Need Worker Training on the Proper Use of Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest Systems? These Resources Provide It.

July 5, 2017

Mechanical construction requires that workers perform many of their tasks at heights of 6’ or more above a lower level or an object. MCAA’s Fall Restraint and Arrest Systems Safety Training Video educates workers about when and how to properly use fall restraint and fall protection systems to protect themselves from injury.

The training:

  • Covers proper selection, fit, and use of fall restraint and arrest system components;
  • Introduces newer technology for safely accessing hard-to-reach overhead areas; and
  • Addresses worker safety immediately after an arrested fall.

After watching this training, workers will be much more aware of the tools that are available to help prevent and protect them from falls and how to effectively use them.

Download or play the video

There’s More…

Accompanying materials are also available to assist you in highlighting key training points, documenting worker training and confirming that workers understand the training:

Highlight key training points

Download the Pocket Guide

Document worker training

Download the Documentation Sheet

Confirm that workers understand the training

Download the Test

Download the Test Answer Key

Want Even More Safety Resources?

MCAA has you covered, with a full range of resources to help you protect your workers from injury and comply with applicable safety regulations. Here’s where to find them:

On our Direct Links to MCAA & MSCA Safety Resources page, where they’re listed by category with links.

Go there now

In the Resource Center, where you can use the blue Refine Your Search bar to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

Visit the Resource Center

Have questions or need personal assistance?

Contact MCAA’s Pete Chaney.

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