CBCA Decision Marks Win for MCAA Contractor

January 6, 2020

Once again, the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals has published a decision in a construction case in which the mechanical subcontractor (a large MCAA member firm located in New England) claimed a substantial loss of labor productivity due to unforeseen conditions and design defects. The subcontractor’s labor productivity expert, Mr. Paul Stynchcomb, CCM, PSP, CFCC, testified regarding the impacts to the subcontractor and by utilizing the MCAA labor inefficiency Factors, the MCAA overtime inefficiency publication and in some areas, a measured mile analysis, the subcontractor was awarded over $2,000,000 in labor productivity damages.

This is another important acceptance by a major Board of Contract Appeals of the use of the MCAA labor inefficiency Factors and the MCAA’s overtime inefficiency data. See: Suffolk Construction Company, Inc. v. General Services Administration, CBCA 2953, 2954, 2955, 3596, 4175, 5006 December 2019.

Read the CBCA Decision

Learn More About the Factors, Overtime Inefficiency and the Measured Mile

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