Resource Highlight: MCAA’s Insurance Punch List

June 3, 2022

Insurance is a costly but integral part of a contractor’s business. MCAA’s Insurance Punch List helps contractors understand how and why premium dollars are spent and when insurance is needed. It’s just one of MCAA’s educational resources that are free to MCAA members as a benefit of membership.

The bulletin explains:

  • Three categories of insurable risks
  • Some of the major features of commercial casualty insurance
  • The typical structure of workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance
  • How commercial auto insurance is structured
  • The two major forms of commercial general liability policies
  • How umbrella liability insurance works
  • Owner/contractor-controlled insurance programs
  • The types of property insurance
  • Why equipment breakdown insurance is needed for boilers and other pressure vessels
  • When inland marine coverage is needed
  • When to consider crime insurance

A general liability coverage checklist is also included to help contractors avoid unintentional gaps in coverage.

For a full list of available Management Methods Bulletins, visit the Management Methods Bulletins page.

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