MCAA Sponsors Industry-Leading Construction Tech Survey for the Second Year

June 23, 2017

Last year, MCAA sponsored the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Survey for the first time. Hundreds of MCAA members took the 10 minutes out of their schedule to complete the survey. Through your participation, we were able to compare your responses to other MCAA members, as well as the construction industry at-large in a MCAA-focused Report.

Data from the survey has also helped guide our association education and research for the upcoming year. We can see what the challenges are for not only the cutting edge contractors, but those trying to catch up as well.

This year, MCAA is once again sponsoring the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Survey. Simply answering the questions from the survey is a great exercise in evaluating your operations. We ask that you once again take the time to complete the survey and help evaluate your own company’s position towards technology. The results will be all-the-more meaningful to you!

Take the Survey

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