BLS Reports Uptick in Union Representation

January 24, 2018

Union representation in the construction industry ticked up slightly in 2017, tallying 14.7%

(1.156 million among the 7.844 million total employees) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The findings are outlined in Union Members 2017, USDL Release 18-0080, Jan. 19, 2018.

This compares with a 14.6% representation rate in 2016, with 1.095 million union represented workers among 7.488 million total employees. The data show a gain of some 356,000 in overall industry employment in 2017 as compared with a year earlier.

In all private sector employment, union representation remained static in 2017, totaling 7.3%, the same as in 2016. Some 8.4 million employees had union representation among 116.9 million employees.

Union representation is highest among public sector employees, at 37.9% in 2017 (7.9 million of 20.9 million employees), the same rate logged in 2016.

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