RECALL – Guardian Fall Protection Self-Retracting Lifelines

March 20, 2020

Guardian Fall Protection is recalling specified Diablo Big Block Leading Edge Self-Retracing Lifelines (SRL) due to a potential manufacturing defect. If your company is using this product and it falls within the part numbers listed below, remove affected products from service immediately and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for returning the product for inspection and repair.  The recall includes part numbers:

  • # 10967: 65’ Diablo Big Block SRL
  • # 10968: 50’ Diablo Big Block SRL
  • # 10979: 50’ Diablo Big Block SRL
  • # 10980: 65’ Diablo Big Block SRL
  • # 10982: 60’ Diablo Big Block SRL
  • Component of kit # 20055
  • Private labeled versions of listed part numbers
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