MCAA PAC Appreciates Your Support

December 14, 2018

Members of the MCA of Connecticut’s Board recently continued the long-standing tradition of Board support for the MCAA PAC. They join a long list of supporters who have provided funds to ensure that the MCAA PAC can continue its efforts to gain our members and our industry a fair hearing in federal public policy decisions.

Those supporting the MCAA PAC from January 1, 2018 – November 30, 2018 were:

  • Kristin Abrahamson
  • Anthony J. Ahern
  • John E. Ahern
  • John E. (Tripp) Ahern
  • Keith Atteberry
  • John Baker
  • Robert M. Berkmoes
  • Robert Bolton
  • John W. Brainerd, Jr.
  • James W. Bruner
  • Katherine & Todd Bruno
  • Pete Buongiorno
  • David G. Cannistraro
  • Joseph & Susan Cannistraro
  • Robert & Robin Carder
  • Don Chase
  • Jay Chase
  • Daniel Cheresko
  • Matt & Lori Clarke
  • Lonnie Coleman
  • Richard Cook
  • Steve Cornelius
  • Dennis G. Corrigan
  • Matt Cunningham
  • Steve Dawson
  • James Deflavio
  • Carl & Jackie Evans
  • Carl M. Evans
  • Mason & Mary Evans
  • John Feikema
  • Mark Felio
  • Robert Felix
  • Charles Fell
  • John & Valerie Ferrucci
  • Robert & Deborah Fisher
  • Christopher P. Fitch
  • James & Sara Ford
  • Steve Fosdick
  • Christopher J. Freeman
  • James P. Gaffney
  • Michael & Christine Gallagher
  • Don Giarratano
  • Jason Gordon
  • John Green
  • Jeffrey & Margery Grodsky
  • Carl Grolle
  • George Hamori
  • George Mulvaney Revocable Trust
  • Curtis Harbour
  • Kenneth Harbour
  • Brian Helm
  • Duane & Linda Hendricks
  • Jace & Rachel Hierlmeier
  • James & Lisa Hill
  • Todd Joseph Hoyt
  • Brian Hughes
  • James R. Jarvis
  • Scott E. Johnson
  • Armand H. Kilijian
  • Robert A. Lake, CPA
  • Scott & Rhonda Limbacher
  • Jay Lusita
  • William Lynch
  • Sheri L. McGinty-Flesher
  • John & Bridget McKenney
  • Beni Menaco
  • The Miles Family Revocable Trust
  • Barry Moore
  • Jose Moreno
  • Patrick & Laura Murphy
  • Clifton D. O’Donal
  • Randall Pagel, Sr.
  • Michael Reed
  • Glenn Rex
  • James R. Reynolds
  • Mark Rogers
  • Chris Saldecke
  • Richard J. Sawhill
  • Timothy & Jennifer Schneider
  • Robert Snyder, Jr.
  • Bryan Suttles
  • Krista & Raphael Tahlman
  • Kathleen & Timothy Taylor
  • Michael & Brenda Tobin
  • Lawrence Verne
  • Frank Wall
  • Thomas Wanner
  • Graham Williams
  • Paul & Jillian Wing
  • Adam & Paula Wunderlin

MCAA PAC appreciates your support.

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