof Collapse

A roof collapse could have knocked IVP Plastics of Washington, IL, out of commission for a long time, but Warner Mechanical LLC, of Edwards, IL, used Aquatherm polypropylene pipe in the rebuild, helping the manufacturer get back to business quickly. The heat fusion process made Aquatherm piping easier and faster to install than traditional welded pipe, saving Warner Mechanical time.

ACCO Installs Uponor Radiant to Achieve LEED Platinum in HQ Expansion

Delta Electronics (Americas) originally specified a conventional radiant tubing heating and cooling system for its headquarters expansion in Fremont, CA, to help meet LEED® Platinum and net-zero energy building standards, but ACCO Engineered Systems suggested Uponor’s Radiant Rollout™ Mats for a faster, more efficient, consistent installation. ACCO crews installed 138,000′ of tubing with the Radiant Rollout Mats in five months—much faster than the time required for conventional PEX rails or tie-down methods.

Complete Temperature Systems Slashes Office Staff Time with MobiliForms

Complete Temperature Systems of Chicago cut office staff time by 14 hours per week using MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies to help streamline their operations. Before, field work orders, service tickets, and preventive maintenance checklists had been driven around, which delayed invoicing and created the possibility of getting lost. Now, information streams in real time, allowing for same-day or next-day invoicing. CTS’ government contracts require specific work acknowledgement letters; with MobiliForms in place, they are signed onsite, stored, and shared digitally. MobiliForms also allows techs to capture pictures and sounds on work orders.

IFS’ Contractor Checklist for Selecting a Field Service Management Application

Lacking a broad and powerful field service management application, trade contractors can find themselves facing a variety of business challenges. However, if your contracting business gets its operations processes right by leveraging comprehensive field service management software like that available from IFS North America, you can turn that challenge into an asset. Here are nine essential functional capabilities trade contractors need in their field service management software to make the most of service revenue opportunity.

Hospital Cuts Energy and Maintenance Costs with Cutting-Edge Daikin Chillers

When Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Nashua, NH, started having problems with its antiquated chiller system, the facility was eager to make an upgrade and chose Daikin chillers primarily for the energy efficiency. As a result, it has cut energy use in half and reduced maintenance costs.

NIBCO’s Tips for Designing an Efficient Hydronic System

Designing an efficient hydronic system is no easy task. The needs of each system can vary greatly from one job to the next, although the core elements remain mostly the same. In a typical system, you will usually find a boiler, circulator pumps, an expansion tank, various heat distributors, and accessories such as vents, valves, and drains. Selecting the right components for the best installation, servicing, and control of the system and its equipment are key to the efficiency of the job.

Key2Act’s Connect Gives Harris Company New View of Buildings

Using Key2Act’s Connect, Harris Company of St. Paul, MN, gathers data from building controls and sensors, then uses that information to identify problems much faster than traditional troubleshooting methods, which can take hours or even days. With Connect, a cloud-based solution, Harris technicians have eyes into their buildings that they have never had before—so they can find and fix issues quickly. Connect data can also reveal trends that allow techs to anticipate problems before they happen.

Jackson & Blanc Saves Thousands by Deploying Rhumbix Core Digital Solution

California-based Jackson & Blanc digitized its timekeeping process with Rhumbix Core, saving an estimated $52,000 per year in labor costs alone. The company’s commitment to adopting innovative technologies is well-known, but adopting a new technology can sometimes be costly and require overcoming hurdles to implementation and adoption. Jackson & Blanc realized that technological advancements and social changes force companies to evolve—or fall behind.

10 1/2 Tips to Properly Specify Your Trench Drainage System

With years of manufacturing all types of trench drain under their belts, engineers at Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.® have come up with a list of 10 tips—and a bit extra—to assist you in specifying a trench drain system. By applying the following tips during design, you will avoid situations that might cause headaches both during and after installation.

Limiting Driver Distractions from Cell Phone Use

Distracted driving poses significant risk to every business that has employees who drive both company-owned and personal vehicles for company business. Common activities that divert attention from the road include texting, most mobile phone use, eating and drinking, reaching for an object, talking with a passenger, and reading navigation systems. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), for the second consecutive year, more than 40,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2017. According to a 2017 NSC public opinion poll, 74 percent rated distracted drivers as a major concern for traffic safety. Use this guide from CNA to assist in developing and supporting a program that helps in the control of driver behaviors, based on statistics about the impact of cell phone use and driver distractions, such as talking and texting.

MMC Contractors Increases Efficiency with LaborChart

MMC Contractors simplified its day-to-day labor management tasks with LaborChart, freeing up time so workers could focus on higher impact tasks and activities. With labor being the most expensive and valued asset, a good workforce management solution is vital. The company’s executive team has seen how LaborChart increased efficiency and alignment across multiple departments.

AMS Mechanical Counts on Sloan to Keep Installation Timeline on Track

AMS Mechanical Contractors relied on Sloan products for a new Welcome Pavilion on Chicago’s Navy Pier because “Sloan’s products definitely saved us time on installation,” said John Brassfield of AMS, the project’s site foreman. “A lot of them come assembled, and it’s very cut and dry as far as the installation. We definitely save on labor costs,” said Brassfield.

Transition to GTP Services’ STRATUS Cuts UMC Costs by Hundreds of Thousands

Just two years after implementing STRATUS software from GTP Services, University Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (UMC) saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in packaging, spooling, and cutting costs and eliminated its cumbersome paper processes. UMC credits STRATUS with increasing efficiency, multiplying output volume, and enhancing its modeling capabilities.

Arista Air Conditioning Employs XOi Technology to Build Customer Trust

In New York City, competition among HVAC providers is intense, so Arista Air Conditioning Corporation found a new way to win over customers. The company armed all of their technicians with the cloud-based XOi mobile app. Technicians use their mobile devices to generate photo and video documentation of every service call for Arista’s customers—so customers can see what the techs see.

MILWAUKEE TOOL Eases McGilvray Mechanical’s Transition to OSHA Silica Compliance

To meet new, stricter Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) standards for how much silica dust workers could inhale, McGilvray Mechanical partnered with MILWAUKEE TOOL to implement productivity-focused dust collection solutions. “At a time when many manufacturers were still trying to figure out how to address this standard, the MILWAUKEE team was very knowledgeable with regard to the new requirements and were able to apply their knowledge of our business to their offered solution,” said Kurt Lewis, director of operations at McGilvray.

IES Uses XOi Vision to Drive Service Opportunities

Indoor Environmental Services (IES) of California adopted XOi Vision technology, paired with Key2Act’s MobileTech, to provide technicians with an easy platform for capturing video and photos on the jobsite and sharing that content with customers. That investment has yielded many unexpected returns, including reducing the lead time for sales follow-up on field-originated opportunities from two weeks to one or two days.

IFS Replaces Cooling Towers Without Disrupting Government Offices

Thanks to careful planning, prefabrication, and easy-to-install Marley NC cooling towers from SPX Cooling Technologies Inc., Integrated Facility Services (IFS) replaced two large wooden cooling towers with two new steel cooling towers at a St. Louis, MO, government building while keeping the chiller system operational throughout to avoid disrupting essential county government services. The $1-million cooling tower replacement project received the Outstanding Mechanical Installation Award from the Mechanical Contractors Association of Eastern Missouri.

Current Mechanical Improves Efficiency and Bottom Line with Jonas Construction Software

By implementing Jonas Construction Software solutions in the back office and on the front lines of service, Current Mechanical has made operations more efficient across the board, boosting the bottom line. Current Mechanical ultimately selected Jonas after speaking with many existing Jonas clients, researching competitors, and experiencing several demonstrations. “The overall positive feedback we received from others we spoke to within and even outside our industry really sold us on the software,” said Ted Current, vice president and CFO of Current Mechanical.

Herman Goldner Increases Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction with Key2Act’s MobileTech

The Herman Goldner Company expected that adopting Key2Act’s MobileTech would help them streamline processes and become more efficient. The mobile approach has also helped make technicians more independent, because they can rapidly exchange information with the home office, and it has reduced manual scanning and archiving.

Wilkes & Company Sees Rapid Return on Investment with MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies

By switching to iBusiness Technologies’ MobiliForms mobile solution, Wilkes & Company simplified its reporting and reduced costs so much that the entire system paid for itself within 12 months. The rapid return on investment was particularly welcome, as a previous attempt to upgrade its software was wreaking havoc on the company during the first six months of implementation.

Design Flexibility of Daikin Applied Solutions Ensures Comfort, Efficiency for New York School

Built in the 1950s, White Plains High School in New York has stood the test of time, so when an HVAC upgrade was needed, school administrators wanted to keep it simple—and minimize cost and downtime. They selected Daikin Applied variable refrigerant volume (VRV) solutions to replace their aging systems with new, more efficient ones that fit the bill. Now, the school not only has a comfortable climate but also a more energy-efficient, quieter, and healthier classroom environment.

CNA’s Tips for Winter Driving

Fair or foul weather, driving always presents hazards. But winter months curse drivers with conditions that are far different than those they face during the summer. CNA offers these tips for safe winter driving and being prepared for emergencies on the road.

KOH Mechanical Saves Up to 40 Percent with Anvil’s Gruvlok Products

For KOH Mechanical Contractors, Inc., the labor savings realized with Anvil® International’s Gruvlok© Products made them the clear choice for keeping a hospital remodel on schedule and on budget. “Depending on the environment, the labor savings are anywhere from 30 to 40 percent,” according to Larry Hanson, vice president of KOH Mechanical, based in Riverton, UT. “If we would have been required to provide a welded system, we would have had to work the employees overtime in order to finish the project on time.”

Notre Dame Scores with State-of-the-Art SLOAN Products

The University of Notre Dame and SLOAN have a 113-year-long relationship, so the university chose SLOAN products as the basis of design for the expansion and renovation of their athletic complex. As a result, Notre Dame is conserving water, saving money, improving hygiene, and paving the way for easy maintenance in the long term.

Starting from Behind, Poole and Kent Partner with Victaulic Design Team to Finish Early

Taking over a project months into the schedule and facing an extremely tight deadline, The Poole and Kent Corporation managed to complete work 15 days early by teaming up with Victaulic’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team. The Victaulic VDC team’s expertise and use of BIM software allowed Poole and Kent to plan and coordinate so that they could make up for lost time on a new Baltimore apartment building.

Message from Joseph Pikus, M/SC Chair: Productive Partnerships

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Devine Brothers Rely on Viega ProPress for Safety and Speed in Historic Opera House Renovation

Anticipating the challenges that historic buildings pose, mechanical contractor Devine Brothers, Inc. made sure that Viega ProPress was part of the plumbing design for the renovation of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House (MOH) from the beginning.

MacMiller Sees Bright Future with XOi Vision

Within 90 days of adopting the XOi Vision™ platform’s field service management program See, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions (MacMiller) landed a huge national account, based in part on the company’s use of video technology. With See, MacMiller technicians can easily link video and photos to customer accounts through mobile devices.

Four Ways Specialty Contractors Can Reduce Construction Rework

Rework plagues owners, managers, and subcontractors alike. It is one of the biggest reasons for stagnant and declining productivity and steals hours, days, and even months from projects. In some cases, it causes such severe missed deadlines and budget overruns that subs fail to meet contracts, facing legal consequences or, at the very least, the potential loss of their good name and future business.

ACCO Installs Daikin Self-Contained HVAC Systems, Helps 49ers Stadium Score LEED Gold

By working closely with Daikin on design and modeling, ACCO Engineered Systems successfully installed 875,000 tons of sheet metal, miles of condenser and hot-water piping, and 21 large-capacity Daikin Self-Contained air conditioning (AC) units on a fast-track schedule with no room for delays. The energy-efficient HVAC systems helped the premier $1.2-billion Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, become the first NFL stadium to achieve LEED® Gold certification.

