Smart Solutions Case Studies

Guy’s Mechanical Systems Saves Steps, Time with Viega’s Branch Connectors

Guy’s Mechanical Systems discovered that the Viega MegaPress Press-In Branch Connector saved them time by reducing the steps for installation in the process of remodeling a 20-story high-rise in downtown Pittsburgh. Renovating the aged building—constructed in 1902—into a hotel has been a complicated process, and Foreman Josh Mitchell said MegaPress has made it simpler. Viega is an MCAA benefactor sponsor.

Nelson Stark Brings Abandoned Factory Back to Life With Viega Products

Putting Viega products to work allowed Nelson Stark Company to overcome the slew of challenges that came with repurposing a dilapidated factory into a mixed-use development. The contractor knew that Viega’s flameless press technology was the clear choice for renovating the historic building safely and for installing piping much faster than other pipe-joining methods. Viega is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

Olson Plumbing and Heating Weathers Challenges of Pikes Peak Project with Viega ProPress

Prefabrication was just one of the ways that Olson Plumbing and Heating leveraged Viega ProPress to take on a mountain of a project: building a new visitor’s complex at the summit of Pikes Peak that met strict environmental standards … during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We prefabbed all the domestic and hydronic piping, as much as we could, to minimize labor at the top,” said Josh Crippen, superintendent at Olson. “We prefabbed our pump skids, all the water heater and boiler skids, all the waste and vent piping. As much as possible.”

A&R Partners Achieves Smooth Installation of Snowmelt System with Viega Products, Design, and Advice

Despite having limited experience with installing snowmelt systems, crews at A&R Mechanical Contractors Inc. knew they could rely on Viega for a custom-designed system for their client in Champaign, IL. Viega also provided A&R with tips, tricks, and details about installation, and the system was in place in time for a snowy winter season.

Braconier Saves Time, Money with Obvious Choice for New Viega Headquarters

While it is no surprise that Viega chose to put its own products into its newly constructed building, Braconier Mechanical and Plumbing Services said using Viega products was a good option for them, too. “We reduced the manpower needs on this project by using Viega. That’s a big advantage of MegaPress—we can have a smaller crew and still stay on schedule,” said Tom Stone, president of Braconier.

Devine Brothers Rely on Viega ProPress for Safety and Speed in Historic Opera House Renovation

Anticipating the challenges that historic buildings pose, mechanical contractor Devine Brothers, Inc. made sure that Viega ProPress was part of the plumbing design for the renovation of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House (MOH) from the beginning.

Brandt Impressed by Viega ProPress Efficiency

For the new Texas headquarters of a major worldwide corporation, Brandt Construction chose Viega for chilled water and domestic water—a “no-brainer,” because the company does nearly all its work with Viega product. “Viega is dependable, and Viega’s people in town support us really well,” said Craig Hawkins, project executive. “Pressing with Viega is tremendously efficient versus brazing or soldering. We’ve tried other similar products and had issues with them or the quality doesn’t seem to be as good as the ProPress®.

Braconier Reins in Costs with Viega Products

Faced with the possibility of losing money on a building expansion project, Braconier Mechanical and Plumbing found that using Viega products was an easy way to trim costs. The ease of installation with the Viega press approach cut installation time dramatically, bringing costs back under control. In addition, Viega turned out to be a better choice for a job where the original specs called for threading pipe.

Commonwealth Plumbing Finds Viega Double Drop Elbows Are Perfect Fit for Historic Building

While renovating a historic building, Commonwealth Plumbing found that Viega’s double drop elbows were the best solution for accommodating new bathroom sinks in a tight space with limited design options. By using pressed fittings, Commonwealth not only saved time on installation but also avoided soldering in an old building with a lot of wood.

Vanguard HVAC Technologies Lays Foundation for New Tavern on the Green with Easy-to-Install Viega ProRadiant Heating

Installing Viega ProRadiant™ systems as part of the renovation of New York City’s famous Tavern on the Green restaurant was a simple process—so simple, in fact, that Robert Stewart, steamfitter foreman for Vanguard HVAC Technologies, joked, “I was disappointed there wasn’t more to do.” Completing the radiant floor heating installation quickly allowed the rest of the project to move forward.

Nelson Stark Saves 20 Percent on Labor Using Viega ProPress for Stainless

Cincinnati, OH, plumbing contractor Nelson Stark Company is installing thousands of feet of Viega ProPress systems for both copper and stainless steel in sizes ½” to 4” at Mercy Health—West Hospital, currently under construction on 60 acres in Ohio’s Green Township. It is the latest addition to the Mercy Health system, which has more than 80 network locations throughout Cincinnati.

Hart Engineering Minimizes Facility’s Downtime Thanks to Speed of Viega ProPress for Stainless

Faced with the challenge of replacing all of a biotechnology company’s existing piping with stainless steel in just 14 weeks, Hart Engineering found that Viega ProPress® systems provide clean, consistent connections quickly. Viega ProPress for stainless steel offered a complete solution, including pipe, valves, and fittings in two high-quality grades of stainless steel, 304 and NSF-approved 316.

Danforth Cuts Material, Labor Costs Using Viega MegaPress System for Black Pipe

Using black iron pipe for Buffalo General Hospital’s expansion project saved John W. Danforth Company material costs, while the new Viega MegaPress® carbon steel pipe joining system helped them make clean, consistent black iron pipe connections. Rich Mueller, Danforth’s project manager, said Danforth saved money in two different ways by installing Viega MegaPress. “First, we saved on the cost of the black pipe compared to the copper. And second, we saved on labor by using pressing instead of threading the black pipe.”

North Mechanical Counts on Viega When Timelines Are Tight

When the J.W. Marriott Indianapolis required some fundamental building systems to be completed ahead of the rest of the building schedule, North Mechanical Contracting, Inc. knew it could count on Viega ProPress® pipe fittings to get the job done. North Mechanical installed Viega ProPress for domestic water and hot water heating applications on all copper piping systems sizes 2” and below in the prestigious hotel. The 34-story J.W. Marriott opened its doors in February 2011; it is both the largest and tallest hotel in Indianapolis, with more than 1,000 rooms.

MMC Contractors Credits Viega ProPress With “Tremendous” Time Savings on Solar Power Plant Job

The speed and ease of installation with Viega ProPress® fittings, as well as overall lower costs, were significant factors for MMC Contractors as they installed more than 15,000’ of stainless steel piping in a new solar power plant in the southwestern United States. Jim Ed Thompson, project superintendent at MMC Contractors, said that by using Viega ProPress to join stainless pipe, MMC’s installers saved a significant amount of time per fitting.

Viega Provides Tips for Preventing Waterborne Pathogens in Plumbing Systems

In the United States plumbing industry, focus on water quality and waterborne pathogens is increasing. For public water systems, the Environmental Protection Agency regulates 88 different contaminants. Of these, Legionella has received the most recent attention. Legionella is the bacteria that can cause legionellosis. (Legionnaires’ disease is a form of legionellosis.) If not treated properly, legionellosis can be fatal. When legionellosis occurs, building owners and engineers may face legal action and damage from negative public relations surrounding the case. Viega explains that the best defense for a commercial plumbing system is to understand waterborne pathogens and how to minimize the risks they pose.