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Insights from Ridge Tool Company on Stocking Your Truck With the Right Gear to Get the Job Done

RIDGID’s RP 241 compact press tool connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can easily keep track of the battery life and cycle counts, avoiding unexpected maintenance on the jobsite.

With technology changing at a rapid pace, adding new tools to your truck can provide a quick productivity boost. Keep in mind that a tool’s weight, size, overall portability, and versatility are critical when making purchases.

When investing in a new tool, you will want to consider:

  • Will it save time and space by incorporating multiple tools into one?
  • How much space will it take up in your truck?
  • Are ergonomics incorporated into the tool’s design to minimize user fatigue?

For example, the RIDGID® RP-342 XL Press Tool boasts the widest range of applications of any press tool. It presses 1/2″ to 4″ copper, stainless steel and carbon steel pipe and 1/2″ to 2″ PEX pipe—in under 12 seconds and all with one tool. It is ergonomically designed and compatible with the full line of Standard 32kN Press Tool accessories, including the StrutSlayr™ Strut Shear Head, Press Snap™ Soil Pipe Cutter and all MegaPress jaws.

New tools can benefit productivity, but they are not the only way to maximize your time. Here are a few additional ideas to reclaim potentially wasted time.

Assess and Restock Service Vehicles

Keep a standardized list of tools and products for each service vehicle. Make that list available to your team for regular reference to ensure routine items are stocked and at-the-ready. Refer to the list at the end of each day, and restock any needed items so that you are ready to go at the start of the next work day. Taking those few moments can improve productivity and minimize delays getting to a jobsite.

Prepare Your Crew for Upcoming Projects

Just as you make sure your service vehicles are stocked and ready to go, ensure your team is prepared for their day as well. Whether it is a quick meeting at the beginning of the day, a team email on who is doing what, or a group text with key project notes, sharing details of what is planned for the day can be beneficial in making sure team members know what is expected of them when they get to a jobsite.

Find Ways to Minimize Trips to the Service Vehicle

How many times have you just gotten started at a jobsite when you realize you left a key tool in your vehicle? Keeping standard tools and supplies—the ones you cannot live without—in a tool box or storage container that you bring into every job can minimize trips to your vehicle. Investing in tools that have minimal service downtime is another great way to up productivity. For example, the RIDGID RP 350 Press Tool has a brushless motor that eliminates the need for scheduled service. There is no scrambling to find a new tool while the other is out for maintenance. This idea goes beyond tools and plumbing project supplies. Consider bringing the materials you need for invoicing into a home at the beginning of a job.

You can increase productivity by choosing tools that need little or no maintenance—such as the RIDGID RP 350 Press Tool, which has a brushless motor that eliminates the need for scheduled service.

Maintain Your Tools

It sounds simple, but taking routine care of your tools can minimize downtime for tool repair. Many newer tools will alert you to upcoming service needs, allowing you to plan for maintenance, whether that means swapping in another tool or planning for projects that do not require a tool that is in the shop. For example, the RIDGID RP 240 and 241 compact press tools allow you to connect your tool through your phone using the RIDGID Link app to view cycle counts and battery life. Investing in some tools with diagnostics might make sense if unexpected maintenance or repairs are a regular pain point that delays your work. However, understanding how to properly use your tools and keeping them clean, charged and lubricated can keep them ready for the next project longer.

Whether enhanced productivity means heading home a little earlier at the end of the day or being able to take on a few more projects each year, these small changes can have a huge impact.

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