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CNA Risk Control e-Talks Offer Insights Into Business Resilience

You cannot eliminate the possibility of business disruptions—but you can prepare for them. Whether the cause is a storm, a cyberattack, or another unexpected event, a sudden disruption could affect your organization at any time. To grow and thrive in an uncertain risk environment, your business needs preparation to absorb, adapt, and be resilient to disruptive events. CNA, a benefactor of MCAA23, offers a series of short podcasts (about 15 minutes each) on risk and resilience.

Listen to CNA’s e-Talks series for tips and resources that will help your business thrive:

Season 1: Resiliency

This business resiliency series addresses how natural and manmade catastrophes, pandemics, and civil unrest create uncertainty, complexity, and challenges that unfold in real time. Episodes explore the resilient mindset of firms that survive unprecedented events, innovative strategies to sustain operations, and how to make informed decisions in times of uncertainty.

Season 2: Income

In the second season, episodes discuss business income, with a focus on demystifying this complex topic. Topics include selecting the right coverage to be prepared for disruption, restarting business after a disruption, and how to handle the most common resiliency issues that businesses face in the current environment.

For more information, visit MCAA thanks CNA for being a benefactor of MCAA23.