Silicon Valley’s Western Allied Streamlines Field Work, Office Processes with Viewpoint Technology

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, design-build contractor Western Allied Mechanical, Inc. has been using Viewpoint software for over a decade. As a result, it has streamlined project management and processes—for example, cutting RFI response time from days to minutes.

Explore the Latest Welding Technologies to Improve the Bottom Line

Wasted time and lost productivity are enemies in any welding operation. Many companies have seen significant productivity increases, without sacrificing quality, by converting from traditional welding processes such as stick or TIG to advanced wire processes, such as pulsed MIG and Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®), a modified short-circuit MIG process from Miller Electric Mfg. LLC. These processes offer consistent weld quality and travel speeds that are three to four times those of stick or TIG.

JEC Service Co. Saves $500,000 per Year with MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies

iBusiness Technologies’ MobiliForms solution “saves the company in excess of $500,000 annually,” said JEC Service Co. Service Manager Sean Thurston, by increasing labor efficiencies in the field and office. Since the company adopted MobiliForms, field staff complete their startup checklists, project management records, work orders, and timesheets on Apple iPads® for instant transmission. Thurston estimated that JEC’s 20 field technicians save at least an hour a day using this approach, which quickly adds up to substantial savings for the business.

Brandt Finds and Fixes Problems During Installation with Connect from KEY2ACT

Using KEY2ACT’s Connect technology to gather building data during a year-long retrofit project, Brandt found glitches in the products it was installing and was able to fix them before completing the work—without going over schedule. Brandt also uses Connect during commissioning to validate a building’s entire system at one time, which has proven invaluable.

Are Your Office Workers Getting the Same Level of Ergonomics Care as Your Jobsite Workers?

Over the past few years, a greater focus has been placed on employee health and wellness as it relates to the issue of sitting versus standing at a computer workstation. The number of sit/stand workstations is on the rise, causing employees to ask the question, “Is a sit/stand workstation right for me?” Working in the same location for hours can affect concentration and muscles, which can in turn affect work productivity. CNA offers this guidance on how to maximize comfort while working at a computer workstation and reduce pain and injuries.

Brandt Impressed by Viega ProPress Efficiency

For the new Texas headquarters of a major worldwide corporation, Brandt Construction chose Viega for chilled water and domestic water—a “no-brainer,” because the company does nearly all its work with Viega product. “Viega is dependable, and Viega’s people in town support us really well,” said Craig Hawkins, project executive. “Pressing with Viega is tremendously efficient versus brazing or soldering. We’ve tried other similar products and had issues with them or the quality doesn’t seem to be as good as the ProPress®.

Muir-Chase Saves Caltech Gallons with High-Efficiency Zurn Urinals

Since Muir-Chase Plumbing installed Zurn Retrofit Pint urinal systems in every bathroom across campus, Caltech is saving 6,056,130 gallons of water and $42,393 per year. Californians know the value of every drop of water, and the world-renowned science and engineering institute in Pasadena recognizes the importance of being a responsible steward of water resources.

Arden Engineering Constructors Slashes Man-Hours by 90 Percent with Trimble Scanner and Software

For a recent retrofit, Arden Engineering Constructors knew that an accurate as-built assessment of the project was essential to ensure a smooth process, so they put their Trimble® TX6 Scanner and RealWorks® Office software to the test. The scan took one field worker about 4 hours, compared with an estimated 32-man hours for manual measurements—a labor savings of 90 percent.

Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. and Pan-Pacific/Murray Company Team Up for New LA Stadium

Close coordination with Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. is helping the mechanical design assist subcontractor Pan-Pacific/Murray Company (PPMC) tackle a tough job: building the NFL’s most massive stadium complex. At 3.1 million square feet, the Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park will house not just a 70,000-seat stadium but also a hotel, offices, retail spaces, residences, and restaurants.

Spaeder Saves Weeks on Layout with DEWALT HangerWorks

To meet an engineer’s demanding criteria for embedding hanger assemblies into concrete slabs for a new seven-story building, Wm. T. Spaeder Company used DEWALT HangerWorks™ software, not only achieving the difficult task but saving weeks of layout time as well. HangerWorks also improved the prefabrication process by enhancing labeling and reporting in Spaeder’s building information modeling (BIM) program.

Herman Goldner Keeps Costs Low and Efficiency High with SPX Cooling Tower

When the Centre Square commercial office complex needed a new cooling tower system, HVAC contractor Herman Goldner Co., Inc. turned to SPX Cooling Technologies to address the building needs, then brought in Erickson Incorporated to conquer the formidable challenge of installing the system in a busy, urban site.

Message from Joseph Pikus, M/SC Chair: Better Together

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Couts Cures Concrete with Uponor Thermal Cooling

For a record-setting continuous concrete pour, Couts Heating and Cooling, Inc. installed more than 20 miles of Uponor radiant tubing to create a thermal cooling system that would ensure the integrity of the concrete as it cured. Applying this new technique, Couts not only smoothed the way for this rapid, massive project, it also benefitted from the ease of installation. The PEX tubing’s “extreme flexibility made it fast and easy to install around the rebar in the base of the structure,” said Mike Martin, Couts piping department manager.

Shinn Mechanical Couples Milwaukee Tool and Victaulic to Go Extra Mile on Seattle Tunnel Project

Under pressure to make up for lost time on a huge tunneling project, Shinn Mechanical Inc. used cordless Milwaukee tools to install Victaulic grooved couplings on an innovative piping design, shaving months off the original schedule. “Pairing Victaulic couplings with Milwaukee tools allowed us to finish a job scheduled to take eight months in only 10 weeks,” said Mike Shinn, company founder.

North Mechanical Cuts $1 Million in Shared Costs by Using Trimble SysQue to Optimize Workflow

To speed the design and fabrication workflow for a customer’s research facility build, North Mechanical Contracting & Service used Trimble® systems, saving an estimated $1 million in costs and cutting by 400 percent the time that would have been needed for traditional materials takeoff tasks. The project required North Mechanical to generate material takeoffs and fabricate all mechanical and plumbing components for a laboratory building in south-side Indianapolis, IN. It represents the company’s largest fabrication contract to date for one of the area’s largest manufacturers.

Easy Installation, Reliable Service Lead Cannistraro to Name Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. as Supplier of Choice

When Cannistraro, Boston’s largest mechanical contractor, needed a drain system for their own new fabrication and manufacturing facility, they turned to Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.® for a solution that was delivered on a just-in-time basis to avoid the need for storage and was easy to install quickly. The level of service Smith provided cemented Cannistraro’s decision to name Smith their supplier of choice.

CFI Mechanical, Carrier Work Together to Keep School on Schedule

Close coordination with Carrier on a “just-in-time” delivery schedule is helping CFI Mechanical keep a Houston school renovation project on track while saving the contractor installation time and costs. By using Carrier HVAC systems, CFI mechanical is also meeting the school’s energy-efficiency goals.

Braconier Reins in Costs with Viega Products

Faced with the possibility of losing money on a building expansion project, Braconier Mechanical and Plumbing found that using Viega products was an easy way to trim costs. The ease of installation with the Viega press approach cut installation time dramatically, bringing costs back under control. In addition, Viega turned out to be a better choice for a job where the original specs called for threading pipe.

Message from Bill Tavenner, M/SC Chairman: More Efficient Onsite, In the Office

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Daikin Modular Central Plants Speed Installation, Eliminate Downtime for Data Center

With fast installation as high a priority as efficient cooling, Herakles Data of Sacramento, CA, chose pre-engineered, pre-assembled Daikin Modular Central Plants to meet their cooling demands. “Our number-one requirement in selecting a new system was speed,” said Laurence Stancil, director of facilities at Herakles Data. “The new cooling system had to be installed and operating as fast as possible, with minimal interruption.”

Tozour Energy Systems Keeps Costs in Control with Connect from KEY2ACT

Using Connect, a data collection and analysis solution powered by KEY2ACT, Tozour Energy Systems can pinpoint and even fix customers’ HVAC problems remotely, saving time and money. When Tozour’s technicians go on site, Connect helps them more accurately diagnose problems so they know exactly what they are looking for when they arrive. “They’re not wasting their time or the client’s time and money looking around for problems that don’t exist,” said Tozour’s Executive Vice President Frank Rhea.

Safety Tips for Maintaining Wire Ropes and Slings

Wire rope is a machine, and a rather complex machine. There are no precise rules to determine exactly when a wire rope sling has passed its service or expiration date. There are guidelines, though, to follow to know whether a sling is suitable for continued use or needs replacement.

Create a Premium Program for Your Mechanical Service Customers

What are you doing in your mechanical service contracting business to get more by doing more for your best customers? Do you have a premium program like Amazon Prime that includes exclusive benefits covered by the price of a subscription? Is there a tier of service that includes the basic preventive maintenance program plus a bunch of extras that entices customers to pay upfront?

TG Gallagher Improves Prefabrication Processes with ManufactOn

With the ManufactOn cloud and mobile solution, TG Gallagher has increased and improved its prefabrication capacity. The TG Gallagher leadership team can keep tabs on the status of prefab work and materials at all times. The field team can monitor the progress of prefabbed items, request them as they are completed, and tag products to keep track of them. By integrating prefabrication into TG Gallagher’s supply chain, ManufactOn has helped them take the next step in the prefab revolution.

Circulating Air ‘Amazed’ by Speed, Ease of Installing Uponor Radiant System

Describing the Circulating Air crew’s first experience using Uponor products, Job Foreman Matt Fitzgerald said, “We were truly amazed at how quickly and easily we installed the tubing for the radiant heating and cooling system.” The Los Angeles-based mechanical contractor’s four-man crew installed 16,000’ of Uponor’s Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing in a new research building on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Using the radiant heating and cooling system helped earn LEED® Gold status for the six-story, 100,000-square-foot Edie and Lew Wasserman Eye Research Center.

Advance Mechanical Brings Big League Bathrooms to Wrigley Field

Restoring Wrigley Field was an opportunity for Advance Mechanical to install sleek Sloan products that allow fans to experience an efficient, hygienic trip to the restroom and get back to their seats to enjoy the game. Sloan was named the official Water Efficiency Partner for the Chicago Cubs baseball team in 2015.

Martin Associates Partners with Victaulic, Stays on Budget, Ahead of Schedule

Using Victaulic grooved mechanical solutions and Construction Piping Services (CPS) for a cramped mechanical room in a new luxury apartment building, Martin Associates streamlined its drawing and installation processes, reduced waste, and cut overall project costs by three to four percent. Martin successfully installed, tested, and completed the HVAC system at 525 West 52nd Street in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in a week and a half, staying on budget and ahead of schedule.

Goshen Mechanical Accelerates Cash Flow, Eliminates Errors with MobiliForms

Goshen Mechanical is billing on the same day as service, has eliminated lost work orders, and has increased customer satisfaction by adopting MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies. Cash flow has accelerated from even larger customers, such as hospitals, that now pay in as little as four days when Goshen times the invoice submissions to synch with their accounts payable cycle. “We should have adopted MobiliForms a year ago,” said Chris Gaffney, co-owner of Goshen.

IMI Empowers Foremen With Rhumbix, Improves Productivity in the Field and Home Office

Manual collection of paper time cards in the field is prone to errors, takes too much time, and, most importantly, takes attention away from important jobs in the field. Since rolling out Rhumbix so their foremen could go paperless, Independent Mechanical Industries, Inc. (IMI) has found, “Foremen use the Rhumbix app on their iPhones to record time cards in just minutes, [which] allows them to clear their minds and attack the work in front of them,” said David Reynolds, IMI vice president.

Anderson, Rowe & Buckley Shaves Hours, Speeds Up Cash Flow With MobiliForms From iBusiness

Anderson, Rowe & Buckley (AR&B) deployed MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies, cutting labor costs and going paperless painlessly. “Our 100+ field techs are shaving time each day, and I’ve personally recaptured eight hours per week,” said Darin Sheridan, HVAC superintendent, who is tasked with overseeing the solution.

