Around 150 students from 28 MCAA student chapters are registered for MCAA24. They will soon be scoping out MCAA’s GreatFutures Job Board for companies they would like to meet with in Orlando to discuss internships and entry-level, full-time positions. Post your job today and be sure to stop by the ‘Hire Me’ Job Fair in the foyer outside the Manufacturer/Supplier Council Exhibit on Tuesday, March 19th to meet with potential candidates in person.

In 2020, the Department of Defense announced a new strategic effort to provide enhanced cybersecurity efforts for their building projects going forward. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) will ensure accountability for companies to implement cybersecurity standards to protect sensitive data during the design, build and operations of DoD facilities. Through research grants by the John R. Gentille Foundation and ELECTRI International, a video series, along with official DoD CMMC documentation, has been produced by MCAA’s Chief Security Fanatic, Nick Espinosa to provide ongoing updates on CMMC changes as the standard evolves and in-depth tutorials on all 110 CMMC Level 2 security controls.

The MCAA Career Development Committee recently released a set of resources focused on internships. Ever wonder when the best time is to hire an intern? Quick answer – NOW!

Just under 150 students from 30 MCAA student chapters attended the GreatFutures Forum Job Fair in Milwaukee, WI. Students were prepped with conversational tools from a variety of speakers leading up to the fair. The two keynote speakers reminded attendees to embrace wonder and ‘wow’ when visualizing their future career and offered a playbook for building a confidence skillset to open new doors (and windows) beyond their currently visualized reach. The opening panel, “Different Paths to Mechanical,” highlighted that no two career paths are ever truly identical and the best way to a GREAT future is to always keep your eyes open to the wide variety of opportunities available in our industry.

The 2023-2024 John R. Gentille Foundation (JRGF) scholarship and grant applications are now available and are due by December 15th (4:00 PM CST). Over $75,000 in scholarships and grants will be awarded to MCAA student chapter members during the Awards of Excellence Breakfast at MCAA24 in Orlando. Don’t miss your chance to be among the recipients!

Around 150 students from across the country and Canada will be attending the MCAA GreatFutures Forum in Milwaukee, WI on September 28-30.  One of the main conference goals is to educate these college students on the ins and outs of the mechanical contracting industry and the GREAT Future that lies ahead for them. The ultimate way for a student to gain experience and determine that mechanical is indeed the career path for them is through hands-on learning with an internship. Whether or not your company is able to attend the conference in person, use the MCAA GreatFutures Job Board to get your internships (and entry-level full-time jobs) in front of students now.

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