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Herman Goldner Credits KEY2ACT Signature Software with Improving Efficiency, Cash Flow

Herman Goldner Company, Inc., took its first steps toward a paperless workplace in 1998 with KEY2ACT and cites their continued partnership as the basis for improved cash flow and increased efficiency. Goldner points to the KEY2ACT Signature solution suite as part of the reason they have become a company with annual revenue figures of over $80 million and a staff of 250 employees.

“Before using Signature we had a 10-day waiting period before we could close out the month. It slowed everything down and affected the overall cash flow. Now we can close right on the last day of the month and we know what our numbers are before we close.”

—Tony Le, System Administrator, Herman Goldner

Based in Philadelphia, Goldner has been serving customers for more than 125 years, providing mechanical construction services and maintenance to commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, and health care companies. The company wanted a system that would help them keep up with the times in a very competitive environment, so they partnered with KEY2ACT.

“Historically, we have grown and adapted with the times,” said Le. “There was a time when we did most everything by hand. Now, we have migrated in the past 15 years to being almost a paperless environment. As an organization we
feel that technology is the force for change.”

Since Goldner first signed on to implement the Signature Job Cost and Service Management solutions in 1998, KEY2ACT has worked with Goldner staff to address the company’s changing needs. “The service product was one of the main reasons we even shopped KEY2ACT,” said Le. “Having the ability to quantify and calculate percentage of completion for larger projects and then turn around and also handle the light jobs was important.”

Beginning in 2005, “we grew extensively on both the job and service sides,” Le said. “It was a move away from large, multiyear construction jobs and toward shorter-term, high-profitability contract work. It worked in our favor to get in and out of a job sooner.” Goldner still has KEY2ACT’s Signature Job Cost in place today, tracking up to 600 open jobs at a time. They have realized the benefits that come from working with a solution over a number of years.

“The support has been fabulous,” Le said. “We use tech support all the time developing new ways of doing things, including personalizing the solution for Herman Goldner during and after upgrades.”

Le continued, “We are probably one of their most loyal customers. Through the years, KEY2ACT has supported us from initial implementation to periodic upgrades. They have always had people available to assist us in support issues. Not only were they available but they gave us extra help on weekends and late nights,” said Le.

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