Resource Highlight: MCAA’s Disaster Recovery: Getting Your Business Back in Operation After a Disaster

January 6, 2023

Every company should have plans to deal with emergencies and disasters. Well-executed plans can save lives, minimize the loss of assets, and even save the entire business. MCAA’s Disaster Recovery: Getting Your Business Back in Operation After a Disaster provides tips to help you develop and manage your company’s emergency response so that a disaster does not result in catastrophic losses for your business. It’s just one of MCAA’s educational resources that are free to MCAA members as a benefit of membership.

The bulletin covers:

  • The differences between emergency response, crisis management and disaster recovery plans and what each type of plan includes
  • Pandemic response planning
  • The disaster recovery process
  • Six areas important in recovering resources to maintain business strength in the face of disaster
  • Minimizing information loss and data recovery
  • Tools to continue operations
  • Alternative workspace
  • Documenting, rehearsing, and maintaining the plan
  • Funding the recovery effort
  • How to develop a quick plan
  • How to improve an existing plan

For a full list of available Management Methods Bulletins, visit the Management Methods Bulletins page.

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