Xcel Mechanical Systems, Inc. Recognized for Safety Excellence

October 28, 2020
Xcel Mechanical Systems - 2019 MCAA/CNA Safety Excellence Award Winner

MCAA and CNA are pleased to announce that Xcel Mechanical Systems, Inc. earned the association’s top safety award for 2019 in Size Category 3, 250,001 – 450,000 work hours. Xcel Mechanical’s successful “Safety Champion” recognition award for company foremen set the company apart.

The “Safety Champion” recognition award provides superintendents and/or company executives with an avenue for recognizing foremen who go “above and beyond” in establishing and managing a safe jobsite. It further recognizes those who take personal responsibility for the safety of their project partners and field teams, especially new hires.

When a new craftsman joins the company, they move through a mandatory new-hire orientation. Following orientation, they are outfitted in a bright green vest and a matching strap that wraps around their hardhat. Once they are assigned to a foreman’s field team, it becomes that foreman’s responsibility to partner the new hire with a more experienced craftsman, and to monitor their acclimation onto the team. Company superintendents visit jobsites and observe how the foremen are doing then complete and submit report cards to the company’s Safety Director and VP of Operations.

The MCAA/CNA Safety Excellence Awards Program began in the 1990s when MCAA partnered with CNA Insurance. It is a fiercely competitive program in which only the best of the best compete for the awards.

Participants are required to describe their safety programs in detail, including how they achieved safety excellence and why they believe they deserve the award. The Safety Awards Selection Taskforce, which is led by CNA, carefully evaluates each submission looking for safety leadership, an advanced safety culture, effective leading indicators of safety performance, and innovative safety initiatives that helped the company achieve an exceptionally high degree of safety excellence.

MCAA and CNA congratulate Xcel Mechanical Systems, Inc. for earning such a high degree of safety excellence in 2019.

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