P1 Group Installs Aquatherm PP-R Piping, Saving Time When Every Second Counts

By using Aquatherm polypropylene-random (PP-R) Blue Pipe® to replace carbon-steel pipe at Berry Global’s injection-molding facility, the P1 Group of Lawrence, KS, successfully completed installation in just 24 hours. The lightweight pipe is easy to transport and easy to join using a flameless heat-fusion technique that saves time. The speed of installation was more than just a productivity win for the contractor; at Berry Global, a mere half-second loss in production time can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Jay R. Smith Crafts Speedy Solution for J.W. McClenahan’s Drainage Dilemma

Faced with new, more stringent building requirements mid-project, J.W. McClenahan Co. got a boost from the engineers at Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.,® who rapidly designed new trench drains and had them verified by a third party to satisfy city inspectors—all in just four months.

John E. Green Company Saves Installation Time, Ensures Energy Efficiency With an Array of Johnson Controls Products

John E. Green Company (JEG) trusted its longtime partner, Johnson Controls, to help them meet the demands of Detroit Medical Center’s (DMC’s) new tower and identify products that could save the contractor installation time. YORK® YMC2 centrifugal magnetic drive chillers paired with the Metasys® building automation system (BAS) with Central Plant Optimization 10 (CPO10) optimized energy efficiency, while using YORK Solution Air Handling Units and SimplexGrinnell’s addressable notification system ensured speedy installation.

Bennell, Inc., Overcomes a Tight Squeeze Thanks to Anvil International’s Creative Gruvlok System Design

Savvy design from Anvil® International allowed Bennell, Inc. to install all the needed systems in the very small mechanical room of a new residence hall and bookstore at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Because of the creative design, which included Anvil’s Gruvlok® connections for the heating and cooling pipe, Bennell managed to “make 10 pounds fit in a five-pound bag,” said President Craig Hosler.

Commonwealth Plumbing Finds Viega Double Drop Elbows Are Perfect Fit for Historic Building

While renovating a historic building, Commonwealth Plumbing found that Viega’s double drop elbows were the best solution for accommodating new bathroom sinks in a tight space with limited design options. By using pressed fittings, Commonwealth not only saved time on installation but also avoided soldering in an old building with a lot of wood.

Daikin Rooftop Units Paired With Intelligent Equipment Protect Museum’s Collections

To meet the stringent standards for climate control required to protect its treasured artwork and artifacts in storage, the University of California Berkeley’s Regatta Museum installed Daikin Rebel® commercial rooftop systems, paired with the Daikin Intelligent Equipment® solution that provides real-time data. Using the software solution saved time and money during the 6-week startup and commissioning process of a critical control application where rooftop package units are seldom used.

SPX Donates Cooling Tower to Steamfitters Trades School

When the Steamfitters UA Local 602 Mechanical Trades School needed equipment to use in its apprenticeship program, SPX Cooling Technologies donated a Marley® NC cooling tower, enabling the school to present students with a real-world environment. Instructors use the complete new cooling system to teach students how to troubleshoot and fix problems with HVAC systems.

Message from Bill Tavenner, MS/C Chairman: Productive Partnerships

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Erickson’s Aircrane Cuts The Hill Group’s Installation Time Down to Hours

In the summer of 2016, The Hill Group called on Erickson Inc. to lift and place cooling towers and chillers by air into a building in crowded downtown Chicago, accomplishing the goal in hours compared with weeks needed for other methods. The project was located at East Randolph Street in a crowded landscape with multilevel streets and nearby residential buildings, so land crane equipment was not an option. Using Erickson’s precision capabilities, aerial crane operators placed chiller equipment through a hole in the roof, with inches to spare, and then set it 15’ below the roof level.

With Victaulic Couplings, Arden Meets Tight Timeline, Saves $100,000 on Overall Costs

Contracted to design and install the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for a massive renovation, Arden Building Companies faced a tight timeline, a tight space, and a tight budget—all of which made welding a poor choice for completing the mechanical room. Using Victaulic’s easy-to-install grooved connections, Arden joined, hung, and installed pipe quickly and efficiently once it was lowered into the mechanical room. Arden estimated that the speed of installation reduced overall costs by approximately $100,000.

Atomatic Investment in High-Quality, U.S.-Made Wheatland Tube Pays Off

In 2015, Atomatic Mechanical Services won the bid to install a large chiller plant in a renovated office building in Chicago’s West Loop and chose Wheatland Tube pipe for nearly every part of the project. Atomatic knew that reliable, high-quality, domestic pipe is easier to weld then imported pipe and much less likely to deteriorate or cause leaks—so it would save Atomatic time both onsite and after installation. As expected, the system has had no leaks, which helped allow the chiller plant to become operational two weeks ahead of schedule.

JH Kelly Keeps Tabs on Tools with Milwaukee Tool’s TICK

JH Kelly recognizes how much time and money it stands to lose when tools are lost or stolen. To avoid delays on the job or, worse, the cost of replacing expensive equipment, they adopted Milwaukee Tool’s One-Key™ system, the first digital platform for tools and equipment. Now, with the addition of Milwaukee Tool’s TICK™ equipment tracker, they can manage inventory, recover tools quickly—and even locate lost items.

Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors Cuts Installation Time in Half with Uponor’s PEX Pipe

Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors (MMC) of Eden Prairie, MN, found that using Uponor’s AquaPEX® crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) piping for the risers and the unit piping in a new hotel saved crews about two to three days of installation per floor. On a 13-story project with 50 units per floor, that adds up to almost a month of installation time savings.

Egan Realizes Rapid ROI with KEY2ACT’s MobileTech

Egan Company installed the MobileTech solution from KEY2ACT, slashing billing time and eliminating time-consuming paperwork. Jeff Hawthorne, Egan’s senior vice president, estimated that Egan will see its return on investment (ROI) within 18 months of implementing MobileTech, which connects field staff to the back office, providing instant access to information and enabling both sides to easily manage service calls and appointments.

Josam Company’s Trench Drain Saves Miinc Mechanical Money, Time, and Headaches

With its light weight and easy installation, Josam Company’s Pro-Plus trench drain system not only minimized hassle for Miinc Mechanical Contractors of Dallas, TX, but it also saved them labor and installation time. Instead of using three or four workers to install the trench drain, Miinc needed only one or two workers laying the Pro-Plus system during a recent project for Southwest Airlines.

Flo-Tron Tackles Outdated Business Processes with Jonas Construction Software

Implementing a fully automated, integrated software solution from Jonas Construction Software helped Flo-Tron Contracting streamline their business, enhance efficiencies, and reduce payroll processing time by 50 percent. “The software we were using prior to Jonas was very limited, and we found ourselves having to regularly pay for external services and consultants to handle many of our business processes. With the fully-integrated nature of Jonas, we could handle all facets of our business in-house, which truly helped us meet all of our needs in a single software solution,” said Kari Cordell, controller at Flo-Tron.

Craft & Son Find EVAPCO Cooling Towers a Perfect Fit for Gettysburg Hospital

Only EVAPCO, Inc. had cooling towers with a small-enough footprint, yet large-enough capacity, to meet WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital’s need for upgraded towers that would lend themselves to future expansion. Manchester, PA-based James Craft & Son Inc. worked closely with EVAPCO to find the perfect solution to a challenging installation.

Message from Bill Tavenner, MS/C Chairman: Meeting the Market’s Unique Demands

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Smooth Sailing for Seattle’s Floating Bridge Thanks to Anvil Products

For Seattle’s new State Route 520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, Diamond B Constructors, Inc. knew they could count on Anvil International for flexible couplings and fittings for the Schedule 40 pipe of the bridge’s wastewater removal system. In addition, because Anvil’s products used on this project were manufactured in its U.S. plants, they satisfied the requirements of the Federal Highway Administration for American-made construction supplies.

Western Mechanical Cuts Days Off Complex Restoration with Victaulic Project Management

Victaulic’s project management, coordination, and new 3D scanning technology allowed Western Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to cut days off the schedule for a historic building renovation, cutting labor costs and keeping the project on time and within budget. The 100-year-old Detroit News Building in downtown Detroit, MI, posed several challenges to restoration—including one tenant who remained in the building throughout the project.

Apartment Complex Boosts Energy Efficiency by 20 Percent with Daikin Chillers

Owners of a Washington, DC, apartment complex undergoing renovation selected Daikin products for their reliability and energy-saving potential. The choice not only improved comfort and energy efficiency in the buildings but also netted a $62,000 rebate from the local electric utility, enhancing the owners’ return on investment.

Parker Hannifin’s ZoomLock Braze-Free Fittings Allow Davis Mechanical to Fix Refrigerant Line Leak Fast

To repair a refrigerant leak in the computer room of an office tower tenant, Davis Mechanical Service, Inc. turned to Parker Hannifin Corporation’s ZoomLock™ Braze-Free Fittings, avoiding the need to use a torch or get a burn permit. As a result, Davis Mechanical completed the whole repair in less than an hour and with minimal disruption to the client.

CNA Provides Tips for Mitigating Material Handling Risks on Construction Sites

Manual material handling is the largest single cause of lost workday injuries in construction. One out of every four work injuries happens because someone lifted, carried, pushed, or pulled something the wrong way or lifted beyond his or her capacity. Workers should be trained on proper and safe material handling techniques either manually or by using mechanical means. The use of correct handling techniques is one of the ways to help reduce injuries.

With History of Success, John E. Green Selects Aquatherm PP-R Piping for School Expansion

John E. Green Co. of Highland, MI, cut labor and installation time by using Aquatherm’s polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipe systems for a 2013 project at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy (U of D Jesuit). The project went so well that when U of D Jesuit and John E. Green teams reconvened in 2014 to plan the school’s new science building, no other piping options were considered.

T.H. Eifert Closes Over $400,000 in PM/Projects in First 12 Months with BuildingAdvice

Just one year after investing in the BuildingAdvice Energy Services Delivery platform, T.H. Eifert Mechanical Contractors has generated in excess of $400,000 in new preventive maintenance (PM) contracts and pull-through sales, providing a sizable, early return on investment. The energy assessment and tracking tools from BuildingAdvice help T.H. Eifert make a solid case for installing and maintaining energy-efficient products.

L.J. Kruse Company Increases Profits and Reduces Errors with MobiliForms

By transitioning from paper forms to iPads using MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies, L.J. Kruse Company saved time, increasing its billable hours. “We have dramatically reduced the time spent transporting and handling paperwork as well as eliminated mistakes,” said Nathan Kruse, vice president, L.J. Kruse Co. “MobiliForms has already paid for itself in time savings and eliminating errors.”

With KEY2ACT Software, Customers See What MacDonald-Miller Sees

MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions partnered with KEY2ACT to create See, software that allows contractors to use smart glasses on job sites to capture photos and videos of their work. The new technology helped MacDonald-Miller speed up customer payment and dramatically cut down the time spent explaining work that was done to customers disputing charges. It also increases customer engagement, building trust and leading to new work.

Appion Inc. Offers Tips on Removing Restrictions for Fast Refrigerant Recovery

While refrigerant recovery is accepted as a fact of life for today’s air conditioning and refrigeration (AC/R) technicians, it remains one of the most time-consuming steps in servicing an AC/R system. This can make it tempting for a technician on a tight schedule to skip the recovery process. However, with the proper understanding of equipment and methods, refrigerant recovery can be faster and easier than venting. Just like tires can affect a car’s performance, the hoses, fittings, manifold, and recovery cylinder all play a role in how quickly and efficiently the recovery process is completed.

10 Things You Need to Know About Commercial HVAC Regulations

Emerson conducted a survey in 2015 of more than 450 HVAC professionals and found that only 11 percent are aware of upcoming commercial HVAC regulations and many don’t understand how those regulations will impact their business. Here are 10 things you need to know about the changes affecting the commercial air conditioning (AC) market.

