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TG Gallagher Prescribes BAC Cooling Towers for Easy Installation, Efficiency

Cambridge Hospital Runs Without Interruption During Rapid System Replacement

With only two consecutive weekends scheduled to replace Cambridge Hospital’s aging cooling towers, TG Gallagher selected Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) towers designed to make installation and upgrades easy. Recovering from one of the harshest winters in recent memory, the Boston-based hospital wanted to be prepared for their HVAC needs this summer, and they were looking for a more energy-efficient solution. The real challenge was getting the old towers removed and the new towers installed in the short timeframe while working around the busy Cambridge neighborhood streets.

Cambridge Hospital needed to replace three existing BAC Series V Cooling Towers. With the help of TG Gallagher, they found the optimal solution: three Series 1500 XE (Extreme Efficiency) Models, designed to fit the same space with the same steel support layout as the existing Series V equipment. However, XE models use less energy and run more quietly. In this application, the reduction in fan horsepower resulted in approximately 70-percent lower energy usage. With the addition of the Whisper Quiet Fans, the Series 1500 XE Cooling Towers also reduced sound levels in all directions by at least 10 A-weighted decibels (dBA) when compared with the original equipment.

TG Gallagher found the towers very easy to install. They required no changes to the structural or the electrical infrastructure and only minimal changes to the piping based on the proximity to the piping of the original equipment.

Matt Wiley, project manager at TG Gallagher, noted, “The installation of the Series 1500 Models went really smooth, and allowed the team to meet the strict schedule for our client.” The entire installation was caught on film to highlight the expertise of all parties.

“The installation of the Series 1500 Models went really smooth, and allowed the team to meet the strict schedule for our client.”

—Matt Wiley, Project Manager, TG Gallagher

As a company, BAC prides themselves on the delivery of quality equipment. “We wanted to give them the best solution for their application. The installation was a challenge, but we were able to work together and complete the job without any complications, and now Cambridge Hospital will be able to meet their cooling needs,” said Dave White, regional sales manager at BAC.

The hospital continued to run normally during the entire installation without interruption. The goal of finishing the project in two consecutive weekends was met, thanks to the collaborative efforts of TG Gallagher and BAC.

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