How to Log in to the WebLEM+Plus When It Goes Live on January 27th

January 17, 2020

Here’s how to log in to the WebLEM+Plus as an Administrator or Non-administrator…

As of January 27th the WebLEM Administrator for MCAA member companies will be able to log in to the WebLEM+Plus using their current User ID and administrator password. (If you forgot your administrator password, use the “Forgot Password” link to reset your password.)

IMPORTANT: The current WebLEM will not be available January 24-26 while we make the switch to the WebLEM+Plus. On January 27 you will be able to log in with your current credentials (as outlined earlier in this article).

Once you’ve logged in to the WebLEM+Plus as the Administrator, we urge you to change your administrator password and create a shared password for the rest of the staff in your company. The shared password is a new feature that allows the company administrators to create unique passwords for their employees.

Non-administrators can access the WebLEM+Plus by using their current User ID followed by “.shared” (i.e. 58575.shared) and their current WebLEM password (which is comprised of six alphanumeric characters).

On January 27, the WebLEM Administrator of each member company will receive an email from Along with other useful information, this email will reiterate the details on how to access the new WebLEM+Plus database and update your passwords.

To help ensure proper delivery of emails to your inbox, please add as a legitimate email to your Whitelist.

Here’s what you will find in the WebLEM+Plus: a complete buildout of the Work Activity Method Labor Units (over 100,000 labor units have been added to the LEM), allowing you to easily identify shop and field labor separately.

Additionally, as more contractors use BIM in virtual design and construction, they are faced with many limitations, such as: 1) a lack of drawing content specific to manufacturers; 2) software systems that don’t connect; and 3) no drawing standards. The goal of MCAA’s WebLEM+Plus is to become a single solution to all these challenges.

1) Features currently being added to the WebLEM+Plus will allow manufacturers and drawing content providers to attach their drawing content technical data, pictures of each product, item weight, and so forth to each labor unit.

Having all that information specific to a manufacturer in one location will allow MCAA contractors to move seamlessly from estimating to virtual construction to fabrication and manufacturing to installation, all the while allowing contractors to keep the data consistent and accurate.

MCAA is actively working with many of our Manufacturer/Supplier Council members to connect their specific product data to our labor units. (We are initially working with manufacturers such as Victaulic, Milwaukee Valve, NIBCO, Viega, Weldbend and Zurn.)

Also, thanks to MCAA contractor member U.S. Engineering for donating its drawing content library to accelerate the effort of helping manufacturers get their data connected for our members’ use. And thanks to Manufacturer/Supplier Council member Trimble, which will be offering its Building Data and SysQue content to MCAA members at a special discounted price.

2) We’ve also created and made the unique data identifier available for our members to download and be the central data key that connects all the software systems they use.

3) And, we are publishing the first-ever drawing content standard to help all industry partners work together better.

At MCAA we’re excited about this project, so mark your calendar for January 27th. Once it goes live keep checking the WebLEM+Plus for real-time updates, such as when specific manufacturers get their information connected and available.

Should you have questions at any point, please feel free to contact MCAA’s Nick Nikpourfard at

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