Message from Jim Allen, M/SC Chairman: Partnership, Performance, and Productivity

MCAA and our Supplier Partners know contractors aren’t just looking for solutions, you’re looking for Smart Solutions.

W.J. Maloney Relies on Durable Sloan Systems at Chicago Cubs’ New Spring Training Facility

Dedicated Chicago Cubs fans who attended the Major League Baseball team’s spring training in Arizona this year were rewarded with modern restrooms (among other amenities), thanks to W.J. Maloney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling and Sloan Valve Company. W.J. Maloney chose Sloan plumbing because its products have such a good batting record at the Cubs’ main stadium and on other W.J. Maloney projects.

J.C. Cannistraro Meets Tight Installation Deadline—With Time to Spare—Thanks to Autodesk BIM and Prefabrication

To upgrade the water systems at the University of Massachusetts Boston’s central utility plant—in a single weekend and without disrupting any other system functions—J.C. Cannistraro put to work the Autodesk® Fabrication CADmep™ system it has used since 2003. Thanks to building information modeling (BIM) and prefabrication technologies, Cannistraro installed in one day the temporary systems it needed to ensure a smooth transition for the rest of the project.

C.J. Erickson Anticipates Needs of Future Scientists with Jay R. Smith Specialty Products

C.J. Erickson Plumbing Co. took on the complex task of installing plumbing systems not only to meet the individual needs of an exacting group of tenants already scheduled to move in, but also to anticipate the needs of unknown future tenants. The new William Eckhardt Research Center at the University of Chicago will offer world-class scientific research facilities, and thanks to C.J. Erickson and Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co., those facilities are prepared for just about anything.

Murphy Company Slashes Billing Time, Saves Costs with PENTA

Even though Murphy Company has over a century of experience in delivering mechanical solutions and a long record of excellent performance (it is consistently recognized by Engineering News Record as a top-20 contractor), it was saddled with a 25-year-old software system. Since adopting the PENTA construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, Murphy Company took five days off its service billing process and cut more than $100,000 per year in costs related to lost/missing tools, among other benefits.

Legacy Mechanical Gets New Transit Hub on Track with Efficient Victaulic Grooved Products and Prefabrication Services

To meet the complex requirements of a massive public transit expansion, Legacy Mechanical, Inc. called on Victaulic. “We’ve worked with Victaulic grooved mechanical systems for nearly a decade so we know we can trust them to help us maximize productivity and address compressed work schedules, while increasing worker safety,” said Scott Krum, president at Legacy Mechanical. “We also know we can count on them for expert prefabrication and minimizing time in the field.”

Vanguard HVAC Technologies Lays Foundation for New Tavern on the Green with Easy-to-Install Viega ProRadiant Heating

Installing Viega ProRadiant™ systems as part of the renovation of New York City’s famous Tavern on the Green restaurant was a simple process—so simple, in fact, that Robert Stewart, steamfitter foreman for Vanguard HVAC Technologies, joked, “I was disappointed there wasn’t more to do.” Completing the radiant floor heating installation quickly allowed the rest of the project to move forward.

Graco Mechanical Expedites Office and Field Operations Using Davisware Solutions

When Graves Mechanical, Inc. formed Graco Mechanical, Inc.—a 24/7 service arm concentrating on preventive maintenance—the company needed a business solution that would support its essential and continuous office-to-field communication and its promise to stay constantly connected and available to customers. In addition, Graco Mechanical needed to expedite many of its processes, especially its 10–14-day billing turnaround time. With Davisware technology, the company reduced its billing turnaround time to 3–5 days and decreased its invoice processing time. In addition, Davisware’s Remote Field Service solution allowed Graco Mechanical to reduce its gas costs by 10–20 percent.

Western Allied Mechanical Gains Competitive Advantage by Demonstrating Rapid ROI with BuildingAdvice Technology

After completion of an HVAC controls retrofit project, Western Allied Mechanical engaged AirAdvice energy analysts to demonstrate that the upgrades yielded a return on investment (ROI) of 65 percent and a payback time of 1.5 years. Being able to demonstrate rapid ROI on HVAC upgrades gives the contractor a significant competitive advantage.

CNA Offers Strategies for Mitigating Workers’ Compensation Costs

Take a look around your company. Chances are, your workplace has changed in the past 10 years. Your workforce has changed as well. Regardless of industry, the U.S. workforce is aging. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that 25 percent of the workforce will be age 55 or older by 2020. This aging workforce brings with it the potential for escalating workers’ compensation costs, particularly since older employees typically experience more severe workplace injuries and illnesses than younger ones.

Hill York Meets Growing Campus’ Energy Demands with BAC’s Innovative, Efficient Ice Thermal Storage

With 26,000 students and a growing campus, Florida’s Nova Southeastern University (NSU) was challenged with finding a reliable cooling system that kept both expenses and the environment in mind. Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) and Hill York mechanical contractors worked together to find a solution for NSU, finally settling on BAC’s innovative ice thermal storage. Now, NSU is reducing their peak electrical demand and saving electricity costs while remaining environmentally sensitive.

Greenheck Offers Ten Tips to Save Time and Money on Fan Installations

When it comes to installing fans, contractors ask 1) Where can I save money? 2) Where can I save time? and 3) How can I reduce problems after the “equipment has been installed? There is nothing worse than hearing You are short on air because you installed it wrong.”

Built-In Freeze Prevention Makes Woodford Rooftop Hydrant Ideal for Colorado School

Ease of installation and reliability made the Woodford RHY2-MS roof water hydrant the ideal choice for a school in Parker, CO. Roof hydrants provide access to rooftop water, which is then used to clean condenser coils, windows, cooling towers, green roofs, and other types of rooftop equipment.

Tips from WennSoft for Getting the Most Out of Your Existing Software

When a business has been using the same software system for years, it is easy for employees to get trapped in a cycle of doing things the way they have always done things. It does not occur to them that there are different—and sometimes better—ways to tailor their software to fit their needs.