Post an Internship Now to Get Noticed at GFF23

September 15, 2023

Around 150 students from across the country and Canada will be attending the MCAA GreatFutures Forum in Milwaukee, WI on September 28-30. One of the main conference goals is to educate these college students on the ins and outs of the mechanical contracting industry and the GREAT Future that lies ahead for them. The ultimate way for a student to gain experience and determine that mechanical is indeed the career path for them is through hands-on learning with an internship.

Whether or not your company is able to attend the conference in person, use the MCAA GreatFutures Job Board to get your internships (and entry-level full-time jobs) in front of students who are eager to explore career opportunities not only in their own backyard, but possibly someplace new.  Campus career fairs are in full swing and now is the best time to start conversations for summer 2024. 

MCAA GreatFutures Job Board – How to Post an Entry-Level Job or Internship

  • Login with an MCAA username and password
  • Click on the job board within the Career Development page
  • Click Manage My Jobs and Add a Job to create your posting
  • Jobs remain active for 1 month to ensure postings stay fresh
  • When the job is set to expire, a reminder will be sent for you to either “mark as filled” or “duplicate” and repost for another month
  • Interested students can view postings and submit their contact information and resume
  • Your office will be notified via email when interested students submit their resume
  • From there, your office is encouraged to continue with your company’s application and interview process

We look forward to connecting your company with the next generation of industry talent. If you have questions or need assistance doing this, contact Michele Hoffman.

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