Congratulations to Our Newest IPM Graduates

January 20, 2023

There’s a reason that MCAA’s Institute for Project Management (IPM) team love what they do: it’s the students. The members of classes 83 and 84 were no exception. Seventy-two participants from MCAA member companies consistently brought their A-game to every class: from Negotiation to Cost Control, from Scheduling to Change Order Negotiation. With enthusiasm and curiosity, they studied and practiced tried-and-true strategies taught by our seasoned contractor-instructors, asked great questions, and learned as much from each other as from our expert instructors. Congratulations to our newest IPM graduates!

Constantly Reimagined to Address Today’s Challenges

Founded in 1987, MCAA’s Institute for Project Management is older than many of the project managers who attend. But the hallmark of our program is that it is ever-changing and evolving to keep pace with the challenges facing the mechanical industry today. Our curriculum is constantly evaluated and reimagined by our dedicated Project Management Education Committee volunteers; and informed by feedback from our students about what they need to know to be the best project managers (PMs) in the industry. The lessons learned at IPM are invaluable to attendees from companies both big and small.

In-Demand Training Delivers a Great Return on Investment

The IPM is MCAA’s most in-demand project management training program, and so it has enrollment limits. If you have a top-notch PM with 3+ years of experience, sign them up and we will deliver a great return on investment not just for them as individuals, but for your company as a whole.

Registration Will Open January 30 for the Next Classes

Mark your calendars! Registration for our April-start programs will open at 12pm EST on January 30. To learn more about the program, click the button to visit our course webpage.

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