Team Industries Decreases Training Time, Increases Efficiency with Miller PipeWorx Welding System

Since they started using the Miller® PipeWorx 400 welding system, Team Industries has reduced rework—saving time and money—because of the system’s ease of use and consistent arc quality. “We have seen a decrease in X-ray failure. The consistency of the arc definitely plays a role in that,” said Jim VanZeeland, shop superintendent. “It’s just been a great machine for us.”

Rawal’s APR Control Modulates Humidity, Stops Mold Invasion in Mixed-Use Space

To combat the signs of mold and mildew growth, a Southeastern U.S. house of worship installed the APR Control manufactured by Rawal Devices, Inc. to eliminate the humidity causing the problem. Thanks to the new control, the organization avoided major health effects and was able to restore its facility to full use.

Message from Bill Tavenner, MS/C Chairman: Finding the Win-Win

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Graco Mechanical Expedites Office and Field Operations Using Davisware Solutions

When Graves Mechanical, Inc. formed Graco Mechanical, Inc.—a 24/7 service arm concentrating on preventive maintenance—the company needed a business solution that would support its essential and continuous office-to-field communication and its promise to stay constantly connected and available to customers. In addition, Graco Mechanical needed to expedite many of its processes, especially its 10–14-day billing turnaround time. With Davisware technology, the company reduced its billing turnaround time to 3–5 days and decreased its invoice processing time. In addition, Davisware’s Remote Field Service solution allowed Graco Mechanical to reduce its gas costs by 10–20 percent.

Built-In Freeze Prevention Makes Woodford Rooftop Hydrant Ideal for Colorado School

Ease of installation and reliability made the Woodford RHY2-MS roof water hydrant the ideal choice for a school in Parker, CO. Roof hydrants provide access to rooftop water, which is then used to clean condenser coils, windows, cooling towers, green roofs, and other types of rooftop equipment.

Western Allied Mechanical Gains Competitive Advantage by Demonstrating Rapid ROI with BuildingAdvice Technology

After completion of an HVAC controls retrofit project, Western Allied Mechanical engaged AirAdvice energy analysts to demonstrate that the upgrades yielded a return on investment (ROI) of 65 percent and a payback time of 1.5 years. Being able to demonstrate rapid ROI on HVAC upgrades gives the contractor a significant competitive advantage.

Vanguard HVAC Technologies Lays Foundation for New Tavern on the Green with Easy-to-Install Viega ProRadiant Heating

Installing Viega ProRadiant™ systems as part of the renovation of New York City’s famous Tavern on the Green restaurant was a simple process—so simple, in fact, that Robert Stewart, steamfitter foreman for Vanguard HVAC Technologies, joked, “I was disappointed there wasn’t more to do.” Completing the radiant floor heating installation quickly allowed the rest of the project to move forward.

CNA Offers Strategies for Mitigating Workers’ Compensation Costs

Take a look around your company. Chances are, your workplace has changed in the past 10 years. Your workforce has changed as well. Regardless of industry, the U.S. workforce is aging. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that 25 percent of the workforce will be age 55 or older by 2020. This aging workforce brings with it the potential for escalating workers’ compensation costs, particularly since older employees typically experience more severe workplace injuries and illnesses than younger ones.

Greenheck Offers Ten Tips to Save Time and Money on Fan Installations

When it comes to installing fans, contractors ask 1) Where can I save money? 2) Where can I save time? and 3) How can I reduce problems after the “equipment has been installed? There is nothing worse than hearing You are short on air because you installed it wrong.”

Hill York Meets Growing Campus’ Energy Demands with BAC’s Innovative, Efficient Ice Thermal Storage

With 26,000 students and a growing campus, Florida’s Nova Southeastern University (NSU) was challenged with finding a reliable cooling system that kept both expenses and the environment in mind. Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) and Hill York mechanical contractors worked together to find a solution for NSU, finally settling on BAC’s innovative ice thermal storage. Now, NSU is reducing their peak electrical demand and saving electricity costs while remaining environmentally sensitive.

Tips from WennSoft for Getting the Most Out of Your Existing Software

When a business has been using the same software system for years, it is easy for employees to get trapped in a cycle of doing things the way they have always done things. It does not occur to them that there are different—and sometimes better—ways to tailor their software to fit their needs.

GPS Insight Offers Tips for GPS Buyers

A GPS tracking system can make your fleet more effective and efficient. GPS Insight suggests what to look for when buying a system.

Atomatic Replaces Outdated Systems with WennSoft, Improves Efficiency, Boosts Productivity

By moving from an outdated accounting system to WennSoft Signature® and Microsoft® Dynamics® GP, Chicago-based HVAC firm Atomatic Mechanical Services dramatically streamlined its accounting processes, improved its service management capabilities, enhanced its customer service, and boosted employee productivity.

2015 Energy Efficiency Mandates Will Affect Water Heater Installations

The Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) new energy efficiency mandates, which take effect April 16, 2015, will require higher energy factor (EF) ratings on virtually all residential gas, electric, oil, and tankless gas water heaters. These changes will impact how water heaters are manufactured, distributed, and installed.

MMC Contractors Cuts Weeks Off of Hospital Project Using Autodesk’s Automated Point Layout

MMC Contractors credits Autodesk® Point Layout construction software with helping them shave weeks off the construction schedule for the Martin Army Community Hospital at Fort Benning, GA. “The time and accuracy benefits we realized on the project are a great example of why we moved away from manual point layout processes,” explained Keith Flowers, vice president of construction planning for MMC Contractors. “When you can do things faster and more efficiently, you’re more competitive.”

ACCO Installs BITZER Compressors To Breathe New Life Into Medical Office Towers

By installing new BITZER compressors to replace aging, inefficient, and unreliable technology, ACCO Engineered Systems of Glendale, CA, helped Cedars Sinai Medical Towers in Los Angeles improve the health of its two 11-story buildings. The upgrade not only met the needs of the building’s inhabitants but also qualified for a substantial rebate.

BMWC Safely Executes a Heavy Lift, Thanks to Lifting Gear Hire

For a challenging project with a short timeline, BMW Constructors, Inc. (BMWC), partnered with Lifting Gear Hire (LGH), who not only supplied the appropriately sized, tested, and certified lift equipment but also expertise in developing a lift plan. As a result, BWWC set two 15’ x 52’ cooling tower unit sections inside an active, working refinery without disrupting day-to-day operations, completing the project on schedule and under budget. In addition to coordinating placement and use of a 550-ton crane, submitting an engineer lift plan for approval, and preparing the site to meet the project soil compaction requirements, BMWC was also responsible for removing the HVAC/scrubber units.

Braconier Sees 50-Percent Labor Savings With Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. Quarterback Water Closet Support

Minimizing installation time was an especially high priority for Braconier Mechanical & Plumbing Services’ work on a children’s hospital, so they used Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.’s new Quarterback Water Closet Support for the project. Tom Stone, president of Braconier, said the Quarterback provided a 50-percent labor savings because it’s quicker to build and assemble and more adjustable, offering more flexibility when compared with the older Linebacker model.

Easy Installation, Excellent Safety Profile Make TracPipe’s CounterStrike Ideal Choice for BMC

For the gas piping in the new Candlestick Heights apartment complex in San Francisco, CA, Broadway Mechanical-Contractors, Inc. (BMC), chose TracPipe CounterStrike® because it is easier to install than traditional black iron pipe, saving BMC time and money. The fact that TracPipe CounterStrike, OmegaFlex’s premier corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST), provides vastly superior safety performance in earthquakes made the product the ideal choice for the job.

John E. Green Company Earns High Marks for Campus A/C Retrofit Using Aquatherm’s Blue Pipe and Heat Fusion

To install a central air conditioning system in a high school campus’ main residence building during the short summer break, John E. Green Company called on Aquatherm for an easy-to-install, in-ground piping solution that allowed them to meet the rush deadline. The Aquatherm piping also proved to be an environmentally friendly solution for the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy (U of D), addressing concerns about the potential problems of burying pipe.

A. D. Winston Speeds Processes, Increases Efficiency with Victaulic

To install the mechanical system for the International Gem Tower, one of New York City’s largest HVAC installations, A. D. Winston Corporation turned to Victaulic, a global manufacturer of mechanical grooved systems and services. Contractors at A. D. Winston are well versed in working with mechanical systems in the five boroughs of New York City. The firm specializes in hotel, institution, residential, commercial, and health facilities.

Are You Ready for the January 4, 2014, Lead-Free Compliance Deadline?

The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (U.S. Public Law 111- 380) goes into effect nationwide on January 4, 2014. It reduces the allowable lead content of all products that come in contact with drinking water or water for human consumption. Beginning in January, no one can install or sell products that are not deemed lead free for water systems designated for human consumption, including cooking.

Nelson Stark Saves 20 Percent on Labor Using Viega ProPress for Stainless

Cincinnati, OH, plumbing contractor Nelson Stark Company is installing thousands of feet of Viega ProPress systems for both copper and stainless steel in sizes ½” to 4” at Mercy Health—West Hospital, currently under construction on 60 acres in Ohio’s Green Township. It is the latest addition to the Mercy Health system, which has more than 80 network locations throughout Cincinnati.

Message from Mike Farrington, MS/C Chairman: Safe Water and Sound Solutions

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

With Miller’s PipeWorx System, De-Cal Welders Work Twice as Fast as Stick Welders

To meet growing demand, Michigan based De-Cal, Inc., opened its own fabrication shop with four multiprocess pipe welding systems (the PipeWorx Welding System from Miller Electric Mfg. Co.), along with a series of weld positioners. The speed and ease of use of the PipeWorx welding process has helped De-Cal refine its pipe welding processes to significantly improve productivity by as much as 30–40 percent and grow business.

Using BuildingAdvice Technology, TCMS Demonstrates Savings, Secures Building Portfolio Maintenance Contract

Temp-Control Mechanical Service (TCMS) was confident that the BuildingAdvice™ suite of energy services from AirAdvice would help them win a preventive maintenance (PM) contract and deliver measurable energy cost savings to The Avamere Group, a family of more than 40 senior living facilities in the Pacific Northwest. In their first meeting with Avamere, TCMS uncovered concerns about operating costs and a less-than-robust PM program implemented by onsite staff with little HVAC experience. To demonstrate their capacity, TCMS proposed an action plan that included surveying, benchmarking, and collecting cost data at three of Avamere’s facilities.

Delta’s Advanced Plastic Cooling Towers Are the Cure for Hospital’s HVAC Ills

To overcome recurring cooling tower-related HVAC performance problems, Davis Memorial Hospital of Elkins, WV, recently purchased two high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cooling towers, manufactured by Delta Cooling Towers, to support its two 300-ton chillers. The new towers were selected to meet the hospital’s demanding specifications for high performance, minimal maintenance, and minimal noise.

Siemens Provides Contractor Tips on Selecting Damper Actuators That Make the Most of HVAC Systems

In recent years, HVAC trade magazines have cited that more than one third of the commercial HVAC systems in the United States are broken. They also point out the poor state of HVAC equipment across much of the K–12 market. Installing upgraded HVAC equipment and effective building control systems in new and existing buildings significantly improves occupant comfort and productivity, but it is the damper actuators that move the equipment and allow the user to deploy control strategies. Because damper actuators enable HVAC systems to deliver measurable, sustainable energy savings, Siemens offers these tips on selecting the right product for your project.

Industrial Cooling Corporation Retrofits Reciprocating Compressor with BITZER Scroll

Industrial Cooling Corporation (ICC) of Metuchen, NJ, recently retrofitted a 10-ton reciprocating compressor with a BITZER scroll compressor (ESH736-4SU) to keep overall client costs down, reduce power consumption, and minimize noise. Replacing large, inefficient recips with high-efficiency screw compressors on chillers and rooftop units is standard practice in many areas, but it is unusual to convert smaller recips to scrolls.

