Resource Highlight: MCAA’s Company Safety Programs

November 11, 2022

Worker safety and health is a top priority for mechanical contractors. MCAA’s Company Safety Programs reviews ten basic components that should be covered in every company safety program, regardless of company size, giving contractors food for thought as they review their own company’s program. It’s just one of MCAA’s educational resources that are free to MCAA members as a benefit of membership.

The bulletin covers:

  • The components of a corporate safety policy
  • The importance of a corporate commitment to safety that has the buy-in of leaders and workers alike
  • Worker training requirements
  • The importance of a disciplinary action policy
  • The components of a safety incentive program
  • The importance of substance abuse and drug testing
  • The components of a work site hazard analysis
  • Accident/incident investigation’s role in preventing future accidents/incidents
  • The importance of modified duty policies to getting workers on the job and saving the company money
  • Recordkeeping requirements

For related content mentioned in this bulletin, download the Model Safety Program for Mechanical Construction and the Model Safety Program for Mechanical Service.

MCAA offers a wide range of safety resources developed specifically for the mechanical industry. Find them on the Direct Links to MCAA & MSCA Safety Resources page and in the Resource Center.

For a full list of available Management Methods Bulletins, visit the Management Methods Bulletins page.

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