Discover How to Improve Your Company’s Cyber Security at MCAA18

February 2, 2018

Nick Espinosa Has your company’s computer system been hacked? If so, you’re not alone. With access to infrastructure and connected systems, contractors are frequently targeted by hackers with a malicious purpose, such as cyber-ransom and systems penetration. In this session, you will learn to minimize risks to your privacy, data, and business operations in our connected digital world, while enjoying the benefits of technology.

To demonstrate how costly and destructive mischief can happen, this session will include a live hacking demonstration!

Espinosa BookNick Espinosa is an expert in security and network infrastructure on multiple platforms. He has designed, built, and implemented multinational networks, encryption systems, and multi-tiered infrastructures as well as small business environments. He has been quoted in Forbes, Yahoo!, American Express, CIO, EnterpriseTech, ITWorld, ComputerWorld, Solutions Review, InfoSec, CSO and other publications. He is also the award-winning co-author of a bestselling book on cybersecurity, Easy Prey.

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