Smart Solutions

Message from Joseph Pikus, M/SC Chair: Productive Partnerships

In this issue of Smart Solutions, you can read about MCAA supplier partners and member contractors who take partnering seriously. For example, The Poole and Kent Corporation took over a project months late in the game but managed to complete work 15 days early by teaming up with Victaulic’s Virtual Design and Construction team. The University of Notre Dame’s relationship with SLOAN goes back to the company’s founding in 1906; for its expanded, renovated athletic complex, the university chose SLOAN products that are saving money and water.

Time Is Money

With Viega ProPress, Devine Brothers, Inc. completed an historic building renovation without resorting to torches or soldering—and saving 15 percent in labor. KOH Mechanical Contractors, Inc., estimated saving 30 to 40 percent in labor by using Anvil® International’s Gruvlok© Products for a hospital renovation. Like any good partner, CNA has excellent advice to offer—this time on safe winter driving—that will help you save time and money by avoiding accidents and injuries.

Seamless Solutions

Thanks to careful planning and prefabrication, Integrated Facility Services put in new, easy-to-install Marley NC cooling towers from SPX Cooling Technologies Inc., at a government building while ensuring no disruption in essential services. A New York high school replaced their aging HVAC systems with new, more efficient Daikin Applied solutions that minimized the school’s cost and downtime. To meet new, stricter Occupational Health & Safety Administration standards on silica dust, McGilvray Mechanical made a seamless transition to MILWAUKEE TOOL’s productivity-focused dust collection solutions.

Taking Advantage of New Tech

Indoor Environmental Services of California is using XOi Vision technology, paired with Key2Act’s MobileTech, to standardize its lead process, cutting out layers of review and reducing lead follow-up time from weeks to days. By switching to iBusiness Technologies’ MobiliForms mobile solution, Wilkes & Company simplified its reporting and reduced costs so much that the entire system paid for itself within 12 months.
Herman Goldner Company adopted Key2Act’s MobileTech to streamline processes and become more efficient. Current Mechanical implemented Jonas Construction Software solutions in the back office and on the front lines of service, making operations more efficient across the board and boosting the bottom line.

Find Your Partner

Please visit our supplier partners at MCAA19, where you can see innovations and new ways to take on the challenges that lie ahead. This is your opportunity to gain new insights and knowledge about growing your business with technologies, products, and services that cut costs, time, and errors and put you on a path to new levels of success.