Check Off ‘Finding the Perfect Intern or New Hire’ from Your To-Do List

November 10, 2022

The clock is ticking on end of the year to-do lists. Have you secured your summer intern for 2023? While this may seem like an item that can be pushed to the bottom of your list, most students are already committing to summer plans before 2022 comes to a close. This is especially true for May graduates looking for full time employment. MCAA recently updated its job board to make posting internships and entry level full-time positions easy. Take the first step to filling those openings – post your positions today!

How it works:

  • Login with an MCAA username and password
  • Click on the job board within the Career Development page
  • Click Manage My Jobs and Add a Job to create your posting
  • Jobs remain active for 1 month to ensure postings stay fresh
  • When the job is set to expire, a reminder will be sent for you to either “mark as filled” or “duplicate” and repost for another month
  • Interested students can view postings and submit their contact information and resume
  • Your office will be notified via email when interested students submit their resume
  • From there, your office is encouraged to continue with your company’s application and interview process

MCAA’s Job Board Delivers Results

A student from Ball State University was recently hired by U.S. Engineering after using the new GreatFutures job board to find a summer internship. Congratulations to Reece Manning and U.S. Engineering! Read the article.

There’s Still Time to Apply for an Internship Grant!

If you already employed an intern in 2022, remember to submit an application for an Internship Grant. MCAA members may submit up to two applications per year for a $1,000 grant (to your company) and an accompanying $500 gift card (to the intern).

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