BAC Proves a Fruitful Choice for Doubl-Kold

Washington State had a record apple harvest in 2012, so Double-Kold of Yakima, WA, stepped up to expand storage capacity rapidly for growers across the state by relying on Baltimore Aircoil Company’s (BAC) products. After apples are harvested in the fall, they need to be stored in cold rooms for several months to supply various markets for the entire year.

Sauer Group Selects Anvil Products to Support the World’s Tallest Launch Pad Water Tower

To support a massive water tower for a NASA launch pad, Sauer Group Inc. employed Anvil pipe supports and rollers for their durability and history of quality manufactured products. When rockets and spacecraft launch from NASA’s flight facility at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) on Wallops Island, VA, the engine exhaust generates an enormous amount of heat and vibration. To keep the launch pad cool, stable, and safe, a special deluge system pumps water from a 307-foot water tower, the tallest in the world. The Sauer Group’s support structure keeps the deluge system safe during tumultuous takeoffs.

With Timetable Shortened Dramatically, MLP Turns to Zurn Plumbing Solutions

In urgent need of more space, Erie County Medical Center Corporation (ECMCC) shortened the construction timeline for its new long-term care facility from two years to 15 months. MLP Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc., of Cheektowaga, NY, met the challenge by relying on Zurn products. Zurn Industries, LLC, helped MLP eliminate contractor hours by providing customized, engineered solutions to fit jobsite dimensions and install easily. As a result, the ECMCC saved millions of dollars financing its $103-million project.

Popular Rental Equipment Can Meet Contractors’ Immediate Needs

The need for specialized equipment may arise so infrequently that a company cannot afford to purchase it. Moreover, storing, maintaining, and, in some cases, certifying equipment can create additional headaches. To meet their short-term needs, some contractors choose to rent equipment from sources such as Lifting Gear Hire Corporation (LGH).

Pyke Mechanical Chooses High-Efficiency BITZER Screw for Compressor Retrofit

When the Miami International University of Arts and Design needed to upgrade its chiller, Pyke Mechanical was able to install a new, high-efficiency BITZER Screw compressor at only marginally higher cost than rebuilding the original compressor. The conversion went so well that Pyke plans to install BITZER screws whenever an upgrade opportunity presents itself.

Weld Positioners Improve Productivity and Quality

While most weld positioners will improve the productivity of a pipe welder, a positioner designed specifically for the pipe welding industry to reduce welder fatigue increases the quality of the welder’s work.

ACCO Builds on WennSoft Technologies to Increase Efficiency and Return on Investment

In 2012, ACCO Engineered Systems of Glendale, CA, trained more than 200 service technicians to use its new MobileTech system, tailored for ACCO by WennSoft, and immediately realized more benefits from the system than expected. The new technology speeds up and even eliminates some paperwork and improves communication. By using the streamlined, electronic quoting features, ACCO has already realized a return on its investment in MobileTech.

Tweet/Garot Teams Up with Bidtracer for Renovation of Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field

To win the contract to renovate the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field, Tweet/Garot of Wisconsin put Bidtracer’s invitation management software to work to solicit bids and organize proposals from vendor and subcontractors. Once awarded all of the mechanical work (HVAC, plumbing, and radiant systems) for the Packers’ $165-million South End Zone Project, Tweet/Garot turned to Bidtracer again for construction project management software for the submittal, request for information (RFI), and change-order process.

GRINNELL Grooved Couplings Provide Tight Seals Plus Noise Reduction

To address the challenge of vibration noise from pipes, GRINNELL Grooved Flexible Couplings reduce vibrations, minimizing the amount of noise distributed through a pipe system, while providing a tight seal to prevent leaks. In contrast, some elastomeric and braided metal flexible connectors designed to minimize vibration noise require you to install additional parts to pipe sections, perform extra welding, or add large, heavy flanges on pipe connections to accommodate the system’s lack of flexibility. These methods complicate the piping system and increase the risk of leaks.

Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.’s Enviro-Flo Solves Arena’s Unique Drainage Problem

All stadiums and arenas tend to get dirty, but an arena floor covered in dirt poses a unique problem. Keeping such an arena clean is the challenge that Scottsdale, AZ, faced when it decided to undertake a $42.8-million expansion of the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center at WestWorld—a challenge solved by an Enviro-Flo drain from Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. In addition, the Enviro-Flo was easier to install than standard floor drains, resulting in cost savings.

Think You Don’t Need a DOT Number? Think Again!

There has been much confusion about who is required to have a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) number. Many contractors feel it’s only needed for truckers hauling for hire, which is not the case.

Smith & Oby Combines Prefabrication and ERICO’s New CADDY ROD LOCK System to Cut Installation Time

In early 2011, Smith & Oby Company began work on a new office building in Cleveland, OH, that included 250 active chilled beams, which required an extensive amount of small-diameter copper pipe and multiple trapeze racking systems. To manage installation of approximately 28,000 linear feet of pipe in a 95,000-square-foot building, Smith & Oby turned to ERICO for an innovative and time-saving installation solution.

CFI Mechanical Completes Healthcare Facility Ahead of Schedule Using Technical Sales International BIM Software, Tools, and Prefabrication

When CFI Mechanical in Houston, TX, took on an $8.5-million mechanical job with an aggressive schedule requiring massive coordination before the structure was built, they knew they could count on building information modeling (BIM) software tools from Technical Sales International (TSI) to get the job done. Led by President Chuck Fell (who is also MCAA’s senior vice president and treasurer), CFI Mechanical has been using BIM tools for over a decade to improve efficiency and mitigate risk in fabrication and construction.

Hart Engineering Minimizes Facility’s Downtime Thanks to Speed of Viega ProPress for Stainless

Faced with the challenge of replacing all of a biotechnology company’s existing piping with stainless steel in just 14 weeks, Hart Engineering found that Viega ProPress® systems provide clean, consistent connections quickly. Viega ProPress for stainless steel offered a complete solution, including pipe, valves, and fittings in two high-quality grades of stainless steel, 304 and NSF-approved 316.

Message from Frank Schaetzke, MS/C Chairman: Prefab, Products, and Productivity

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

U.S. Engineering Company Improves Productivity, Cuts Costs Using Prefabrication with Victaulic Grooved Technologies

For U.S. Engineering Company, finding creative ways to keep the University of Colorado Hospital’s (UCH’s) new expansion on track helped them increase productivity while delivering on schedule and on budget. To maximize productivity, U.S. Engineering decided on a multi-trade prefabrication process using Victaulic grooved systems whenever and wherever possible.

ACCO Pairs BIM and Daikin McQuay Chillers for North America’s Greenest Urban Office Building

Commitment to energy-efficient products such as Daikin McQuay’s Magnitude® chillers and reliance on building information modeling (BIM) to manage a complex project helped ACCO Engineered Systems complete what has been called “the greenest urban office building in North America.” The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) headquarters in downtown San Francisco at 525 Golden Gate opened in July 2012. It produces a 50-percent-smaller carbon footprint and uses 32 percent less energy and 60 percent less water than similar 13-story office buildings.

MMC Contractors Bridges the Gap Between Design and Fabrication With TSI Tools

For the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, MMC Contractors met the demands posed by a complex design and environmental challenges by using tools from Technical Sales International (TSI). With Autodesk® Fabrication CADmep™ 2013 software, MMC Contractors was able to take the 2D drawings and detail the angles, hangers, couplings and air handling units in a fully-detailed building information modeling (BIM) 3D plan, then fabricate the entirety of the museum’s mechanical systems.

Limbach Company Develops New Partnerships Using AirAdvice Energy Services

Limbach Company uses BuildingAdvice software and sensors to identify energy-saving fixes, helping a Columbus, OH, property management group ensure that its buildings meet ENERGY STAR requirements. That success was the “in” that Limbach needed to secure more opportunities for energy services that may lead to preventive maintenance and retrofit contracts.

Company Liability for Non-Owned Vehicles, Non-Business Use, and Cell Phones

Legal actions sometimes cast a wide net, drawing an employer into a claim by alleging that the use of a vehicle in the case was for business purposes. Business use can be alleged as the result of something as simple as storing some small tools in the automobile, taking the mail to the post office, or being on a cell phone call with the office.

Danforth Cuts Material, Labor Costs Using Viega MegaPress System for Black Pipe

Using black iron pipe for Buffalo General Hospital’s expansion project saved John W. Danforth Company material costs, while the new Viega MegaPress® carbon steel pipe joining system helped them make clean, consistent black iron pipe connections. Rich Mueller, Danforth’s project manager, said Danforth saved money in two different ways by installing Viega MegaPress. “First, we saved on the cost of the black pipe compared to the copper. And second, we saved on labor by using pressing instead of threading the black pipe.”

Thanks to Warwick and NIBCO, Hospital Expansion Doesn’t Skip a Beat

A major expansion of the 1960s-era Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, VA, is on track and on budget, thanks in part to Warwick Plumbing and Heating, which relied on NIBCO products, prefabrication, and building information modeling (BIM) to keep the project running smoothly. Because lives are at stake, maintaining uninterrupted service during construction in the hospital is crucial.

Brandt Trims Installation Time with Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. Quad Close Trap Seal Device

When Brandt needed a way to prevent sewer gas odors in the Forest Park Medical Center in Frisco, TX, they turned to the Quad Close Trap Seal Device manufactured by Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.® The time saved installing the Quad Close when compared with trap primers “really makes a big difference,” said Keith Rosson, general superintendent at Brandt.

Soefker Services Ensures Supply, Cuts Costs of Refrigerant with Polar Technology’s TrakRef Software

Soefker Services, LLC, of Memphis, TN, has taken a proactive approach to managing the diminishing supply and rising costs of R-22 refrigerant by using Polar Technology’s TrakRef™ software to manage their reclaim process and get the recovered R-22 back for future use. For years, R-22 has been the refrigerant of choice for commercial and residential systems. With so much demand, production of new R-22 remained strong even as pending U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations sought to reduce use of the refrigerant because of its high potential to contribute to global warming.

Elliot-Lewis Overcomes Challenges of Historical Renovation with Innovative Carrier Systems

By opting for Carrier’s geothermal exchange system, Elliot-Lewis helped The Friends Center in central Philadelphia upgrade its heating and cooling plant and earn LEED® Platinum certification, despite the challenges posed by an urban location and national landmark status. The Friends Center campus in central Philadelphia is owned and operated by The Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers.

Message from Frank Schaetzke, M/SC Chairman: Tips, Tools, and Solutions Save More than Money

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Trautman & Shreve Slash Labor Time and Costs with Uponor Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems

With an impossible deadline to meet, Trautman & Shreve needed an ultra-efficient tool to meet the twin performance criteria of energy efficiency and cost control for the new Research Support Facility (RSF) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, CO. So they prefabricated 42 miles of Uponor’s cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-a) tubing into customized “radiant mats” and installed them in just two days, dramatically cutting both labor time and costs.

Victaulic Prefab Strategies and Products Help Marelich Mechanical Speed Up Installation, Cut Costs

Efficient prefabrication strategies and Victaulic products made it possible for California-based Marelich Mechanical to overcome a tight timeline and space constraints for a 43,000-square-foot data center project by speeding up the installation process and keeping costs down. Marelich Mechanical constructed all of the project’s mechanical and plumbing systems in just three months.

Straus Systems Grows Business with Johnson Controls’ Innovative Technologies

The Central Plant Optimization™ (CPO) software from Johnson Controls that is helping a global marketer and distributor of food service products significantly reduce its central plant energy consumption is also helping Straus Systems of Stafford, TX, advance their position as a leader in the installation of new technologies. “Straus Systems has been in business since 1933, and we continue to build our job resume,” said Vice President of Operations Management Paul Alexander. “Projects like this one that incorporate innovative technologies like CPO30 can help us differentiate our company and grow our business. Our success serves as a springboard to capture new business, particularly among companies interested in best-inclass, energy-saving solutions.”

Take Advantage of Expert Advice for Mechanical Piping System Design

“Measure twice, cut once” is perhaps the oldest adage in the construction industry. Companies like Grinnell Mechanical Products offer a technical services team of experts who work with engineers and contractors to think through every detail, and the result is improved project management that reduces scrap, decreases labor, and saves money. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of mechanical services.

