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Arista Air Conditioning Employs XOi Technology to Build Customer Trust

An Arista technician relies on the XOi mobile app to document findings during a service call—so customers see what the tech sees.

In New York City, competition among HVAC providers is intense, so Arista Air Conditioning Corporation found a new way to win over customers. The company armed all of their technicians with the cloud-based XOi mobile app. Technicians use their mobile devices to generate photo and video documentation of every service call for Arista’s customers—so customers can see what the techs see.

Arista Air Conditioning serves more than 3,000 commercial and luxury residential customers in the New York City metropolitan area. The company harnesses the power of hundreds of highly-trained field service technicians, 100 trucks, and the latest technology. Evidence-based video collection elevates the customer service experience by increasing transparency and enhancing communication. It also helps Arista optimize its recordkeeping and provide technicians with easy, immediate access to the collective experience of the company’s most experienced workers.

The XOi platform ensures that field service techs can clearly communicate job requirements, progress, and circumstances through the lifecycle of the relationship. Videos and still images get added to customer-facing records, so customers can verify they are paying for the correct services.

XOi Vision™ content also helps the organization train technicians efficiently and cost effectively, using real-world video examples. Vision helps senior field service technicians collaborate with less-skilled techs on unique problems or unfamiliar equipment through shared, real-time video. The company benefits from the knowledge of its best techs on every jobsite, without having to roll a second truck, which costs over $400 on average in the field service industry.

“We think giving our employees the ability to instantly tap into the collective wisdom of technicians, who jointly have thousands of years of experience, is an invaluable resource,” said Michael Rosone, vice president of Service Sales for Arista Air Conditioning.

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