New Virus Targeting Android Mobile Devices Can Melt Your Phone

December 20, 2017
Nick Espinosa, Chief Security Fanatic from Security Fanatics, talks about a new virus making its way around the world targeting android based mobile devices. Nick is a featured speaker at MCAA18 in San Antonio.

There is a new virus, called Loapi, gaining traction around the world that is targeting android-based mobile devices.  The purpose of the device seems to be to use a phones’ processing power and internet connection to mine for bitcoins.  The problem is that the constant processing power can overwhelm the phone and actually cause the device to to melt.

In this short video, Nick Espinosa, Chief Security Fanatic from Security Fanatics, explains the issue, recommends anti-virus software for your mobile devices and updating your device software as soon as possible.

For an in-depth read on the Loapi virus, read this recent article from Newsweek.  In the video, Nick also recommends the anti-virus software, Bitdefender.

Nick Espinosa will be a featured speaker at the MCAA18 in San Antonio.  To learn more about his presentation, visit the MCAA18 website.

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