Safety is the top priority for MCAA contractors, and attendance at the 2023 MCAA Safety Conference proved it. The 2023 conference was the largest safety event in MCAA history, bringing together over 350 professionals to focus on safety and health in San Diego, CA.

Inspection Notice: Specific 3M Construction & Vest Style Harnesses

3M has notified the industry of a potential issue that could result in some construction and vest style harnesses not performing properly. This condition results in the adjuster not being able to be adjusted or not locking in place after adjustments have been made. This manufacturing issue will result in the harness not performing properly in the event of a fall, which could result in severe injury or death. Protect your workers – read the inspection notice below.

Twenty-two MCAA Student Chapters submitted a proposal for the National Western Center Campus Energy project.  Congratulations to the Final Four and Merit Award teams. The teams will present their proposals on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 28th at MCAA23 in Phoenix, AZ.

College students across the country are finishing up finals and heading home for winter break. Following a few days of post-finals rest, their #1 priority will be to secure a summer internship or full-time position. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to put your company in the spotlight during the golden weeks between semesters! Post your entry level, full-time job or internship today and ring in the new year to successfully growing your workforce.

The John R. Gentille Foundation (JRGF) has partnered with ELECTRI International (NECA) and the New Horizons Foundation (SMACNA) to assess and produce a detailed report on construction contracting best practices. Our collaboration is meant to provide industry-wide data that supports our members’ contract negotiations and guidance on better contract language to reduce liability. With better practices in place, risk can be shifted away from trade contractors to the appropriate party, leading to a more profitable industry overall.

Looking for an intern or full-time new hire? Checkout MCAA’s newly revised job board to post your open positions to a network of student chapter members from close to 50 student chapters from across the U.S. and Canada.

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