Animal Shelter Cuts Energy Costs, Improves Environment with Greenheck Fans and Air Systems

For its new, expanded facility, the Almost Home Animal Shelter in Fort Dodge, IA, needed an air handling system that would heat and cool while saving energy, improve indoor air quality for employees and visitors as well as the animals, eliminate odors, and remove humidity. Not only did Greenheck products meet all of those needs, but the equipment paid for itself in less than two years, thanks to reduced energy costs.

With BAC Cooling Towers, H&R Mechanical Contractors Meets University’s Demands for Energy Efficient, Quiet Systems

When faced with the challenges of installing a quiet, energy efficient HVAC system for Eastern Kentucky University’s (EKU’s) new, state-of-theart science building, H&R Mechanical Contractors selected Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) PT2 Cooling Towers. The PT2 towers not only solve the energy challenges but are equipped with several features that keep noise to a minimum. The new campus facility, located in Richmond, KY, houses classrooms and labs for the departments of Chemistry, Science, and Physics & Astronomy.

“Plug-and-Play” BITZER Screw Compressors Slash ACCO’s Installation Time

Confronted with correcting the performance problems of an R22 direct expansion system with two magnetic levitation, oil-less centrifugal compressors at a building in Newport Beach, CA, ACCO Engineered Systems staff ran energy comparisons between oil-less, centrifugal compressor models and screw compressors. To their surprise, BITZER CSW Screw Compressors provided full load and part load efficiencies comparable to the oil-less, centrifugal compressors.

12 Reasons to Rent vs. Buy Equipment

The question often arises within an organization, “For our next project, should we rent or should we buy equipment?” Renting equipment from companies like Lifting Gear Hire Corporation (LGH) comes with effective cost- and time-saving benefits. Keep these 12 reasons to rent in mind when organizing your next project.

Entech Offers Hands-On Service Training for Older A/C Equipment

Where do you turn when an aging A/C unit needs service but the original manufacturer no longer supports the model? Entech provides handson training for technicians to enable them to dismantle and repair such equipment. Each week-long class is dedicated to products by a single manufacturer (Trane, Carrier, York, or McQuay). Field technicians with years of experience pass along knowledge and tricks of the trade that make service and troubleshooting easier.

CNA and MCA of Georgia Work Together to Renovate Atlanta Youth Home

Global business insurer CNA, the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) of Georgia, and several other construction trade associations partnered with the nonprofit community revitalization group Rebuilding Together to celebrate the 123rd anniversary of Atlanta’s Carrie Steele-Pitts Home (CSPH), one of the nation’s oldest child-caring homes. On October 15, approximately 100 volunteers gathered for a day of major repairs to renovate and transform CSPH.

Egan Company Hones Competitive Edge with WennSoft Solutions

While some contractors are focused on weathering the storm of the current economic environment, others—such as Egan Company in Brooklyn Park, MN—continue to grow their business aggressively. To improve customer service and become a more sales-oriented company, Egan turned to its longtime partner WennSoft® for an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system. Now, Egan is improving relationships with current customers, better identifying new prospects, and honing its competitive edge.

Maxwell Systems Software Cuts Estimating Time at Dorvin D. Leis

To increase productivity, keep costs low, and achieve optimal profitability, Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc. (DDL) turned to Maxwell Systems™ Estimation® software to automate its estimating and procurement process. With Estimation, DDL is able to tie together estimates, labor needs, and cost analyses and so bid more quickly and accurately to win more jobs. And, once a job is won, DDL can leverage Estimation to take control of their entire procurement process—achieving greater efficiency and cost savings.

Software Cuts Estimating Time in Half

Because not all contractors estimate projects in the same way, software developers such as McCormick Systems have created programs tailored for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical contractors. Often, product changes and enhancements are added to meet specific requests of contractors. Here are some of the features that contractors should look for when choosing estimating software.

Airco Expands Energy Services, Increases Revenue Thanks to BuildingAdvice

With AirAdvice training and BuildingAdvice™ technology, Airco Commercial Services, Inc. amped up its energy services program, adding five to seven percent to their annual revenue in 2010. In 2011, revenue from energy services doubled to comprise 10–15 percent of total company revenue.

Tips for Choosing the Best Air-Handling Unit for the Job

With lots of air-handling units to choose from, such as YORK® Solution units from Johnson Controls, HVAC contractors have the flexibility to find the best unit for some of the most demanding applications, including hospitals, theaters, schools and universities, government facilities, and office buildings. Contractors can customize the size and components of air-handling units to accommodate a building’s space constraints, performance needs, and budget. Choosing the right unit can make installation simpler and faster, saving you time and money. When selecting air-handling units for a project, consider these questions.

Victaulic Helps Rado Enterprises Maximize Efficiency

To maximize the benefits of using building information modeling (BIM), and to keep the Penn State Hershey Medical Center expansion project on schedule, Rado Enterprises of Bloomsburg, PA, turned to Victaulic. With proven experience installing grooved products in various HVAC systems since they began fabrication shop operations more than 15 years ago, Rado Enterprises knew that Victaulic grooved products provided a number of benefits over welding, such as ease of installation and maintenance, ability to meet demanding schedules, and decreased liability. What they learned with this project was the benefit of Victaulic’s project management services.

North Mechanical Counts on Viega When Timelines Are Tight

When the J.W. Marriott Indianapolis required some fundamental building systems to be completed ahead of the rest of the building schedule, North Mechanical Contracting, Inc. knew it could count on Viega ProPress® pipe fittings to get the job done. North Mechanical installed Viega ProPress for domestic water and hot water heating applications on all copper piping systems sizes 2” and below in the prestigious hotel. The 34-story J.W. Marriott opened its doors in February 2011; it is both the largest and tallest hotel in Indianapolis, with more than 1,000 rooms.

Message from Bill Bartley, MS/C Chairman: Tax-Savings, Tips, and Other Smart Solutions

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

TSI Tools Key to MCAA Members’ Joint Venture

MCAA members A.O. Reed & Co., Pan-Pacific Plumbing & Mechanical, and Murray Company united with Monaco Mechanical (a member of the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau, an MCAA subsidiary) to form a joint venture (Monaco/RPM) to design and install the total mechanical package of the Camp Pendleton Replacement Hospital, taking advantage of Technical Sales International (TSI) software and technology to enhance the collaboration.

Gallo Mechanical Tackles Superdome Renovation with Efficient Sloan Plumbing Fixtures

To take on the major renovations needed to restore New Orleans’ famed Superdome to its former glory, Gallo Mechanical chose Sloan Valve Company plumbing systems. Not only does Sloan provide the high-efficiency fixtures and technology the job required, but it offers a manual override system in case of power outages that addressed project planners’ concerns.

MMC Contractors Credits Viega ProPress With “Tremendous” Time Savings on Solar Power Plant Job

The speed and ease of installation with Viega ProPress® fittings, as well as overall lower costs, were significant factors for MMC Contractors as they installed more than 15,000’ of stainless steel piping in a new solar power plant in the southwestern United States. Jim Ed Thompson, project superintendent at MMC Contractors, said that by using Viega ProPress to join stainless pipe, MMC’s installers saved a significant amount of time per fitting.

Legacy Mechanical Gets New Transit Hub on Track with Efficient Victaulic Grooved Products and Prefabrication Services

To meet the complex requirements of a massive public transit expansion, Legacy Mechanical, Inc. called on Victaulic. “We’ve worked with Victaulic grooved mechanical systems for nearly a decade so we know we can trust them to help us maximize productivity and address compressed work schedules, while increasing worker safety,” said Scott Krum, president at Legacy Mechanical. “We also know we can count on them for expert prefabrication and minimizing time in the field.”

Murphy Company Slashes Billing Time, Saves Costs with PENTA

Even though Murphy Company has over a century of experience in delivering mechanical solutions and a long record of excellent performance (it is consistently recognized by Engineering News Record as a top-20 contractor), it was saddled with a 25-year-old software system. Since adopting the PENTA construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, Murphy Company took five days off its service billing process and cut more than $100,000 per year in costs related to lost/missing tools, among other benefits.

Message from Mike Farrington, M/SC Chairman: Efficiency = Competitive Edge

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

C.J. Erickson Anticipates Needs of Future Scientists with Jay R. Smith Specialty Products

C.J. Erickson Plumbing Co. took on the complex task of installing plumbing systems not only to meet the individual needs of an exacting group of tenants already scheduled to move in, but also to anticipate the needs of unknown future tenants. The new William Eckhardt Research Center at the University of Chicago will offer world-class scientific research facilities, and thanks to C.J. Erickson and Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co., those facilities are prepared for just about anything.

Message from Jim Allen, M/SC Chairman: Partnership, Performance, and Productivity

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

J.C. Cannistraro Meets Tight Installation Deadline—With Time to Spare—Thanks to Autodesk BIM and Prefabrication

To upgrade the water systems at the University of Massachusetts Boston’s central utility plant—in a single weekend and without disrupting any other system functions—J.C. Cannistraro put to work the Autodesk® Fabrication CADmep™ system it has used since 2003. Thanks to building information modeling (BIM) and prefabrication technologies, Cannistraro installed in one day the temporary systems it needed to ensure a smooth transition for the rest of the project.

Trimble Technology Proves Vital to Success of Prout Boiler, Heating & Welding, Inc.

Prout Boiler, Heating & Welding, Inc. relied heavily on Trimble’s AutoBid Mechanical and PipeDesigner 3D® to plan out a multitrade prefabrication approach during the bidding process for a hospital expansion project and take charge of multitrade coordination throughout the expedited construction schedule.

Mechanical Solutions Halves Installation Time with Parker Hannifin’s Transair Piping

For a new production facility in St. Louis, MO, Mechanical Solutions found they could install Parker Hannifin’s Transair piping for the compressed air system with about half the number of workers needed for a black iron system. Mechanical Solutions also found that with Transair piping, they could preassemble parts in the shop, saving even more time on site.

With F.W. Webb Support, Mollenberg-Betz Meets Demands of Massive Manufacturing Plant Project

Because of the “design-on-the-fly” approach to building a solar panel manufacturing plant, Mollenberg-Betz, Inc., does not always know which products it will need and when, but it does know that F.W. Webb Company will provide just what they need when they do. The two have teamed up to provide engineered process piping solutions throughout the 1.2-million-square-foot SolarCity facility under construction in Buffalo, NY.

Erickson’s Aircrane Lift Saves JW Danforth Weeks of Installation Time, Costs

To keep on track with its project timeline, John W. Danforth Co. turned to Erickson Incorporated, a global provider of innovative aerial services, to place 44 sections of rooftop HVAC units securely in place in just one day. Erickson flew a Sikorsky S64 Aircrane helicopter above SolarCity’s 1.2-million-square-foot factory in Buffalo, NY. The Aircrane has a 25,000-pound lift capacity and easily carried the HVAC units—weighing between 14,000 and 18,000 pounds—in less than seven hours.

Herman Goldner Credits KEY2ACT Signature Software with Improving Efficiency, Cash Flow

Herman Goldner Company, Inc., took its first steps toward a paperless workplace in 1998 with KEY2ACT and cites their continued partnership as the basis for improved cash flow and increased efficiency. Goldner points to the KEY2ACT Signature solution suite as part of the reason they have become a company with annual revenue figures of over $80 million and a staff of 250 employees.

Humphrey Satisfies “No Downspouts” Design Specs with Jay R. Smith Custom Drains

The sleek design of a new medical research facility specifically prohibited downspout nozzles, so Humphrey Company Ltd. called on Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. for a custom drainage solution. Accommodating state-of-the-art design challenges is just part of the job for Humphrey. They believe that when you take the time to plan for unusual requests, you can always find a solution—an approach that proved valuable in the construction of one of the country’s leading cancer research and treatment facilities.

