The Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI)

Executives in the mechanical contracting industry have unique leadership challenges and needs. It is with this in mind that the MCAA developed the Advanced Leadership Institute.

For more than two decades this premiere educational opportunity has helped industry leaders hone the skills they need to develop and grow themselves and their companies.


Who Should Attend

The ALI is designed to teach the art of leading profitable companies to top-level executives. Course attendance is limited to individuals currently in positions such as CEOs, COOs, top-level VPs, or individuals being groomed for positions such as these. Applicants must have approval of their President/CEO or be President/CEO themselves.

Here’s what our recent graduates have to say:

“Wonderful, life-changing experience at a pivotal time in my career.”

“Great experience!”

“Still processing all the info learned, but this was a life-changing experience!”

“Absolutely amazing!”

What Makes the ALI Unique?

  • ALI is only available to current leaders of MCAA or MSCA member companies. Potential ALI attendees must apply for admission, to ensure they meet these leadership criteria.
  • ALI is created specifically for its mechanical industry audience. The volunteers of MCAA's ALI Committee work in close collaboration with program designers and faculty to develop and evaluate this custom program.
  • The ALI is not a ‘management’ program. Managers are responsible for the wise use of resources; leaders are responsible for the visions and ideas that create and grow companies. The ALI is about developing the talents and business networks of leaders in the mechanical contracting industry.
  • The ALI is an intensive two-week residential program that provides a world-class executive leadership program in an idyllic university campus environment.

About Our Graduates

ALI graduates are key leaders in the mechanical contracting and service industries. A significant number of ALI graduates not only lead their own companies, but also hold leadership roles at the local and national levels of association governance. This participation extends all the way to MCAA’s own Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Learn More & Apply

  • The Advanced Leadership Institute is offered once a year, in the fall. Week I generally takes place in September, and is followed by Week II in November. The exact dates will be made available on this page closer to application release.
  • The application process is competitive, and the course fills quickly.
  • Because of the competitive nature of the program, only one applicant per company per year will be admitted.
  • The 2022 program application will be released in February of 2022. 
  • For additional program details and admission requirements, or to add your name of the list of individuals who will be notified when the application is released, please contact