Smart Solutions Case Studies

T.H. Eifert Closes Over $400,000 in PM/Projects in First 12 Months with BuildingAdvice

Just one year after investing in the BuildingAdvice Energy Services Delivery platform, T.H. Eifert Mechanical Contractors has generated in excess of $400,000 in new preventive maintenance (PM) contracts and pull-through sales, providing a sizable, early return on investment. The energy assessment and tracking tools from BuildingAdvice help T.H. Eifert make a solid case for installing and maintaining energy-efficient products.

Western Allied Mechanical Gains Competitive Advantage by Demonstrating Rapid ROI with BuildingAdvice Technology

After completion of an HVAC controls retrofit project, Western Allied Mechanical engaged AirAdvice energy analysts to demonstrate that the upgrades yielded a return on investment (ROI) of 65 percent and a payback time of 1.5 years. Being able to demonstrate rapid ROI on HVAC upgrades gives the contractor a significant competitive advantage.

Using BuildingAdvice Technology, TCMS Demonstrates Savings, Secures Building Portfolio Maintenance Contract

Temp-Control Mechanical Service (TCMS) was confident that the BuildingAdvice™ suite of energy services from AirAdvice would help them win a preventive maintenance (PM) contract and deliver measurable energy cost savings to The Avamere Group, a family of more than 40 senior living facilities in the Pacific Northwest. In their first meeting with Avamere, TCMS uncovered concerns about operating costs and a less-than-robust PM program implemented by onsite staff with little HVAC experience. To demonstrate their capacity, TCMS proposed an action plan that included surveying, benchmarking, and collecting cost data at three of Avamere’s facilities.

Limbach Company Develops New Partnerships Using AirAdvice Energy Services

Limbach Company uses BuildingAdvice software and sensors to identify energy-saving fixes, helping a Columbus, OH, property management group ensure that its buildings meet ENERGY STAR requirements. That success was the “in” that Limbach needed to secure more opportunities for energy services that may lead to preventive maintenance and retrofit contracts.

Airco Expands Energy Services, Increases Revenue Thanks to BuildingAdvice

With AirAdvice training and BuildingAdvice™ technology, Airco Commercial Services, Inc. amped up its energy services program, adding five to seven percent to their annual revenue in 2010. In 2011, revenue from energy services doubled to comprise 10–15 percent of total company revenue.