Greg Fuller Becomes President as MCAA 2017 Concludes

March 14, 2017

MCAA President Tom Stone welcomed attendees to the Closing General Session, saying, “I hope everyone has enjoyed their week in San Diego, and especially last night with the phenomenal Colorado band One Republic!” After thanking the Daikin Group for sponsoring the beverages at that event and Mueller Industries for sponsoring the morning’s breakfast, he led a round of applause in appreciation of all of the manufacturer and supplier sponsors.

“We know that our Convention experience is what it is because of the support and generosity of ALL of our manufacturer and supplier sponsors.”

—Tom Stone, MCAA President

UA General President McManus Addresses MCAA 2017

Mark McManus

UA General President Mark McManus was on hand to provide a review of the UA’s initiatives to increase membership, expand training opportunities and respond to changing market conditions.

“I know that everyone in this room – everyone – has immense respect for the United Association, its members, and the job they do every day – for our projects and ultimately, for our owners. They are truly the heartbeat of this country.”

—Tom Stone, MCAA President

Outgoing Board Members Recognized for their Service

President Stone recognized outgoing MCAA Board of Directors members for their service, saying, “I have had the privilege of working alongside these gentlemen on your behalf, and I know how much each has contributed to strengthening this industry. We appreciate their contributing their time and their talents, and they will certainly be missed.”

Donald V. Brown

Donald V. Brown, Jr. of D.V. Brown and Associates, Tonawanda, New York

Joe Labruzzo III of the Way Engineering Company in Houston, Texas (he was not able to be present)

Charles M. Usher

Charles M. Usher of Ideal Heating Company in Brookfield, Illinois

Stephen R. Dawson II

Stephen R. Dawson II of Harrell-Fish, Incorporated in Bloomington, Indiana

Changing of the Guard

Tom Stone passes the MCAA Presidential gavel to Greg L. Fuller.

President Stone offered a final word of thanks to all those who contribute to MCAA’s success before passing the gavel to MCAA’s 2017 President, Greg L. Fuller. In his first address to the association as its president, Fuller said:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honor to be chosen to lead MCAA. I am looking forward to working with all of you to further our industry. This industry and the people that make it up mean everything to me. You have my word on that…

I received my journeyman plumber status back in 1985, began my career as a superintendent and joined North Mechanical in 1991 as a project manager. In 1997 I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the company.

Seeking ways to ensure my company’s success, I got involved in the MCA of Indiana and the group’s Indianapolis Chapter. I’ve served on the Boards of both organizations, as well as their Labor/Management and Finance committees. And, I’m currently Chairman of the UA Local 440 Health and Welfare Trust.

My introduction to MCA of America came in the form of attending the national association’s many educational programs. I now chair MCAA’s Project Managers Education Committee and am an instructor at our immensely popular Institute for Project Management.

I joined MCAA’s Board of Directors in 2010 and joined the Executive Committee four years later.

And I am here today to tell you that I can trace my company’s success—directly and indirectly—to my involvement in MCAA.

If you already participate, that’s great, and I urge you to consider upping your game.

And if you’ve been on the sidelines, wondering how to get involved, please just ask. We will find a way to use your talents. The industry will benefit from what you can do, and you and your company will benefit from your involvement as well. You have my word…

This year I pledge to “get out of the office” and to visit as many local associations as possible. They are what this association is about. Promoting participation in our local associations will be one of my primary goals this year.

Also, we are all fortunate in that the relationship between the MCAA and the UA is at an all-time high.

We developed a great partnership during General President Hite’s tenure and we will build on that with General President McManus and his terrific leadership team.

Mark, thank you for your comments earlier. I found them very inspirational.

We all understand that our biggest challenge as union contractors is to maintain, and yes, regain market share.

Last year—2016—saw a growth in the union representation rate in construction for the first time in many years. I believe this growth did not just reflect a market rebound; it also reflected a growing demand for a skilled and technologically proficient workforce—one that is being trained in our union apprenticeship programs.

And no trade is training its members more professionally and extensively than the United Association. And for our part, MCAA will continue to make sure our members are fully prepared for the technological and managerial challenges of tomorrow.

That’s what it will take to secure a bright future for the members of both of our fine organizations. That’s what it will take, and that’s what we will do. Again, you have my word…

So, I promise you that I will work hard to build on and continue the fine work of those who came before me. Please join me.

It is an incredible honor to stand before you as the president of MCAA.

Thank you very much.”

Tokens of Appreciation for a Job Well Done and One to Come

MCAA President Greg L. Fuller presents Immediate Past President Tom Stone with a token of appreciation for his service.

President Fuller presented Immediate Past President Stone with an MCAA Award for his leadership, saying, “Every time you look at this I hope you’ll remember how much we all appreciated the contributions you made to MCAA as our 2016 President.”

MCAA Immediate Past President Tom Stone looks on as fiancee Sharon Glynn presents a gift to new First Lady Lynne Fuller while MCAA 2017 President Greg L. Fuller looks on.

Immediate Past First Lady Sharon Glynn presented a gift to Lynne Fuller, saying, “Being First Lady is a lot of fun, and one of the best parts is travelling to meet with many of our local associations. So, as a token of our appreciation here is a travel bag and a monogrammed shawl for you to enjoy as you travel.”

Association Leaders Recognized

The national officers who serve as MCAA’s Executive Committee and the new members of MCAA’s Board of Directors were introduced.

Your National Officers

MCAA 2017 Executive Committee

Introducing the members of MCAA’s Executive Committee who will lead your association this year: Vice President and Assistant Treasurer Brian Helm, President-Elect Michael A. Brandt, President Greg L. Fuller, Senior Vice President and Treasurer Robert J. Durr Jr. and Immediate Past President Tom Stone.

Your New Board Members

MCAA 2017 New Board Members

The newest members of MCAA’s Board of Directors are: Larry L. Gunthorpe of Gunthorpe Plumbing & Heating Company in East Lansing, Michigan; Rick Gopffarth of Dynamic Systems, Inc. of Dallas, Texas; Stephen W. Harvey of Soefker Services in Memphis, Tennessee and Scott Wallenstein of Neptune Plumbing & Heating Co. in Cleveland, Ohio.

Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly Shared their Story

Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly

Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly spoke about their experiences in space and in life. This was the first time the duo has spoken to MCAA. Mark Kelly last spoke at MCAA’s Awards of Excellence Breakfast in 2013 in San Antonio.

MCAA 2017 Wrapped Up by Looking Ahead to MCAA 2018

MCAA President Greg L. Fuller

In conclusion, President Fuller remarked, “Our time here in San Diego is over, but I’m confident that each of us will be leaving here with great ideas to take home to our companies and some new contacts, too. I hope each of you choose to stay involved in MCAA this year or become even more involved. I think we can agree that after reflection, we’ve realized that MCAA is an even more important element in our success than we thought! That said, I hope to see you at next year’s convention!”

See you in San Antonio March 25 – 29, 2018!

MCAA 2018 San Antonio March 25-29, 2018

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