Smart Solutions Case Studies

Sloan Scientist Crafts New Formula to Better Estimate Peak Water Demand

For decades, engineers have relied on a formula dating from 1940 to estimate peak water demand, a key factor in specifying the smallest pipe size that will provide sufficient water pressure for every fixture in a building to function normally. Sloan’s chief scientist, Kay Herbert, Ph.D., has developed a new formula that yields more accurate water demand estimates— which can save costs, reduce water use, and prevent bacteria growth. (Sloan is a benefactor of MCAA22.) The new formula is ideal for modern engineers grappling with green technology, touch-free fixtures, and hygiene concerns in the post-COVID-19 era.

Sloan’s Keys to a Successful Water Savings Project

You have probably heard about “the five Ps:” Proper planning prevents poor performance. This concept is particularly important when embarking on a commercial retrofit project to reduce water consumption.

Contractors, Suppliers Team Up with FEMA, Army Corps to Transform Chicago Convention Center into COVID-19 Field Hospital

As the coronavirus pandemic flared up around the country, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rapidly built alternative care facilities to alleviate strain on local hospitals—and MCAA member contractors and manufacturer/supplier partners were there to help. In Chicago, Ferguson, Bradford White, Laars, and Sloan all provided needed materials in record time, and Helm Group (formerly Mechanical, Inc.) was among those working on the ground nonstop as the HVAC and plumbing contractor for the job. Ferguson; LAARS, a Bradford White Company; and SLOAN are all benefactor sponsors.

Sloan Products Deliver Hygienic Solutions for First ‘Post-COVID-19’ Office Building

Thanks to Sloan’s integrated lineup of touch-free commercial plumbing systems, Chicago’s new Fulton East office and retail building is the nation’s first office building designed specifically to address employee health, safety, and wellness in the post-COVID-19 environment.

AMS Mechanical Counts on Sloan to Keep Installation Timeline on Track

AMS Mechanical Contractors relied on Sloan products for a new Welcome Pavilion on Chicago’s Navy Pier because “Sloan’s products definitely saved us time on installation,” said John Brassfield of AMS, the project’s site foreman. “A lot of them come assembled, and it’s very cut and dry as far as the installation. We definitely save on labor costs,” said Brassfield.

Notre Dame Scores with State-of-the-Art SLOAN Products

The University of Notre Dame and SLOAN have a 113-year-long relationship, so the university chose SLOAN products as the basis of design for the expansion and renovation of their athletic complex. As a result, Notre Dame is conserving water, saving money, improving hygiene, and paving the way for easy maintenance in the long term.

Advance Mechanical Brings Big League Bathrooms to Wrigley Field

Restoring Wrigley Field was an opportunity for Advance Mechanical to install sleek Sloan products that allow fans to experience an efficient, hygienic trip to the restroom and get back to their seats to enjoy the game. Sloan was named the official Water Efficiency Partner for the Chicago Cubs baseball team in 2015.

Gallo Mechanical Tackles Superdome Renovation with Efficient Sloan Plumbing Fixtures

To take on the major renovations needed to restore New Orleans’ famed Superdome to its former glory, Gallo Mechanical chose Sloan Valve Company plumbing systems. Not only does Sloan provide the high-efficiency fixtures and technology the job required, but it offers a manual override system in case of power outages that addressed project planners’ concerns.

Chicago Cubs’ Spring Training Facility To Be Named Sloan Park

Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs specified Illinois-based Sloan Valve Company’s plumbing systems for its spring training facility in Mesa, AZ. Recently, the Cubs announced that Sloan has joined the organization as a Legacy Partner and the team’s Official Water Efficiency Partner. As part of this agreement, the Cubs’ spring training facility will be named Sloan Park.

W.J. Maloney Relies on Durable Sloan Systems at Chicago Cubs’ New Spring Training Facility

Dedicated Chicago Cubs fans who attended the Major League Baseball team’s spring training in Arizona this year were rewarded with modern restrooms (among other amenities), thanks to W.J. Maloney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling and Sloan Valve Company. W.J. Maloney chose Sloan plumbing because its products have such a good batting record at the Cubs’ main stadium and on other W.J. Maloney projects.

Sloan Offers Low-Maintenance, High-Tech Approach to Commercial Restrooms

Knowing when to service or replace aging plumbing equipment is critical to maintaining a clean, operational commercial restroom. Like regularly changing the oil in your car, consistent preventive maintenance helps avoid critical, costlier repairs down the road.