Compact Footprint, Snug Fit of BAC Cooling Towers Makes Installation Easy for Ideal Consolidated

In selecting new cooling equipment for a university laboratory, Ideal Consolidated Inc., chose Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) cooling towers because they would stand up to harsh winters, but also for their ease of installation. Tim Stuver, project manager at Ideal Consolidated, said the small footprint of the BAC towers made installation and rigging more efficient and cost-effective than other options.

The Impact of Safety on Profitability

What is the first thing that comes to mind when the word “safety” is mentioned in a meeting or on a jobsite? Perhaps you imagine superintendents reminding employees to wear their personal protective equipment (PPE). You may picture a checklist of all the necessary precautions to be completed prior to starting a job. It is often perceived that safety slows an operation down, when, says CNA, safety should be associated with profitability.

SPX’s Customized Cooling Towers Meet Space, Design Constraints

Facing space constraints, design restrictions, and a one-week schedule to replace three failing cooling towers, EMCOR Services Northeast, Inc. managed the tough project by installing two Marley NC® Cooling Towers from SPX Cooling Technologies without a hitch. The two towers were specially configured and manufactured to fit the tight space and meet the client’s requirements.

Anvil’s Gruvlok Couplings Speed Up GTC Installation Time

With Anvil International’s Gruvlok® products and support, General Temperature Control (GTC) shaved months off its timeline for a school building project that had been behind schedule. Thanks to the swift installation time, the school opened on time. From GTC’s point of view, Anvil’s Gruvlok products and the company’s continuing support through field visits and behind-the-scenes logistics planning were critical to the project’s success.

Message from Jim Allen, M/SC Chairman: Rising to the Challenge

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Henson Robinson Elects Carrier for Comfort at Historic Lincoln Home

Called on by the National Park Service to modernize the HVAC system of the home of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, IL, Henson Robinson relied on its expertise with historical sites and on Carrier HVAC products to upgrade the system without disrupting visitors or disturbing the site. Despite the challenges, the project went smoothly.

New England Sheet Metal Works Sees Daikin Chiller as Perfect Fit for Historic Building

New England Sheet Metal Works, Inc. (NESM) chose a Daikin Magnitude® chiller to upgrade the historic T.W. Patterson building in downtown Fresno, CA, because its compact design fit the tight spaces of the 93-year-old building. NESM provided temporary cooling, engineering design of the new water-cooled applied system, and services that included the installation of the Magnitude chiller, related piping, and a cooling tower.

P1 Group Gains a Competitive Advantage with Victaulic

Victaulic’s Construction Piping Services (CPS) division helped P1 Group, Inc. win the bid for a major hospital expansion project by creating a 3D model of the mechanical systems, electrical systems, and ductwork. In the bid, P1 Group also made the case for Victaulic grooved mechanical piping systems for the project to save time and costs on installation.

Hayes Mechanical Employs Creative Solutions, Lifting Gear Hire Equipment to Meet Crucial Deadline

Without careful planning and support from Lifting Gear Hire (LGH), Hayes Mechanical might not have been able to install the new ductwork required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a Midwest power generation company, which would have caused the power plant to close. Thanks to high-quality LGH equipment, backed up by a strong commitment to customer service, Hayes Mechanical finished the project on time, and the unit was released back to the customer ahead of schedule.

Chiller Systems Service Boots Up Jonas Software, Cuts IT Expenses and Billing Time

Since implementing Jonas Construction Software, Chiller Systems Service, Inc. has reduced their billing cycle from three weeks to just one week, which gets them a faster turnaround on their invoices, improving cash flow. Using Jonas’ eMobile module, Chiller reduced their IT expenses by 50 percent, replacing laptops with more cost-effective tablets in the field. Jonas has also helped Chiller streamline their service operation and improve customer service.

Picciano Boosts Its Bottom Line with MobiliForms

By transitioning from paper forms to iPad-based MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies, “the time we save on paperwork is tremendous, and that translates directly to significant overhead savings,” said Marty Quarella, vice president of Louis N. Picciano & Son, Inc. The company also improved the quality of information recorded and saw a quick ROI.

Tri Tool Customized Machinery Allows Unprecedented Relocation of Live Communication Lines Without Service Interruption

When a California transit project called for excavating and relocating buried telecommunication cables in Silicon Valley—while the cables remained live—Tri Tool Inc. created novel machinery to do the job. To complicate matters, a “hot work” permit would have delayed work, so the whole process had to be accomplished using cold-cutting techniques. Not only did the Tri Tool solution succeed in the delicate operation, it did so quickly, helping to bring the project in 10 months before schedule.

CFI Mechanical Overcomes Skilled Labor Shortages with Victaulic Products and Services

Building information modeling (BIM) and 3D modeling offered by Victaulic’s Construction Piping Services (CPS) division helped CFI Mechanical manage the lack of detailers available in Houston, where construction is booming. Victaulic’s grooved piping systems and prefabrication services also saved CFI Mechanical installation time and money on a new office building project.

The Warko Group Strikes Perfect Humidity Balance with Rawal Devices

Pharmaceutical specialty and medical device manufacturer Angiotech had tried almost everything to keep humidity levels in its cleanrooms just right, but only the APR Control from Rawal Devices, Inc. was up to the task. Since The Warko Group installed the device, Angiotech has maintained humidity and temperature in its cleanrooms well within required specifications.

Bassett Mechanical Streamlines Payment, Reporting Processes with Viewpoint Software

By replacing their outdated accounting and management software with easy-to-use, flexible Vista™ by Viewpoint, Bassett Mechanical has improved efficiency and streamlined billing processes. “It’s important for our financial health that we get paid quickly, and by using the software, Bassett can give customers the documents they need (invoices, reports, etc.) the way they want to see them,” said Mike Kees, manufacturing project manager at Bassett Mechanical. “That means Bassett is presenting accurate data in a professional format with the right details per customers’ request, and so billing, for example, can be processed efficiently and not returned with concerns and questions that slow down the payment and cash flow.”

Conti Corporation Cuts Installation Time with Erickson Incorporated Aerial Lift and Placement

Innovative aerial service provider Erickson Incorporated successfully conducted 13 chiller equipment lifts to the top of the JPM Chase building in Belleville, MI, in just two-and-a-half hours, allowing Conti Corporation to cut installation time dramatically. Erickson’s placement lifts saved time on the ground and also saved labor costs, because they were much more efficient than standard ground-based methods.

ACCO Gets Creative, Uses Single BITZER Compressor to Replace Tandem Units

When a major animation studio needed to replace a compressor and upgrade its systems, ACCO Engineered Systems took an unusual approach, replacing a tandem scroll set with a BITZER single semi-hermetic reciprocating 15-ton Varispeed™ model compressor with an integrated VSD. The new unit was easy to install and satisfied the customer’s demands.

With Jay R. Smith Customized Solutions, Naval Hospital Completed Early, Under Budget

To overcome multiple and unusual challenges—including concerns about terrorism—Pan-Pacific Mechanical, in partnership with Murray Co., and A.O. Reed, collectively known as RPM, called on Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. to accommodate unique specifications and complex coordination for the U.S. Navy’s Camp Pendleton Hospital Replacement Project, which had a budget of over $450 million. The 70-acre site includes a 500,000-square-foot, multilevel medical hospital; a central utility plant; a 1,500-space multilevel parking structure; surface parking; and supporting facilities.

Donald C. Rodner, Inc. Cuts Labor Costs, Billing Time by Going Mobile

By adopting MobiliForms software from iBusiness Technologies, Donald C. Rodner, Inc. sped up their invoicing time and cut down on labor costs while still using the same forms and backend software employees were used to. Don Rodner, president, said, “When I saw a demonstration of MobiliForms at the MCAA conference, it blew my mind. I knew that we found the right solution.”

Autodesk’s Smart Hardhat Software Alerts Workers to Onsite Dangers

Autodesk’s mobile software prototype communicates with dust and noise pollution sensors attached to a hardhat and tracks when levels become dangerous, offering the potential to dramatically decrease the number of injuries. Attendees of the MCAA Technology Conference: The Best of Now, The Best of Next, held just outside of Chicago, had a chance to try out the app and give feedback. Several members of the Autodesk research team came in from China to demonstrate the product, answer questions, and interact with potential users.

Johnson Controls Offers High-Tech Connections to Monitor Equipment

Johnson Controls, Inc. combined its YORK® chillers and Metasys® software technology to help contractors monitor the health of installed chillers during the warranty period so you can save time and money. Instead of sending multiple parties to the site to diagnose a problem, this connected approach gives you remote access to operating data and trends that help you pinpoint the root cause and resolve issues more quickly.

TG Gallagher Prescribes BAC Cooling Towers for Easy Installation, Efficiency

With only two consecutive weekends scheduled to replace Cambridge Hospital’s aging cooling towers, TG Gallagher selected Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) towers designed to make installation and upgrades easy. Recovering from one of the harshest winters in recent memory, the Boston-based hospital wanted to be prepared for their HVAC needs this summer, and they were looking for a more energy-efficient solution. The real challenge was getting the old towers removed and the new towers installed in the short timeframe while working around the busy Cambridge neighborhood streets.

Message from Jim Allen, M/SC Chairman: Innovation on Your Side

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

The Real Cost of a Lost Laptop Is $49,246

Laptop computers are vital tools used by a wide population of contractors and are also the number-one risk they are facing due to theft. Since laptop computers and handheld devices are not typically used in a fixed, securable location such as a jobsite, additional measures are needed to protect them. Get started with these tips for laptop computer and mobile device security from CNA.

Viega Provides Tips for Preventing Waterborne Pathogens in Plumbing Systems

In the United States plumbing industry, focus on water quality and waterborne pathogens is increasing. For public water systems, the Environmental Protection Agency regulates 88 different contaminants. Of these, Legionella has received the most recent attention. Legionella is the bacteria that can cause legionellosis. (Legionnaires’ disease is a form of legionellosis.) If not treated properly, legionellosis can be fatal. When legionellosis occurs, building owners and engineers may face legal action and damage from negative public relations surrounding the case. Viega explains that the best defense for a commercial plumbing system is to understand waterborne pathogens and how to minimize the risks they pose.

With Hurry-Up Offense and Zurn Products, Orlando’s Citrus Bowl Stadium Renovation Completed in Ten Months

When the scoreboard of the original Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium was torn down in January 2014, the project team began a hurry-up offense to complete a roughly $200-million renovation in only ten months. Zurn Industries, LLC was drafted to provide its products and to meet the challenges of an expedited project timeline with made-to-order requirements.

JS Thomas Service, Inc., Gets Paid Faster Using MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies

By making the transition from paper service tickets to iPads® using iBusiness Technologies’ MobiliForms, JS Thomas Service, Inc., sped up its billing process, so now they get paid faster. The move also improved customer satisfaction. Because MobiliForms is compatible with QuickBooks®, the switch was easy.

With a Lift from Erickson, Thomas J. Dyer’s Installation, Labor Costs Plummet

Thomas J. Dyer placed six air handling units and a condenser on a plant roof in less than one hour by relying on innovative aerial service provider Erickson Incorporated. Thomas J. Dyer commissioned Erickson to lift and place the HVAC components onto curb installations on top of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Georgetown, KY. After the air handling units and condenser were placed on the single-story building by helicopter, Thomas J. Dyer crews completed the installation.

Sauer Group Increases Productivity by 300 Percent with Tri Tool High-Performance Welding Solutions

Sauer Group wanted to ensure high-quality welds while reducing time and costs on a natural gas processing station project, so they used Tri Tool Inc.’s AdaptARC® system, configured for flux core arc welding (FCAW) deposition, which increased productivity 300 percent over traditional stick welding. Brian Stahovec, project superintendent for Sauer Group, said, “The welding process we’re using was developed by Tri Tool in conjunction with Sauer especially for this project. Utilizing that method, we’ve been able to not only cut costs but also make sure the schedule’s been maintained.”

