Discover the Latest from SLOAN and Baltimore Aircoil Company in MCAA’s Virtual Trade Show

March 24, 2020

MCAA’s Virtual Trade Show connects our contractor members with the members of MCAA’s Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

Participating companies highlight and link to new products, product lines, services, solutions or web pages of particular interest. Here are just a few of the recent additions:

SLOAN - MCAA Virtual Trade Show

Specifying the right faucet for your next commercial restroom project has never been easier. Sloan’s Faucet Finder lets you customize your perfect touch-free faucet, based on anything from spout design to spray type.

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 Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc. - MCAA Virtual Trade Show
Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.
The ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System Retrofit Kit is a direct drive motor system that provides 100% reliability on transmission components and a 90% reduction in maintenance costs, all while providing an increase in energy savings by 10%.

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Need Something Else?

Find many more smart solutions in MCAA’s Virtual Trade Show!

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Speaking of Smart Solutions

Visit the Smart Solutions Case Studies area of our website to learn how other mechanical contractors found their win-win with cost-saving and productivity-enhancing applications from members of MCAA’s Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

This section of our website also includes tips and ideas to help your company save money and enhance your productivity. Don’t miss it!


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