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Graco Mechanical Expedites Office and Field Operations Using Davisware Solutions

When Graves Mechanical, Inc. formed Graco Mechanical, Inc.—a 24/7 service arm concentrating on preventive maintenance—the company needed a business solution that would support its essential and continuous office-to-field communication and its promise to stay constantly connected and available to customers. In addition, Graco Mechanical needed to expedite many of its processes, especially its 10–14-day billing turnaround time. With Davisware technology, the company reduced its billing turnaround time to 3–5 days and decreased its invoice processing time. In addition, Davisware’s Remote Field Service solution allowed Graco Mechanical to reduce its gas costs by 10–20 percent.

Graco Mechanical adopted Davisware’s S2K software (formerly S2000), fully integrated Global One Fleet GPS Tracking System, and Remote Field Service modules. The modular setup allowed Graco Mechanical to purchase essential business tools as needed. The Service Dispatching & Mapping application has proven to be extremely effective for Graco Mechanical by making scheduling more efficient and increasing call-per-technician ratios.

With Davisware’s Remote Field Service tools, Graco Mechanical has enhanced customer experiences, provided greater accuracy and efficiency to its accounts, simplified communication between office employees and technicians, and reduced the need for paperwork. Now, the company’s customer service representatives can electronically assign and route service calls through the BEST TECH Dispatch Board, and office staff can upload manuals to a service order. Using Android tablets in the field, technicians can receive assigned work orders; view work order details, comments, manuals, and service history; electronically fill out inspection forms and weekly timesheets; type or speak work notes; upload images from a site; verify time onsite; capture customer signatures; enter payment methods; and send all the information back to the office in real time.

Since partnering with Davisware, Graco Mechanical has increased customer satisfaction and boosted both its own and its customers’ bottom lines. The HVAC company has successfully improved many of its processes, including reducing billing turnaround time and invoice processing time.

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