Carrier Helps Hospital Earn LEED Certification and $117,000 Energy Rebate

To meet the Shore Medical Center’s goal of obtaining LEED® certification, Carrier specified a range of chillers and a web-based integration system for its new Surgical Pavilion, earning the Medical Center a $117,000 rebate from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program™ in the process.

The Waldinger Corporation Finds PENTA Mobile App Drives Productivity and Sales

The Waldinger Corporation—a leading HVAC, plumbing, sheet metal, electrical, and service contractor with local presence throughout Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri—expected that using PENTA Technologies’ Mobile Field Service application would improve productivity and save money when it came to capturing and keying in information. “What we may have underestimated is the ability of our sales team to use the added abilities to market our services,” said Dave Miller, Waldinger’s senior vice president of Operations. “We have definitely had proven results on the sales and marketing fronts.”

Parker Hannifin’s Transair Aluminum Piping Helps Lynch Complete Cleanroom Retrofit in Six Months

To meet a tight deadline, William F. Lynch Co., Inc. recommended Parker Hannifin’s Transair aluminum piping over copper piping, saving installation time, labor, and material costs. By using Transair, Lynch was able to install twice the piping specified in the initial design and still finish the job on time.

F. W. Spencer & Son Meets Levi’s Stadium’s Tight Deadline Thanks to Jay R. Smith Prefab-Ready Products

With just over two years to build the NFL’s new Levi’s® Stadium, F. W. Spencer & Son, Inc. turned to Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.® for products designed with prefabrication in mind, allowing them to meet the accelerated deadline. Installing a big battery of water closets typically involves prefabrication to save time, but the building of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, took prefab work to another level entirely. With careful planning and quick turnaround on materials, F. W. Spencer & Son succeeded in constructing all the fixtures in its warehouse and installing them in time. The stadium is home to the San Francisco 49ers.

Message from Jim Allen, M/SC Chairman: Proud To Be Partners

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Chicago Cubs’ Spring Training Facility To Be Named Sloan Park

Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs specified Illinois-based Sloan Valve Company’s plumbing systems for its spring training facility in Mesa, AZ. Recently, the Cubs announced that Sloan has joined the organization as a Legacy Partner and the team’s Official Water Efficiency Partner. As part of this agreement, the Cubs’ spring training facility will be named Sloan Park.

EMC Sees 30-Percent Labor Savings with Victaulic 3D Renderings and Installation-Ready Couplings

Having installed Victaulic grooved products numerous times, Environmental Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (EMC) knew Victaulic could help them meet a tight deadline for renovations at Kansas’ Fort Leavenworth. Working with Victaulic’s Construction Piping Services department (CPS) to create 3D renderings of the project also allowed EMC to minimize rework and identify and troubleshoot potential problems. “We picked up a 30-percent labor savings from fabrication to install[ation]” said Marcus Howell, EMC’s senior project manager on the Fort Leavenworth project (now director of construction operations).

W.J. Maloney Relies on Durable Sloan Systems at Chicago Cubs’ New Spring Training Facility

Dedicated Chicago Cubs fans who attended the Major League Baseball team’s spring training in Arizona this year were rewarded with modern restrooms (among other amenities), thanks to W.J. Maloney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling and Sloan Valve Company. W.J. Maloney chose Sloan plumbing because its products have such a good batting record at the Cubs’ main stadium and on other W.J. Maloney projects.

Starco Maximizes Efficiency on School Project with GRINNELL Products, Services

To win the bid for a new Early Childhood Learning Center in Dayton, OH, Starco, Inc., proposed using GRINNELL products to speed installation time and GRINNELL Mechanical Services (GMS) to plan ahead for maximum efficiency. Northmont City Schools, based on the outskirts of Dayton, broke ground on the Early Childhood Learning Center in 2012, and Starco was awarded the hot and chilled water services for the project in 2013.

Palmer Christiansen Cuts Costs, Installation Time with Victaulic Grooved Products, Keeping Salt Lake City Courthouse on Schedule

With 24 months to install 130,800’ of pipe, Palmer Christiansen Company relied on Victaulic for high-quality systems that reduce labor costs and installation time. As a result, the new federal courthousein Salt Lake City, UT, is expected to open in March 2014, with the mechanical system coming in on budget and ahead of schedule.

Modern Piping Increases Productivity and Safety in the Field with Miller Electric’s Multiprocess Welding System

Modern Piping Inc. put the PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™ System from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. to work to save time and enhance safety for a job where some welding took place hundreds of feet in the air, far away from the power source. International food and agricultural producer Cargill had purchased an unfinished corn wet-mill ethanol plant in Fort Dodge, IA, in 2011 and contracted with Modern Piping of Cedar Rapids to complete the construction on an aggressive schedule.

West Chester Mechanical Goes Digital with iBusiness Technology, Saves Time and Money

To streamline the large amount of paperwork generated by each project and jobsite and to make it easier for key project team members to access, share, and update information, West Chester Mechanical Contractors, Inc., partnered with iBusiness Technologies to convert their processes and project documents to mobile, digital formats. The move was prompted by recommendations from both the MCA of Eastern Pennsylvania and Apple®.

FW Spencer Tackles Transportation Challenge with Anaco Husky Couplings

Prefabricating plumbing systems offsite can save time and money, but getting those systems to the jobsite poses its own challenges. For Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA—future home of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers—FW Spencer and Son, Inc., had to transport the high-capacity, back-to-back gang toilet systems that it had fabricated at its facility to the jobsite while maintaining a strong joint with a rigid seal. They chose Husky couplings from Anaco because they are designed to withstand joint movement while maintaining full joint integrity.

U.S. Engineering Fast-Tracks Project Using Trimble Technology

The new Mercy Hospital Joplin in Joplin, MO, is on schedule to open in 2015, thanks in part to efforts by U.S. Engineering. To meet the needs of this fast-track effort to replace the former St. John’s Mercy Regional Medical Center, destroyed on May 22, 2011, by an EF-5 tornado, U.S. Engineering used a host of Trimble solutions to establish one of the industry’s most efficient, accurate, and repeatable design-to-fabrication-to-installation workflows ever put in place on a hospital project.

TSI Software Solutions Increase Productivity, Spur Growth for Gallo Mechanical

Combining TSI Software’s Autodesk Fabrication and Building Data, along with other TSI solutions, Gallo Mechanical expanded their fabrication operations, increased productivity, and grew their business. By boosting their use of Fabrication with content, Gallo Mechanical expanded use of their fabrication shop, going from two employees to 20 in the shop.

Getting the Best Performance From Your Evaporative Cooling Equipment

Building owners and property managers have a lot at stake in their investments, so they look to their MCAA contractors for solutions. When evaluating mechanical equipment, hassle-free operation and long equipment life are important parts of the purchase equation — here are five ways to enhance the performance of evaporative cooling equipment and save on energy costs.

De-Cal Improves Productivity with Miller PipeWorx 400 Welding System

By taking advantage of the multiprocess capabilities of the Miller® PipeWorx 400 welding system, mechanical contractor De-Cal, Inc., was able to change its pipe welding processes to significantly improve productivity—by as much as 30–40 percent—while also growing business.

Xylem’s Bell & Gossett Little Red Schoolhouse Teams Up with the UA

Xylem’s Bell & Gossett Little Red Schoolhouse and the United Association (UA) union of plumbers, fitters, welders, service technicians, and roofers have formed a training partnership to equip trade professionals in the HVAC field with the technical expertise to service and repair pumps in an HVAC system.

Pan-Pacific Mechanical Combines Expertise with Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. Flexibility to Meet Challenges

With customized solutions from Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co., Pan-Pacific Mechanical (PPM) met the challenges of the California Building Code and their client’s demand for a visually pleasing building. Jay R. Smith’s willingness to provide products that adapted to PPM’s custom approach ensured that construction of the new Kaiser Permanente San Diego Regional Medical Center (KPSD) went off without a hitch.

School District Creates a Comfortable Learning Environment with Rawal’s APR Control

The Nodaway Valley School District in Greenfield, IA, installed the APR Control manufactured by Rawal Devices, Inc. on all their unit ventilators to prevent the problems they had been experiencing because their direct expansion (DX) air conditioning systems were oversized for the spaces they were servicing. The Rawal controls addressed the immediate problems and also provided protection against other potential malfunctions.

University Mechanical Use of Uponor Radiant Flooring Leads to LEED Platinum

To help San Diego State University’s (SDSU’s) Associated Students reach its goal of making all its buildings LEED® certified by 2020, University Mechanical installed an Uponor in-slab radiant heating and cooling system in the new student union. Now, the three story Aztec Center is not only highly sustainable, it is also LEED Platinum certified.

KEY2ACT Outlines Best Practices for Updating Mobile Operating Systems

One of the issues that mobile-equipped companies struggle with is how to handle operating system (OS) updates. When to update depends on business needs, but you should only push out OS updates after evaluating risks and if they bring significant value to your business.

Sloan Offers Low-Maintenance, High-Tech Approach to Commercial Restrooms

Knowing when to service or replace aging plumbing equipment is critical to maintaining a clean, operational commercial restroom. Like regularly changing the oil in your car, consistent preventive maintenance helps avoid critical, costlier repairs down the road.

Harrell-Fish Inc. Goes Digital with Jonas Construction Software

With their new Jonas Construction Software, Harrell-Fish Inc. (HFI) is now able to turn around billings about five days quicker, improving their cash flow in the process. They have also reduced their payroll processing time from about four hours a month spread out across three employees to about an hour only with Jonas.

All Area Plumbing Counts on Josam Company’s Stainless Steel Piping to Stand Up to Tough Conditions

All Area Plumbing found that stainless steel waste and vent piping systems from Josam Company were the perfect fit for a restaurant in need of a product that could stand up to just about anything. Stainless steel has a lot of advantages over other materials, such as a low corrosion rate, strength, and durability. It is also recyclable, fireproof, nonporous, and attractive. Moreover, Josam’s Push-Fit joining system sped up installation.

DSI Uses CADDY Products to Gain an Edge in the Competitive Austin Market

Faced with the need to minimize noise and limit work to daytime hours for a hospital remodeling project, Dynamic Systems, Inc. (DSI) prefabricated as much as possible, calling on CADDY products from Pentair to get the job done and also saving time on the jobsite. The project called for DSI to add a floor to the hospital while the hospital was still serving patients.

Icon Mechanical Streamlines Inventory Management and Cuts Costs with Milwaukee Tool’s ONE-KEY™ App

In search of a way to track equipment efficiently, Icon Mechanical took advantage of Milwaukee Tool’s ONE-KEY™, the first digital platform for tools and equipment. Now, it has a full picture of the company’s allocation and location of equipment and has experienced a noteworthy increase in tools being returned.

Erickson Incorporated Gives Hill Group a Big Lift

Thanks to Erickson Incorporated, a global provider of innovative aerial services, The Hill Group saved around $45,000 on several heavy lifts along the downtown lakefront of Chicago, IL, in one day. They also shortened their project timelines considerably.

Victaulic Helps A.T. Chadwick Renovate a Philadelphia Icon

To meet the coordination challenges and compressed timeline of an historic building renovation in downtown Philadelphia, A.T. Chadwick turned to Victaulic’s drawing services team. The speed of installation of Victaulic grooved piping systems would also prove crucial to meeting deadlines, as well as reducing costs.

Egan Company Earns High Marks for University Installation of Daikin Rebel Comfort Control

By installing Daikin Applied highly efficient Rebel rooftop units, Egan Company overcame time challenges and space constraints, providing Bethel University with a more effective, energy-saving solution to its HVAC needs.

U.S. Engineering Saves Time, Labor with Zurn Lean Construction Plumbing Solutions

Zurn Industries, LLC enabled U.S. Engineering Company to “move the chains” faster than usual during the rough-in phase of building a new stadium for Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. Patrick Barnett, project manager for U.S. Engineering, said Zurn’s lean construction practices provided “at least a 10-percent” labor savings for the company.