New England Sheet Metal Works Sees Daikin Chiller as Perfect Fit for Historic Building

New England Sheet Metal Works, Inc. (NESM) chose a Daikin Magnitude® chiller to upgrade the historic T.W. Patterson building in downtown Fresno, CA, because its compact design fit the tight spaces of the 93-year-old building. NESM provided temporary cooling, engineering design of the new water-cooled applied system, and services that included the installation of the Magnitude chiller, related piping, and a cooling tower.

Henson Robinson Elects Carrier for Comfort at Historic Lincoln Home

Called on by the National Park Service to modernize the HVAC system of the home of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, IL, Henson Robinson relied on its expertise with historical sites and on Carrier HVAC products to upgrade the system without disrupting visitors or disturbing the site. Despite the challenges, the project went smoothly.

Message from Jim Allen, M/SC Chairman: Rising to the Challenge

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

Anvil’s Gruvlok Couplings Speed Up GTC Installation Time

With Anvil International’s Gruvlok® products and support, General Temperature Control (GTC) shaved months off its timeline for a school building project that had been behind schedule. Thanks to the swift installation time, the school opened on time. From GTC’s point of view, Anvil’s Gruvlok products and the company’s continuing support through field visits and behind-the-scenes logistics planning were critical to the project’s success.

Compact Footprint, Snug Fit of BAC Cooling Towers Makes Installation Easy for Ideal Consolidated

In selecting new cooling equipment for a university laboratory, Ideal Consolidated Inc., chose Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) cooling towers because they would stand up to harsh winters, but also for their ease of installation. Tim Stuver, project manager at Ideal Consolidated, said the small footprint of the BAC towers made installation and rigging more efficient and cost-effective than other options.

Humphrey Satisfies “No Downspouts” Design Specs with Jay R. Smith Custom Drains

The sleek design of a new medical research facility specifically prohibited downspout nozzles, so Humphrey Company Ltd. called on Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. for a custom drainage solution. Accommodating state-of-the-art design challenges is just part of the job for Humphrey. They believe that when you take the time to plan for unusual requests, you can always find a solution—an approach that proved valuable in the construction of one of the country’s leading cancer research and treatment facilities.

Herman Goldner Credits KEY2ACT Signature Software with Improving Efficiency, Cash Flow

Herman Goldner Company, Inc., took its first steps toward a paperless workplace in 1998 with KEY2ACT and cites their continued partnership as the basis for improved cash flow and increased efficiency. Goldner points to the KEY2ACT Signature solution suite as part of the reason they have become a company with annual revenue figures of over $80 million and a staff of 250 employees.

Erickson’s Aircrane Lift Saves JW Danforth Weeks of Installation Time, Costs

To keep on track with its project timeline, John W. Danforth Co. turned to Erickson Incorporated, a global provider of innovative aerial services, to place 44 sections of rooftop HVAC units securely in place in just one day. Erickson flew a Sikorsky S64 Aircrane helicopter above SolarCity’s 1.2-million-square-foot factory in Buffalo, NY. The Aircrane has a 25,000-pound lift capacity and easily carried the HVAC units—weighing between 14,000 and 18,000 pounds—in less than seven hours.

With F.W. Webb Support, Mollenberg-Betz Meets Demands of Massive Manufacturing Plant Project

Because of the “design-on-the-fly” approach to building a solar panel manufacturing plant, Mollenberg-Betz, Inc., does not always know which products it will need and when, but it does know that F.W. Webb Company will provide just what they need when they do. The two have teamed up to provide engineered process piping solutions throughout the 1.2-million-square-foot SolarCity facility under construction in Buffalo, NY.

Mechanical Solutions Halves Installation Time with Parker Hannifin’s Transair Piping

For a new production facility in St. Louis, MO, Mechanical Solutions found they could install Parker Hannifin’s Transair piping for the compressed air system with about half the number of workers needed for a black iron system. Mechanical Solutions also found that with Transair piping, they could preassemble parts in the shop, saving even more time on site.

Trimble Technology Proves Vital to Success of Prout Boiler, Heating & Welding, Inc.

Prout Boiler, Heating & Welding, Inc. relied heavily on Trimble’s AutoBid Mechanical and PipeDesigner 3D® to plan out a multitrade prefabrication approach during the bidding process for a hospital expansion project and take charge of multitrade coordination throughout the expedited construction schedule.

Picciano Boosts Its Bottom Line with MobiliForms

By transitioning from paper forms to iPad-based MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies, “the time we save on paperwork is tremendous, and that translates directly to significant overhead savings,” said Marty Quarella, vice president of Louis N. Picciano & Son, Inc. The company also improved the quality of information recorded and saw a quick ROI.

Chiller Systems Service Boots Up Jonas Software, Cuts IT Expenses and Billing Time

Since implementing Jonas Construction Software, Chiller Systems Service, Inc. has reduced their billing cycle from three weeks to just one week, which gets them a faster turnaround on their invoices, improving cash flow. Using Jonas’ eMobile module, Chiller reduced their IT expenses by 50 percent, replacing laptops with more cost-effective tablets in the field. Jonas has also helped Chiller streamline their service operation and improve customer service.

Hayes Mechanical Employs Creative Solutions, Lifting Gear Hire Equipment to Meet Crucial Deadline

Without careful planning and support from Lifting Gear Hire (LGH), Hayes Mechanical might not have been able to install the new ductwork required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a Midwest power generation company, which would have caused the power plant to close. Thanks to high-quality LGH equipment, backed up by a strong commitment to customer service, Hayes Mechanical finished the project on time, and the unit was released back to the customer ahead of schedule.

P1 Group Gains a Competitive Advantage with Victaulic

Victaulic’s Construction Piping Services (CPS) division helped P1 Group, Inc. win the bid for a major hospital expansion project by creating a 3D model of the mechanical systems, electrical systems, and ductwork. In the bid, P1 Group also made the case for Victaulic grooved mechanical piping systems for the project to save time and costs on installation.

SPX’s Customized Cooling Towers Meet Space, Design Constraints

Facing space constraints, design restrictions, and a one-week schedule to replace three failing cooling towers, EMCOR Services Northeast, Inc. managed the tough project by installing two Marley NC® Cooling Towers from SPX Cooling Technologies without a hitch. The two towers were specially configured and manufactured to fit the tight space and meet the client’s requirements.

The Impact of Safety on Profitability

What is the first thing that comes to mind when the word “safety” is mentioned in a meeting or on a jobsite? Perhaps you imagine superintendents reminding employees to wear their personal protective equipment (PPE). You may picture a checklist of all the necessary precautions to be completed prior to starting a job. It is often perceived that safety slows an operation down, when, says CNA, safety should be associated with profitability.