The Baker Group to Showcase Modern Fabrication Methods at Upcoming Conference

November 5, 2021

The Baker Group will host 200 contractors in their Des Moines, Iowa operations at the 2021 MCAA Fabrication Conference, powered by MSUITE, starting this Monday, November 8.

This year, the conference will showcase how contractors have begun to digitally integrate their VDC Departments to their fabrication shops using software built for the purpose. What began with BIM software platforms that allowed for projects to be coordinated better across trades has evolved.  Up until a few years ago, the digital integration stopped at the VDC department.  There was an air gap in the process between the designing and the building or fabricating.  Once precise fabrication drawings were spooled and printed, the fabrication department had to go through great pains to make changes in the field and the VDC department.

Now with tools like MSUITE’s FAB Pro and BIM Pro, the digital processes are connected throughout the construction process.  Companies like The Baker Group can share design decisions between the VDC group, project managers, the field, and the fabrication shop.  Manufacturing tools like Tiger Stops and CNC pipe cutting machines can be driven directly from the software and be used to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

MCAA FAB opens next week.

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