Meet the Winning Competition Team – Pittsburg State University

May 9, 2023

’22-’23 MCAA Student Chapter Competition Champions
Pittsburg State University

Hunter Helmer
Graduates May 2023 – Construction Management
Primary Role on Team: Estimator

“My biggest takeaway from the competition was improving my public speaking and presenting skills. I suggest that all students get involved in MCAA and join the competition as early in their academic career as possible. The entire process is a great learning experience that you do not get from reading a textbook. The earlier you join and compete, the better you will get!”

Zach Hutchings
Graduates May 2023 – Construction Management
Primary Role on Team: Project Executive

“The biggest takeaway I had from the competition was the hands-on experience of working with a project team in creating an RFP for a real-life project. I also enjoyed the networking opportunities with the local contractors and receiving knowledge and insight from them.  The student competition is a great way to further your experience and education outside of the classroom to grow your knowledge and construction experience.”

Aidan Wolownik
Graduates May 2025 – Construction Management, Safety Emphasis
Primary Role on Team: Technical Representative (slides) & Safety Plan

“The biggest takeaway from this was for me to pay attention. I’m a sophomore and I have learned so much from this project, including how to make an RFP.  At the begging of the year I had no idea and thanks to this team and the competition, now I have that knowledge.  It was also a lot of fun to talk with other students from different chapters.  I met so many people and we still keep in touch.  When we left MCAA23 in March we said goodbye and see you at GreatFutures in September!”

Gianni Piccini
Graduates May 2025 – Construction Management
Primary Role on Team: Background Information & Safety

“Other than a few classes, this was the first time that I got to experience the mechanical side of construction.  It’s much broader than I originally anticipated.  I’ve only gotten a taste of the mechanical side, but I can’t wait to learn more over the next two years.

The main takeaway that I had from the competition was our ability to network with other student chapters. Being able to make those connections with students from across the country was an amazing experience and it will only benefit us all in the long run. I look forward to seeing some familiar and new faces in Milwaukee this September at the GreatFutures Forum.”

Michael Marinakis
Graduates May 2023 – Construction Management
Primary Role on Team: Superintendent

“The biggest takeaway I had from the competition was the networking opportunities I had with the other student chapters. Whether this was with the competing teams or student chapters in attendance for the MCAA national convention. It was an invaluable experience to build a connection with each student. 

The whole process was a great way to specialize your train of thought. I had interned with general contractors in the past and to dedicate nearly a whole school year to mechanical contracting was a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the construction industry.”

Graham Hudelson
Graduates May 2023 – Construction Management, Company Management Emphasis
Primary Role on Team: Project Manager

My biggest takeaway from the competition was how valuable it is to ask more experienced people for help and how willing they are to share their knowledge with others. We learned the most when we talked with local mechanical contractors and were able to apply their wisdom to our project. This also built friendships with them that will make for solid connections down the line.  I also had a blast meeting the other students at the GreatFutures Forum and MCAA23.  I’m excited to see our generation of MCAA student competitors on jobs in the near future.”

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