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IMI TA’s Support Center Cuts Energy Costs at Oklahoma Public Safety Facility

Close collaboration between IMI TA and building designers led to a 23-percent savings in annual energy consumption for the Lawton Public Safety Facility in Oklahoma.

Close collaboration between IMI TA, a branch of IMI Hydronic Engineering, and building designers led to a 23-percent savings in annual energy consumption (equivalent to $19,341) for an Oklahoma public building. The Lawton Public Safety Facility in Clay Coe, OK, is a 100,000-square-foot, four-story building with 350 working stations. The original design strategy for the facility included proportional control valves with no balancing valve on each terminal and a variable speed pump (VSP) differential pressure (DP) sensor.

IMI TA offers free service through its Engineering Support Center to help with project review for functional checks, possible problems, solutions, take off, selections, and energy calculations. IMI TA worked closely with the building designer to implement a design with proportional control valve with manual balancing, a Δp controller on each branch, and a VSP DP sensor. An analysis using IMI TA’s energy estimation tool found substantial energy savings.

A well-balanced system can help identify issues and provide energy savings on your pumps and chillers. Strategic balancing also allows manual balancing in modules, so contractors can balance and commission large projects by phase. Similarly, DP control provides added flexibility. Sections can be added or removed independently of the existing parts, so contractors can work on any part of the system without affecting the part that is already commissioned.

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