Smart Solutions Case Studies

Mine Your Own Data to Find Opportunities for Faster Recovery

Since March 2020, the commercial and industrial mechanical service contracting industry has been reeling from the impacts of COVID-19. In the early days of the pandemic, when cities and states started shutting down, the uncertainty made everyone question the future of our business—for our employees and for our livelihood. At ServiceTrade, we looked at usage data from over 550 facility service companies using our software application, which is designed to help service contractors manage their operations and deliver better customer service, to measure the effects of COVID-19 on business.

Create a Premium Program for Your Mechanical Service Customers

What are you doing in your mechanical service contracting business to get more by doing more for your best customers? Do you have a premium program like Amazon Prime that includes exclusive benefits covered by the price of a subscription? Is there a tier of service that includes the basic preventive maintenance program plus a bunch of extras that entices customers to pay upfront?