MCAA Notice of Behavioral Code for all MCAA Sponsored Meetings and Events

MCAA is committed to ensure that MCAA sponsored meetings and events are conducted with professional decorum for all participants. MCAA requires adherence to a proper professional business behavioral code of conduct and personal decorum customary for professional business events for all program registrants, participants, MCAA staff and other attendees at MCAA meetings and events. Adherence to this behavioral code will foster a welcoming environment that is safe, collaborative and productive for all attendees and participants. 

Any unprofessional, unbecoming, or rude behavior relating to interpersonal conduct, intoxication, and sexual harassment or other behavioral malfeasance of any kind will not be tolerated. 

MCAA principals with responsibility for the event on site who observe or reasonably become aware of such offending behavior by any event registrant, speaker, volunteer, MCAA staff, participant, or their guests, hereby reserve the unconditional right to take action to address the problem up to and including revoking any offending person’s registration or participation without further notice or cause determination and requiring that individual to leave the event immediately. Removal from an MCAA meeting or event may lead to the inability to attend MCAA meetings and events in the future. 

By completing our registration process, and checking the “I agree” box the registrant agrees to comply with the MCAA Event Behavioral Code for the benefit of themselves and other event registrants and their guests, MCAA and its employees, and all other program participants.  

By agreeing to the MCAA Event Behavioral Code the registrant also hereby consents to MCAA’s discretion to apply and enforce the code of conduct with respect to their personal behavior and that of any of their guests for the duration of the program.  

Disclaimer: MCAA does not accept any responsibility for describing or enforcing any personal behavioral standards at any off-site events or informal gatherings held in conjunction with the MCAA event by others that are not sponsored by MCAA.