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Chiller Systems Service Boots Up Jonas Software, Cuts IT Expenses and Billing Time

Since implementing Jonas Construction Software, Chiller Systems Service, Inc. has reduced their billing cycle from three weeks to just one week, which gets them a faster turnaround on their invoices, improving cash flow. Using Jonas’ eMobile module, Chiller reduced their IT expenses by 50 percent, replacing laptops with more cost-effective tablets in the field. Jonas has also helped Chiller streamline their service operation and improve customer service.

Chiller offers HVAC repairs, retrofits, and maintenance service in Denver, CO. The company realized they needed to upgrade their software system and wanted one that understood the intricacies of their HVAC business and could provide a complete, all-in-one solution.

“I can’t imagine life without mobile technology, and using Jonas eMobile for that technology has worked well. It’s a huge advantage for us that our technicians are working in ‘real-time’ for our customers’ benefit. There are just so many time- and cost-savings associated with having eMobile, it’s been great for us,” said Scott Tracy, president.

During the initial transition to Jonas Construction Software, a test company was set up—a standard process for all new Jonas clients. As Tracy said, “With the test company, we were able try the software out and vetted a lot of the issues prior to going live without having to worry about the impact on our business. This was a really powerful tool and a huge advantage for us, as we were able to really train and learn the software, which gave us a great deal of comfort knowing we would be ready once the we went live with Jonas.”

With the dispatch scheduler from Jonas, Chiller is now able to easily schedule their service tickets, as well as forecast much better and schedule service jobs in advance. The Digio document management system allows Chiller to locate documents quickly and easily, from anywhere and at any time, which has proven quite useful to their business.

“With Digio, if a customer calls in and I need to access a particular work order or invoice, I can simply go into Digio, search, and access the work order, which not only saves us time, but helps improve our customer service as well,” said Tracy.

Chiller also appreciates the Jonas executive dashboard, which allows them to view financials, key performance indicators, and highlights from a single dashboard view. Since deploying Jonas Construction Software, Chiller has reduced their billing cycle, reduced overall IT expenses with Jonas eMobile, and is now running a more organized and efficient service business. Not only are their employees more satisfied with the user-friendly Jonas software system, but with Chiller’s ability to provide exceptional service, their customers are much happier as well.

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